Sorry, Wrong Channel!

A Crossover fanfic by A J

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, but the plot is all mine.

Prequel Chapter 1

Just after Cruise Control:

The massive energy wave flashed over Salem Center like a forest fire, burning away all that was before.

Charles Xavier woke up with a start. 'What a bizarre dream,' he thought, sitting up. He looked around his room for a second, his mind still resonating with the strange cries he'd awoken hearing. He opened his mind to find his students. Most of them had just gotten back from a Caribbean cruise, so were still sleeping the exhausted sleep of travelers. Those few students he could sense were having the usual dreams of teens, some with their powers present, others living various incidents over without their gifts in evidence. He grinned sadly at those, hoping the dreams would serve their therapeutic purpose without becoming a larger issue.

He paused when he got to Rogue. She wasn't dreaming. She was sitting up in the infirmary, staring out the window and humming quietly to herself as she watched a gentle snowfall that was just starting. The song caught his inner ear through hers, and he smiled wider. "Let it snow, indeed, Marie," he murmured quietly as he settled back down to try to sleep again.

He was just fading back to sleep when the most bizarre wave of energy swept across the Institute grounds, and he sprang upright with a shout at the touch of the alien energy. He fought, he cried, he used every psychic technique he'd ever learned to safeguard himself, but all to no avail. With a last gasp, Charles Xavier, foremost expert on mutation, and one of the most powerful telepaths in the world, succumbed to the strange wave of power, and fainted.

Wrong Channel!

Kurt teleported down to breakfast as he usually did, only to drop into his usual seat with a cry. He was used to being the weird one at the table, but this morning, it looked like someone had called a costume party, and had Mystique's help!

None of the students looked human, even the few who still had two arms and two legs. He spent several seconds trying to figure out who was who, then just gave up with a sigh. "Something tells me ve'll be needing those 'Hi, my name is' tags from ze open house back," he muttered.

"Hi Kurt!" a small pink cat said from halfway down the other side of the table. Looking up again at the sound of the familiar overly-cheerful voice in surprise in the middle of the somber crowd, he couldn't help returning the grin he saw.

"Kitty! Vhat happened to everybody?" he asked, popping from his seat and reappearing behind hers. She gave a laugh, and nibbled some eggs from her plate without the help of a fork or hands … well, paws, he amended to himself.

"Call me Skitty," she said with a grin. She nabbed her last bite of eggs up, then sprang down from her seat. "Come on, let's leave the gloomy gusses to their moping. None of them believe me, anyway. The professor's been up all morning though, and he thinks I might be right."

"Right about vhat?" Kurt worried. She gave him a long look.

"You haven't looked in a mirror yet, have you?"

"No …" He was about to ask her why when they got out of the kitchen and Kitty paused before the long mirror Jean had put in for students to check themselves after breakfast with. There was the little pink cat that his best friend had been transformed into, and next to her was … He drew a blank for a second, then his mind told him he must be looking at … himself! "AAAAHH!" he cried, jumping back. He was used to being blue and fuzzy. Seeing everyone else turned into something else had originally made him wonder if he was awake yet, but their reactions had been subdued, almost fatalistic. He knew he was usually the last to get up most days, but this had been worse than normal, and he wondered just how far behind the others he was today.

Now, he looked himself over in the mirror. He was still blue, but now it was a pale blue, and half of him was tan in large swaths from shoulder to stomach, and his arms were skinny to the point of being just bone. And his face was … he couldn't put a name to it, even though he could swear it looked familiar. His whole head looked flatter and wider, like a caricature of his former self, with his usual curly black hair pulled into a topknot like a sumo wrestler. He noted with relief that he still had his tail, and swished it once to calm himself down. Kitty giggled beside him, and leaped over it like a jumprope.

"Hey!" He stopped himself at the wide grin she gave him. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" he accused.

"How could I not? Everybody's Poke'mon, Kurt! Even Ororo and the Professor!" Her grin threatened to split her face in half.


"Yeah!" She nudged him to look back in the mirror again. "C'mon, you helped me complete my Poke'dex on Emerald and Leafgreen; don't tell me you don't recognize a Meditite when one stares you in the face."

Kurt thought hard about the funny animals in Kitty's collection of her favorite video games. The face before him did look familiar … but, "How did ve all get turned into creatures from a video game, Kitty?"

"I told you, it's Skitty! At least until we get this sorted out. And for that, we need to go see the Professor. Professors, actually. Mister McCoy's down there already, too." She giggled again. "Of course, every new reading they get just makes him say 'Fascinating!', but, hey! We'll figure it all out, eventually." She led the way towards the lower levels, and the well-equipped laboratories of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Students, home of the X-Men. She babbled on about who had been turned into what, and Kurt trailed behind, nodding occasionally at the Poke'names he could remember, and groaning the while.