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Ichigo returned home that night from a study session with his friends, shaking off the excess snow from his head and shoulders before stepping into the warmth of the house. He made sure to lock the door securely, taking off his boots, winter coat and scarf, and ducked just in time to avoid the kick aimed at his head. "ICHIGOOO!!!"

After giving his old man an uppercut to the face, he then stepped over the man's twitching body nonchalantly and made his way into the living room, where he found Karin watching T.V. and Yuzu playing with Jakeru on the floor.

"Welcome home, Ichi-nii!" Yuzu said as Karin gave him a lazy wave, making the cub look up.

"Mama!" Jakeru chirped, big brown doe eyes shining with happiness at seeing his Mama, and lifted his arms to be picked up. Ichigo smiled, bending down to scoop him up into his wiry arms. "Hey guys," he greeted his sisters then turned to his baby boy, "hello pumpkin," he cooed, giving him a kiss on the forehead. Jakeru giggled and cuddled into his Mama, making happy baby noises.

"There's dinner for you in the fridge if you want it," Yuzu informed him.

He nodded, "Thanks Yuzu, but I had dinner at Chad's place before I left. I'll eat it tomorrow, all right? I'm sure it'll be delicious as always, even if it's leftovers."

She beamed at the compliment, "Okay, Ichi-nii. Grimm-nii's eaten already and he should be up in your room taking a nap."

"All right, thanks for telling me. I think I'll head up now. I'll be over to your room to put Jak to sleep in a bit, okay?"

"Yep!" With that Ichigo went up the stairs, leaving Yuzu to check on their father to make sure he wasn't seriously injured (which he wasn't, immediately sweeping her up in a tight hug and whining about how mean Ichigo was to Daddy; Yuzu simply patted his arm).

"Shh," he hushed to Jakeru when they stopped in front of the door to his room, a finger to his lips. His baby boy merely blinked and made a soft, adorable noise of confusion, but nevertheless stayed silent. Carefully, Ichigo eased the door open, quietly slipping inside and padded over to the bed where Grimmjow was dozing. His tom cat was the picture of relaxation with his muscled arms folded behind his head, his handsome face smoothed over in sleep with loose pieces of sky blur hair hanging in front, and his whole body highlighted by the pale moon light filtering in from the window now that the snowstorm had stopped. Ichigo watched the infamous white armored tail thump lazily against a sturdy thigh in time to the rhythmic rise and fall of that bare sculpted chest in admiration, before gently setting Jakeru down onto the bed next to him.

"Un!" the little boy softly uttered, and Ichigo had to grin when he crawled towards Grimmjow's face and reached out to pat his cheek carefully with a small hand, "Dada?"

"Mmf," Grimmjow grunted, turning his head towards the cub but otherwise stayed still.

"Dada!" Jakeru patted his face again and squealed when the older male abruptly turned, shrieking in laughter at the feel of his Daddy blowing a loud raspberry on his tummy. "Dada, no!"

"Naughty kitten," Grimmjow rumbled from above him on his elbows, playfully snuffling Jakeru's soft orange spikes while his tail waved behind him gracefully. Ichigo chuckled at the sight.

"Hehe!" the cub giggled, nuzzling his head against his Daddy's face affectionately, before yawning cutely. Grimmjow purred and nuzzled back, the sound growing louder when he felt his mate's hand stroking his strong back.

"Say goodnight to Daddy, pumpkin," said Ichigo.

"Gwoo na, Dada," the little boy tried.

"Heh, good enough," Grimmjow muttered and bent down to kiss his cub on the head. Jakeru gave a mew and licked his Daddy's nose before his Mama moved to pick him up again.

"I'll be back soon, just wanted Jakeru to say goodnight before I put him to bed," Ichigo murmured, leaning down to give Grimmjow a quick kiss.

"Mm, hurry back," the blue haired hybrid husked, "I'll be waiting." Ichigo shivered at the dark, promising tone as he stood, and moved towards the door. Meanwhile, Jakeru waved at his Daddy cheerfully over his Mama's shoulder, who fondly returned the gesture before Mama and cub turned into the hallway on their way to Yuzu's room.

When his little sister opened the door for him, the orange haired teen proceeded to tuck in his sleepy baby boy into his crib situated in the corner of the room, making sure he was warm and comfortable, and kissed him goodnight. He gave Yuzu a hug who was getting ready for bed, then walked across the hall to check up on Karin and bid her goodnight as well.

He had just managed to get back to his own room and close the door without encountering his father, when a pair of muscled arms snaked around his waist up his shirt and a hard, well-built body pressed up against him as Grimmjow began to paw at his groin. "G-Grimmjow," the teen blushed, feeling how hard his hybrid was as the dominant male rocked his hips against his ass, "so impatient…" He gave a little moan and tilted his head to the side as Grimmjow began kissing and nipping at his neck, melting against the older man when he reached his mating mark and letting the other take care of him.

Grimmjow smirked against his little mate's neck before lifting him into his arms bridal style and carried him to the bed, carefully setting him down to lie back on the sheets. The tom cat hopped up and sat on his haunches above his mate between his spread legs, beginning his seduction with hot, hungry kisses as sneaky hands slowly slid down and under the teen's shirt. Ichigo moaned softly when those hands passed over his nipples teasingly before their lips parted briefly in order for Grimmjow to push the shirt over the boy's head. He left the shirt bunched at Ichigo's wrists above his head and ground their hips together, making the younger male gasp and arch against him at the unexpected action. The teen hooked a long leg around his hip in order to ground himself as Grimmjow proceeded to make his way further down, pressing slow, sensual kisses all over every inch of skin he could reach while he took his time relearning all the planes and crevasses of his mate's lithe body all over again with his hands and mouth.

"Mmh," Ichigo bit his bottom lip when the hybrid rubbed his cheek against his trapped cock like a cat rubbing against its most favorite toy possessively, his body steadily growing hotter with each little movement. His jeans soon became undone by the tom cat's teeth and lips alone, and the younger male lifted his hips up accommodatingly to help his dominant pull them off along with his boxers.

Finally bared, Grimmjow's bright blue eyes drank in the beautiful view of his mate's lean masculine body splayed out in front of him like a feast, flushed a soft wanton pink and warm to the touch. A deep purr thundered from the bottom of his chest as he shucked his hakama pants and boxers off before he ducked down to greet the blushing cock standing at attention for him. "Ah!" Ichigo jerked at the first lick to the head, squirming as Grimmjow started to mouth him but not take him in all the way. "Grimm…"

He shuddered lightly when that mischievous tongue dip lower and swiped across his puckered entrance playfully, before two long slicked fingers started to press inside and scissor against his inner walls. 'When did Grimm found the lube?' the teen wondered in a daze, then twitched as the fingers started to thrust. "Ah…"

The hybrid made his way back up his body and Ichigo couldn't help but slip his bound hands over the blunet's head, bringing him into another steamy kiss. He whined a little when he felt the fingers pull out sooner than he liked but let out a heated moan as Grimmjow's armored tail pushed in, taking their place. The slender, slippery appendage slid in and out of him with smooth fluid motions, causing him to writhe and moan under his dominant alluringly. "Mm, Mama's still so tight after all this time," Grimmjow growled huskily into his ear, making his blush deepen a few shades.

"D-Don't call me that!" he snapped, turning his embarrassed face away. Being called that in bed…It made him feel dirty somehow, yet incredibly hot at the same time.

"But you like it when I whisper filthy things to you," the blunet murmured, flicking his rough sandpapery tongue against a lobe and smirked when Ichigo mewled. "You can even call me Daddy or Papa to even it out if you want."

"You're such a bad boy!" his mate attempted to scold him, but it wasn't really convincing with the heavy blush staining his face and his chocolate brown eyes clouded over with barely veiled lust.

"But I'm yer bad boy, yeah?" he purred, kissing his furrowed brow and grinding their erections together suddenly before Ichigo could answer.


"Say it."


The hybrid hissed and gave his ear a punishing nip. "Say it!"

Ichigo whimpered at the sharp bit of pain, but reluctantly complied with Grimmjow's new kink after a few moments. "…Yes, Papa."

"I can't hear you, mate," the bigger male growled dangerously, his tail wiggling inside of him and touching his prostate once it found it.

"Papa…" he murmured in a breathy voice, groaning erotically when Grimmjow took their cocks into one hand and began stroking them together.



"Mmm, much better," Grimmjow grinned wickedly, pumping them a couple more times before letting go. Ichigo groaned in annoyance. He was going to go insane if Grimmjow didn't stop his damn teasing! He huffed when he heard the other chuckle, before letting out a surprised gasp as he was hauled up to straddle his dominant's lap, his knees on either side while his tom cat stayed in a kneeling position. Another moan escaped him when the tail slowly slipped out of him and weaved through the air behind the hybrid as Grimmjow generously coated his erection before his clawed hands settled on his hips.

"Tell me what you want, Mama," Grimmjow purred into his ear, sliding his arousal between his little mate's cheeks teasingly before prodding his glistening opening with it.

Ichigo blushed hotly again at that, before parting his lips unsurely, "I…I want it inside...Please, Papa, put it in me," he mumbled, squeezing his eyes shut tightly when the lewd words left his mouth and embarrassment ran rampant through his entire being.

"That's my sexy little Mama," Grimmjow growled in satisfaction. With an impish gleam in his azure eyes and an affectionate nuzzle, the tom cat cupped his cheeks and spread them wide, loving how shy and cute Ichigo became, hiding his face against the blunet's shoulder at how exposed he felt. He guided him down onto his neglected cock at a steady pace, not stopping until he was buried to the hilt and waited for his mate to adjust to the uncomfortable intrusion. They were in no hurry, deciding to slow things down a bit and take their time as opposed to their usual rough and tumble style. Ichigo both loved and hated it; loved it because Grimmjow could be so gentle with him during times like this, and hated it because the feline teased him way too damn much, playing with his body like a well-tuned instrument.

With a squeeze of his most intimate muscles, Ichigo gave a shy nod against Grimmjow's neck and the cat took that as his cue to move. "Huu…" was the boy's quiet breath as he started out slow, fighting the instinct to just throw him down and ravish him until the sun came up. Ichigo finally wriggled his hands out of his shirt, burying them in his thick blue locks once they were free. "Please, Papa…harder," his mate requested softly, petting his hair and scratching behind his ears lovingly.

"As you wish," he purred before nudging their faces together for a wet, sloppy kiss and picking up the pace.

"Unh!" Ichigo cried out when his spot was struck, whining as Grimmjow began to knead and mold his ass cheeks with his hands. He blushed wildly when the hybrid massaged and squished them together, creating an even tighter channel for him to thrust into and it felt so very good. The teen broke their messy kiss, saliva trailing down their chins from their bruised, swollen lips as he began to bounce in Grimmjow's lap, helping his dominant reach deeper inside.

The rutting went on for ages before Grimmjow's naughty tail snaked in between their heaving bodies and coiled around Ichigo's cock, finally throwing the teen over the edge to his orgasm, head tossed back and spine arched with a strangled cry. It was all he could do to hang on as Grimmjow growled and pressed his face into his neck, fucking him harder and faster until all his muscles tensed and Ichigo felt hot cum shooting deep inside his body. "Nn…" he whined at the feel of sharp teeth clamping down on the base of his neck, but he was limp and pliant his dominant's arms, comfortable and relaxed as the tom cat licked at the fresh, renewed mating mark, purring happily all the while.

The teen closed his eyes and nuzzled closer, letting his larger mate lay him down back onto the bed before standing and fetching a warm, damp washcloth to clean them up from the bathroom. Ichigo hummed at the careful wiping and cracked open honey brown orbs to watch Grimmjow do the same for himself before the cat tossed the soiled cloth into the hamper to be washed tomorrow when he was done.

He reached out his arms and the hybrid sank into them gratefully, grabbing the blankets and cuddling closer to his beautiful mate. "Love ya, Mama."

"I love you, too, Papa." The tom cat's rumbly purr reverberated throughout the room as Ichigo combed his fingers through unruly blue hair, massaging the older male's scalp and playing with his white and black panther ears before they slowly drifted off to sleep, a white armored tail thumping rhythmically against the orange haired boy's thigh.


A pointed ear twitched at the sound of soft knocking the next morning. Grimmjow lifted his blue head lethargically, clumsily but carefully untangling himself from his mate and smirking sleepily at the charming sight of Ichigo curling up like one of his fellow cats at the sudden lack of his personal heater, before the hybrid stumbled over to the door. Thankfully, he had the mind to put a pair of boxers back on. With a mighty yawn, the blunet turned the knob to find Yuzu and a squirming cub in her arms.

The girl smiled apologetically, "Gomen ne, Grimm-nii, I know it's early and the weekend, but Jak-Jak is super fussy this morning and wanted to see his parents."

Said little boy stopped moving and looked up when he heard his name. He smiled adorably at seeing his Daddy and reached out for him, "Dada!"

Grimmjow cocked his head to the side, still not completely awake and not quite comprehending as quickly yet before he nodded tiredly at Yuzu and bend his head down to take a hold of the back of Jakeru's shirt in between his teeth. As he brought his head back up, the small cub immediately curled up like a real tiger cub would when it's picked up by its mother's mouth, arms tucked under his chin and little knees up to his tummy. The girl had to hide a smile behind her hand when the little boy mewed, his little tail tucked between his legs, and waved at them before Grimmjow closed the door. She headed back to her room, giggling. Ichi-nii's family was so cute!

Back in the room, Grimmjow ambled his way back to bed, scratching his head and tossing his boxers off again. When he reached the bed, Ichigo stirred awake, yawning and rubbing his eyes. "Grimm?" He quirked an eyebrow at the strangely endearing picture his hybrids made, a sleepy grin tugging at his lips.

The tom cat grunted in response and gently lowered his cub onto his mate's stomach. "Squirt's here," he mumbled before climbing back under the blankets next to Ichigo, sighing blissfully and closing his blue slitted eyes again.

Ichigo smiled and cradled Jakeru to his chest before laying down facing Grimmjow. "Daddy's still a little tired, pumpkin." Jak-Jak looked over at his Daddy, reaching over to pat at the tom cat's face like he did the night before.


Grimmjow groaned tiredly, "Go to sleep, Squirt." Ichigo stifled a chuckle and allowed the cub to crawl over to his Daddy, smiling in contentment when Jakeru yawned and curled up against Grimmjow, his small back to his Daddy's strong, broad chest. In response, the bigger hybrid tucked a large clawed hand over Jakeru's front which totally encompassed the little cub's entire middle, and Jak-Jak's small hands held onto his Daddy's thumb, feeling safe and warm. The smile didn't leave Ichigo's lips and the teen propped his head up in his hand onto his elbow to watch a little longer as they fell asleep, cherishing this precious memory forever in his heart.



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