Sorry, Wrong Channel!

A Crossover fanfic by A J

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, but the plot is all mine.

Just after Cruise Control:

The massive energy wave flashed over Salem Center like a forest fire, burning away all that was before ...

Prequel Chapter 3

Logan was seconds from entering the lab, when the door opened up disgorging the Brotherhood kids, and Rogue's page rang over the P.A. system. "Just a sec, Stripe …" the Lucario grumbled, dodging around a speeding green blur with a pink puffy passenger on its back. He pushed his way through to McCoy's lab. "Hey, Chuck, the defenses check out," Logan said, then turned to head back to the infirmary with a private grin. He knew Xavier hated it when he called him 'Chuck', so Logan, being the naturally contrary type that he was, did it as often as possible.

"Just a moment, Logan," Charles said, and the Canadian poke'mutant cringed inwardly, expecting the usual boring reprimand. "We need you to take a team to Japan. Pick six people from among the X-men and the Brotherhood to go with you and Henry." Logan spun around in shock; that he hadn't expected. Quickly regaining his composure, he sent a glance Henry's way.

"And Wanda," Magneto added, before McCoy could do more than acknowledge Logan's look with a grunt. "If this is indeed a magical attack, she may be your team's best defense in an emergency."

"Just one quibble there, Mags," Logan began. "Isn't she nuttier 'n a fruitcake?" Magneto traded an annoyed look with Mystique, while Sabertooth buried a guffaw against his furry white and orange forearm. "No offense, but I don't wanna be the one to take the girl over the international dateline if she's gonna pop her cork 'n take the jet , and us, straight inta the Dragon's Triangle in a huff."

"I can assure you, reports of my daughter's mental trials are greatly exaggerated," Magneto replied. "She's fine … so long as she's not stuck alone with Telanski too long," he finished with a staticy sigh.

"Well, that's any of us," Sabertooth couldn't help throwing in with a toothy grin. This briefing had finally become fun. He'd have to remember to thank the runt later.

As if he'd heard the other former Weapon X member's thought, (Which, with the Prof sittin' there was a distinct possibility, Victor mused,) Logan returned the feral grin. "Alright, ya just made the shortlist, bub. You and the two blues meet me in the hanger in twenty. I gotta go see who's hurt now, first," the Lucario said, and spun back to head for the infirmary.

"Two blues?"" Hank and Victor both asked, sharing a confused glance, then sighed as they realized Logan must mean Mystique as well, who was gamboling back and forth between them in her silent laughter.

Wrong Channel!

As soon as Logan made it back to the infirmary, the trio explained Skitty's theory. "Yer kiddin, right?" He traded uneasy looks with Rogue. They both clearly still remembered her Apocalypse-orchestrated attack on her own team and the Brotherhood a few weeks ago.

"Your's iz ze only ability ve can zafely think to test zis vith," Kurt sighed.

"It ain't laike ah'm gonna trah ta grow back an arm each taime," Rogue said. "Ah'm just gonna poke mah finger with this, aind see when it heals." She held up a finger-lancet, used for blood testing. She held the older poke'mutant's gaze for a moment, her own reluctance obvious, but her - their - need to know just as clear. Logan nodded once, and stepped forward, hand extended.

"Raight …" Marie held the lancet up, and took aim at one of her fingers. Three aborted tries later, she squeamishly handed it to her brother. "Ah don't believe this," she muttered, as he took it with gloved hands and a grin. "Ah cain kick kiester with the roughest of y'all, and cain't poke mah own daimn fingah."

"Any time, Elf,' Logan chuckled. Kurt waved his hands with a flourish, like a stage magician, then just reached out and poked Rogue's right ring finger without further ado.

"Aowch! Sunnovah ..! Marie remembered at the last second not to stick her finger in her mouth, and held it up instead, trying to watch clinically as a large drop of blood welled out of the tiny wound, and threatened to trickle onto the white sheets. "Alraight …" She reached out her left hand, and touched fingertips with the still-chuckling Lucario. She waited, they all did, for several seconds, but her bleeding didn't stop, and she hurriedly turned her hand so the blood would trail down her finger to her cupped palm. "Oh, mah …" She turned wondering eyes back to Logan, who's laughter died down at her expression of sheer disbelief.

"Just vun last thing to try," Kurt said, breaking into her reverie.

"Raight .." Marie muttered. She reluctantly brought her tail out from under the covers and around to in front of Logan. "Whenevah yer ready." He nodded, and lightly grasped the skunk-striped end of her tufted tail.

The effect was instantaneous. As soon as they made contact, the four all watched as the little rivulet of blood reversed course and flowed back into Rogue's fingertip. Logan let go even as it sealed back up.

"Zair, mystery zolved," Kurt grunted with a grin. Marie couldn't help returning it.

"Yeah, naow Ah cain jest wrap it in a leg-warmah, and fainally work on mah tan again." The siblings' laughter was interrupted by a thud from behind Kurt. Turning, the other three found that Skitty had fainted.

Wrong Channel!

The elevator doors opened to the Blackbird hangar, and Logan had started towards the jet to get the preflight started when the Professor telekinetically tapped him on the shoulder. "One moment, Logan …We have company," Xavier said.

"Guess that's our cue, sis," a teen male voice squeaked from the far side of the X-jet. "You sure about this, T'ree?"

"I gotta be," a female answered. "Or I'm gonna be too nervous to do anything besides spontaneously combust." A pair of monkeys came out, one with red dreads tied back off his pig-nosed face, (making the X-folk and Sabertooth look at Hank surreptitiously,) and another with bold swaths of white and red fur over its body, and a tail with a flaming tip.

"Who the flamin' ..?" Logan started, earning him a round of chuckles from his search team.

"Miss Cook and her brother are here to help you join other heroes working towards the same goal in Japan," Charles Xavier told them.

"Are you sure you don't want to come along, and make it a baker's dozen, Charles?" Mystique asked, reforming into a living question mark.

"No, Raven. My place is here, to reassure our other allies in the face of this mystery." He mused silently for a moment. "Should we hear from Doctor Strange, we will send word after you."

"Might be better if you sent the Doc himself on a house call," Sabertooth rumbled. He hated dealing with magic.

"That'sforsure," Pietro Maximoff added, at the same time Peter Cook said "True dat." Their sister's both laughed.

"Alright, it's a long flight," Logan sighed. "We can get ta know each other on the plane. Let's go, team … and guests …" he added belatedly, looking at the two young monkeys.

"Actually, I think we can speed things up a bit …" Taranee said as they boarded the Blackbird. "Have you ever heard of teletransportation?"