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It was in the dead of night at Castle Oblivion, and Demyx couldn't sleep. Again. He tossed and turned all night long, unable to get comfortable... not only that, but he was miserable. After that morning Xemnas had said Saix wasn't coming back...Demyx had almost locked down. He was miserable...
And not to mention he was having this weird feeling. He almost felt a little sick, but just a little queasy. Demyx was scared, nervous and confused... but most of all sad. He tried ignoring the pain but it never went away, he continued to toss and turn...

Getting quite irritable, Demyx flew he sheets off and swung his legs over his bed. He rubbed his blue eyes and rose up, slowly heading to his bathroom. He was wearing nothing but very tight shorts and a white beater which showed a lot of his belly. He quickly flipped on his light and entered the restroom where he stared at himself in the large mirror.

He looked...different. To Demyx anyway... He wasn't entirely sure what, he just seemed different. Demyx's hands wandered over his own body, but mostly on his stomach. He traced circles with the tips of his fingers over his stomach and wondered what this could possibly be.

Demyx had two ideas of what he could do at a moment like this: he could one. Go back to bed and try to ignore this pain. Or two. Go and see Axel.
Demyx considered going and seeing Axel, a very good friend of the Nocturne and knew that the redhead was quite wise...or so he thought.
Casually walking around his dark room, Demyx continued getting depressed again and becoming queasy. He sat on the foot of his bed, becoming quite annoyed, that's when he got up and headed for his door which he opened and calmly walked out into the dark and quiet corridor.

Glancing around, the blonde wasn't entirely sure which way to go. He hadn't visited Axel in a while. Then he remembered, he was all the way on the other side of the castle. So Demyx set off.
Ending up in a random hallway full of long windows, Demyx looked up seeing the moon which immediately reminded him of Saix and how much he missed him. Looking back down at his bare feet again, trying to get the thought out of his head, he realized he came upon the corridor of which Axel's room was on.

Slowly walking towards the door, he saw imprinted on the door the letters VIII, and Demyx knew for sure that this was Axel's room. Trying hard to gain courage, Demyx raised his fist and gave a couple of knocks on the door before slowly walking inside.
"Axel?" he called. "I've got something I need to tell you..."

Gulping Demyx continued, "I feel so strange, I feel a little sick...and I've never felt this way before...I'm almost a little dizzy too... but I don't know what it is but it's scaring me, Axel..."


"Ah-hah!" He said, voice slightly hushed so he wouldn't wake anyone, "I have you now!"
Axel slapped the card he was holding down on the mattress, a grin spread across his slender face as he completed the set he was working on. The red-head was playing a game of solitaire with himself and, thanks to a rather lucky hand, was actually winning for once.
"Take that!" He said again, twirling another card in his fingers before slapping it down as well.

He sat in the center of his bed, cross-legged and wearing nothing but a pair of baggy pajama pants.
His hair, however, was bound up high on his head with a black ribbon, not hanging down his back as it usually was. A few stray strands still danced around his face though, framing his cheeks and jaw line.

He was just a few cards away from winning. This would be the first time he'd ever won a game of solitaire...without cheating anyway...

Looking at the cards he held in his hand, he spotted the one he needed but as he heard a knock at his door he jumped in surprise and the cards fell from his hands, scattering all over the floor.
He looked up to see who it was, and the irritated expression that had been on his face vanished immediately when he saw it was Demyx.
"Demyx...?" He said, getting up off the bed and walking toward the other teen, one hand immediately rising to touch his shoulder comfortingly.
He knew what had happened between Demyx and Saix and how Xemnas had delivered that awful news, which had forced the Nocturne to go into the worst depression Axel had ever seen.

Listening to what Demyx had to say, Axel slowly wrapped an arm around the younger boy's shoulder before leading him over to the bed so he could sit down. He swiped all the cards off the mattress, the little rectangles falling like leaves to the floor and he encouraged the blonde to take a seat.
"You feel sick?" He asked, a look of utmost concern sweeping his features. His hands began touching Demyx all over, starting by pressing his palm against the blonde's forehead and then looking deep into his eyes before lifting one of his hands to hold two fingers against Demyx's wrist to feel his pulse, "Well...I don't think you have a fever..." He said, placing his hands on Demyx's head again, but this time brushing his fingers through the other's hair.
Axel then sat back, crossing his long legs and then also crossing his arms over his chest, lower lip sticking out slightly as he stared at Demyx, trying to figure out what could be wrong with him.

It could just be depression...people often had physical symptoms even when there was nothing physically wrong with them.
"Do you feel anything else?" Axel asked. He wanted to make sure there was nothing Demyx could be hiding that could possibly give Axel a clue as to why he felt the way he did, "I mean, is there anything else you can think of that might explain why you feel this way?"

He stared into Demyx's eyes.
The red-head had a theory...but it was completely insane...


Feeling a bit better when Axel accepted him so nicely and sweetly, Demyx gave a smile, happy to know that one of his friends was being so, so nice to him. Slowly taking a seat next to Axel, Demyx sighed, staring down at his lap...very afraid to tell Axel what was on his mind most.

"Well..." whispered Demyx, unable to speak it out. "I...I miss Saix...I miss him more than anything. And I'm so sad, Axel. I don't know what to do, and especially this whole problem, I don't know what it even is. I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought I looked different, like there was a change...I couldn't tell what it was, though. It was...weird..."

Demyx shut his eyes, feeling so worried and so depressed, not knowing what might happen to him. He was already embarrassed enough to actually admit to Axel he missed Saix...that was hard.
"I'm so scared..." he muttered, shoulders starting to quiver. He shut his eyes, so nervous and so confused. He missed Saix so bad, that's all he cared about right now...That's all his mind was focused on. He looked off to the side for a moment before he leant on Axel, feeling one tear escape his eye, the crystal drop rolling down his cheek before falling off onto his lap.

"I'm so scared..." And not before too long, he buried his face into Axel's torso as if the redhead was a parent that Demyx wanted to hug for comfort...and Axel was comfort to Demyx, the first person to go to when he needed help or was confused about something, he would go straight to him.

Letting out a quivering sigh, Demyx shut his eyes, not able to speak much more. Demyx was having a hard time, these symptoms causing Demyx to not be able to sleep and knowing that Saix was probably...probably...dead even... but Demyx didn't want to think about that, except the only problem was...

it kept coming back...


"You thought you looked different?" Axel asked, staring off into space for a moment before focusing intently on Demyx. He wanted to tell the other how sorry he was about Saix...but he knew his words couldn't make the situation any different, or any better, "That does sound very strange..."
The red-head sighed and scratched the side of his head. He wanted to help Demyx more than anything, but he also wanted to protect him and make him happy...aside from Roxas, Demyx was the most important person to him in the world.

Axel then let out a soft gasp as Demyx collapsed onto him, but he immediately put his long arms around the younger boy's shoulders, drawing him in close and hugging him protectively.
"Don't worry, Demyx..." He whispered, "Everything's gonna be alright, I promise..." Rubbing one hand up and down Demyx's back comfortingly, Axel looked up toward the window and saw the moon. It was full tonight and glowed with a brilliance that cast a pale glow throughout the entire room. Just like Demyx, the moon reminded Axel of Saix, and then it reminded him how much he hated the blue haired Superior...he hated him for what he had done to him in the past and he hated him for hurting Demyx. He knew Demyx loved him, but Saix caused much more pain than love for the Nocturne.

"Demyx...?" Axel said softly, pulling up the blonde by the shoulders gently so he could look at him, "I have an idea why you might be feeling this way...it's pretty crazy though..." He let out a nervous laugh and considered for a moment how he should go about telling Demyx what was on his mind, "Well...actually, I think we should go talk to Xemnas...I think he might be able to help..."
Axel then stood up and took Demyx's hand, smiling at him as he lead him across the room, toward the door.

Opening it, Axel looked out into the hallway and nearly screamed in surprise when he saw Roxas standing right in front of the door, staring at him with his arms crossed.
"Jeez, Roxas...way to give a guy a heart attack..." He said, laughing despite his racing heartbeat.
Roxas smiled in a...Roxas sort of way but then his eyes landed on Demyx and his expression became much more serious.

"What are you doing...Axel...?" He asked, his eyes returning to the red-head, one eyebrow rising suspiciously.

"Demyx came to see me because he felt sick..." Axel answered, pulling Demyx further out into the hallway, one hand closed around the blonde's fingers.

"Oh, Demyx, are you alright?" Roxas asked, stepping forward. Roxas knew a little about what had happened with Saix. Axel had told him, but the red-head hadn't given him the entire story. Perhaps he thought it would've been too shocking for him.

"I was going to take him to talk to Xemnas..." Axel said, "I want to ask him something and I think he might be able to help..." Roxas looked at Axel and nodded in agreement, "C'mon..." Axel grabbed Roxas' hand and began leading the two blondes down the hallway with him, "You should come too I think..."

Xemnas' room wasn't too far away from Axel's, so the three of them made it there fairly quickly.
Once they arrived at a door with a number I on it like Axel's, the red-head looked at Roxas nervously before raising a hand and knocking on the door.
For a moment there was only silence. Then a noise could be heard from within, which sounded very much like a soft cursing after something solid hit something else and Axel's whole body tensed as he heard footsteps coming near the door.

Axel and Roxas both flinched as Xemnas opened the door, his hair a bit on the ruffled side and his clothing looking very much like Axel's, only instead of burgundy pants, his were solid black.
"What do you want?" He asked, glaring at the three of them and running his hand through his tussled hair.

"We need help...Superior..." Axel said, deciding he should probably add on the Superior part to give him a better chance of keeping Xemnas' attention, "Its about Demyx and..." He paused and glanced at the Nocturne, "And Saix..."

Xemnas' face suddenly softened slightly and his eyes fell on Demyx. Something that almost could have been compassion swept his features before they hardened again and he refocused on Axel.
"Alright...I'm listening." He said, leaning against the door.

It was quite obvious that Axel was nervous and still a little undecided about whether he should even be doing this...but too late now...
"Alright..." He began, taking a breath, which quivered as he inhaled, "I think Demyx is...pregnant..."


Feeling very comforted at Axel hugging Demyx back, the blonde gave a sigh when Axel pulled away, and using the back of his hand to wipe away the small tear that had just rolled down the side of his face.
"Crazy?" asked the Nocturne. "Heh, how crazy could it be?"

Standing up with the redhead and walking towards the door, Demyx jumped a little himself when he saw the Key of Destiny at the door. Staring at the other blonde, Demyx then said when Roxas had asked him if he was okay, "I'm fine..." he bluffed, lowering his head. Continuing to walk down the hallway with Axel and Roxas, they ended up at Xemnas's room. Getting nervous already, he watched as Axel knocked on the door, tensing up as well when hearing Xemnas from inside.

Then when he opened the door, Demyx flinched just like the other two. Looking at Axel the entire time he was talking, the blonde felt as if he might pass out at any moment. He was getting hotter and dizzier, not to mention his stomach was hurting.

"I think Demyx is...pregnant..."

Eyes widening with horror, Demyx looked at Axel.
"What!" he seemed to yell. "You think I'm pregnant?"
Demyx let go of Axel's hand.
"No...no way... No WAY! I'm not a girl, I'm a guy!" Getting very hot now, Demyx tried to cool himself down by waving a hand over his face but it didn't seem to work for he started to pant a little. "There's no way on earth I can be pregnant..."


Axel prepared himself for the impact he knew his words were going to cause.

First, silence...

Then, the explosion...

Axel seemed to cower as Demyx began yelling at him. He knew it was crazy...seriously, how could a boy get pregnant? But...Axel stood by what he said...

"I know! I know, its crazy...but think about it!" He said, "Its been about a month since Saix...since he left, and I know you two were together the night before he left, and you would be feeling the symptoms by now...so, it sort of makes sense..." He trailed off and looked down, messing with his fingers.

Roxas couldn't even speak, he was in such shock. He looked at Axel and then looked at Demyx.
Could Demyx really be pregnant? That would have to mean that he and Saix...

Xemnas, meanwhile, had an expression of utter seriousness on his face, his orange eyes trained intently on Demyx. He studied his body, letting his eyes take in everything from the little bit of exposed belly he could see to the boy's face.
He then turned to Axel.
"This is very serious." He said, bringing one hand up to push his fingers through his hair, "I think we should look more into the matter..."

Axel looked at the Superior and was relieved to hear him say this. At least Xemnas was taking this seriously.

Sighing, Xemnas pushed his door open the rest of the way and stepped back into his room, motioning for the three of them to follow.
"I can conduct a few tests to determine whether Axel's theory is accurate or not..." He said, crossing the room to his bathroom and returning a moment later with a small, white box.
"Have a seat on the bed, number IX..." He said, setting the box down on his bedside table, "And lie down."


"But it's... DISGUSTING!" shrieked the blonde, positively repulsed at the thought of being actually pregnant. "Not to mention I'm a guy!"
Demyx seemed to almost glare at Axel.
"HOW on EARTH could you possibly have come up with that theory? I mean, it could um...just...eh...be a...uh...a virus of some kind. I'm not pregnant!"

Glancing at Xemnas, his jaw almost dropped. Because it was actually Xemnas being serious about this and perhaps believing Axel.
"Superior, you don't actually think I'm pregnant do you?" Demyx gulped, starting to feel even sicker than before. Then, that's when all the thoughts of actually being pregnant and giving birth suddenly slammed into Demyx's brain. The blonde just went pale in the face.

"I can't do this, I'm so scared! I CANNOT be pregnant! And if I am, then how am I gonna take care of a baby?! I'm not a parent!"
Demyx was panicking, he was literally panicking. He sweating, going pale in the face and about to hyperventilate.

"Have a seat on the bed, number IX. And lie down."

Demyx gave a frightened whimper before nervously approaching Xemnas's bed. He slowly sat down, catching a glance at Roxas and Axel before gulping and turning his attention back to the superior. Then, very, very hesitantly, he laid down on his back, frightened to the very core.


Axel tried not to burst into tears at the very thought of Demyx being so angry with him. Just the idea of Demyx yelling at him would have been enough to send the red-head into hysterics, but somehow he managed to smile nervously while continuously running his fingers through his hair.

Xemnas, however, kept an extremely straight face the whole time.
"Please, Number IX, this isn't Number VIII's fault..." He said, opening the box he had brought from the bathroom and filing through some things inside, "There is no need to panic...or to be so loud..." He gave Demyx a stern look as he said this before going back to his box.
Finally finding what he was looking for, Xemnas withdrew a long, thin object, wrapped in a paper covering so it would stay sterile.
"Number IX, if you are indeed pregnant, which, believe me, is a possibility, then you are a parent, whether you want it to be true or not."

After Demyx had followed Xemnas into his room, Axel and Roxas followed, Roxas looking almost as pale as Demyx and Axel still fiddling with his hair nervously. The red-head didn't actually think Demyx would react this dramatically...

Once Demyx had lied down on the bed, Xemnas turned toward him and gently tore the wrapper off the long object he had taken from the box.
"I probably should have told the Organization this much sooner, but..." He paused as he walked around to the foot of the bed and casually took hold of Demyx's shorts, pulling them down off his hips and legs before laying them on the bed beside him, "We, as Nobodies, are capable of becoming pregnant...even as males..."
Then, to Axel's horror, Xemnas grasped Demyx's thighs and pulled them apart before gently inserting, into his entrance, what was now revealed to be some sort of pregnancy detector, which looked much more like a very long thermometer. He kept pushing until the entire length of the device was hidden inside of Demyx's body and he waited...

Axel and Roxas meanwhile, were doing everything in their power to not completely freak out. Axel had his back turned to Xemnas and Demyx, hands frantically twirling his hair, while Roxas, still looking at Demyx, but focusing intently on his face, eyebrows draw tightly together and cheeks a very visible shade of pink.

After another moment or two, Xemnas finally withdrew the probe from between Demyx's legs and tossed back his hair, looking down at it.
His face remained emotionless but he sighed and lifted his eyes to look into the Nocturne's.
"Its true..." He said, glancing briefly in Axel's direction, the red-head now turned back around and looking at Xemnas, "Number IX, you are pregnant..."


Demyx had placed his face into his palms roughly, so nervous, so scared...hoping that this theory wasn't real.

Please let me okay...I don't wanna be pregnant!

Waiting quite nervously on Xemnas's large bed, he began getting even more terrified once the superior began taking his shorts off. The thought of Saix coming to his room the first time reminded him of this and he didn't wanna think about it.

The next thing that happened was enough to make him scream.
"Oh! Ow!" Something was being inserted inside him, and frankly, it didn't feel very pleasant. Whatever it was, it was cold, a little sharp and very thin.

After a moment of his hands and legs trembling, Demyx gave a sigh of relief as the thermometer came out. He shut his eyes, thankful it was over. Now...it was just time to see if the Nocturne would be a parent or not.

While Xemnas was examining the thermometer, Demyx hurriedly put his short back on.

"It's true... Number IX, you are pregnant..."

It was just a long, awkward pause. Demyx could believe his ears at what he just heard... This was wild... but...it was true...wasn't it?
Looking down, Demyx felt a lump in his throat and his heart pounding, forehead becoming damper. He gave a hard gulp.

No, no...I don't wanna be a parent...I'm too young! And I don't have Saix with me...

Breathing becoming quite hysterical, Demyx was starting to panic. He quickly walked towards Axel.
"Let's go back to your room, Axel." Demyx said, reaching for the handle of the door and pushing it open, pulling Axel with him as hard as he could.

It was very hard for Demyx not to cry right about now.


It was true?
Demyx was actually pregnant?
Axel stared at Demyx and Xemnas, one hand covering his mouth while his eyes darted between the two of them, torn between shock and horror and then compassion for his friend. Roxas was staring too, but his was more of a serious stare and almost remorseful. He glanced at Axel and slowly took hold of his hand as he took a step toward him.
"You were right then..." He murmured, looking back toward Demyx and bringing a hand up to stop a few tears from rolling down his cheeks.

Axel gave a small shuddering sigh and finally took his eyes away from Demyx, closing his fingers around Roxas' once he felt the blonde put his smaller hand inside his.
Now that Axel knew he had been right...well, he was having a hard time actually believing it. Sure, it had been his theory...but it was so unbelievable...

Taking another moment to look at Demyx, Xemnas straightened up and slipped the device back into its paper wrapper, lying it on the bedside table beside the white box.
"I am sorry, Number IX, if this is not what you wanted..." He said, running one hand back through his hair, "But, it cannot be changed...please try and remember there is now a life inside of you and you must respect that..."
Watching Demyx, Xemnas stepped back toward his bed before sitting down and putting a hand to his forehead. He didn't try and stop Demyx as he left, pulling Axel behind him, but he did silently hope that the boy would not consider destroying the child...

Taken by surprise as Demyx grabbed him and began pulling him from the room, Axel glanced back at Xemnas quickly before taking Roxas' hand and pulling him along too.
"Okay, Demyx, okay...calm down..." He said, hardly able to keep up as they made their way back to his room. Once they were there, Axel closed the door behind them and hesitated for a moment before laying a hand on Demyx's shoulder. Then taking a glance toward Roxas, he saw that the boy's light blue eyes were glistening with tears he had been unwilling to shed in front of Xemnas...


After Axel had closed the door behind the trio, Demyx was simply staring at the floor; eyes nervously gliding everywhere, a terrified expression appeared on the blonde's face. Shoulders quivering hard, Demyx gave a soft whimper.
"How can I do this...?" whispered the Nocturne from under his hands. "Axel! How can I do this without Saix!?"

His cheeks were getting slightly redder, his eyes becoming very damp.
"I don't wanna have a baby! I'm not ready for this! I never was!" He placed his face in his hands, unable to hardly yell anymore. "How can I calm down when I know that there is another being living inside of me right now..."

His voice was crackly and he could barely talk, trying desperately to hold back tears.
"I wish the entire thing with me and Saix never happened..." he whispered. "What is even the point of me being even alive? All I do is just bring the Organization down more... and I'm too miserable most of the time to go out on my missions. I'm useless!"

There was a long very, very dead silence after that before Demyx fell onto Axel, more like leaning, though. And not a moment later, Demyx could be heard crying hysterically under Axel, not able to control himself...it was almost like forcing him to cry and he couldn't stop. He just couldn't... he just stood there, leaning against Axel, sobbing...

Demyx was scared and he didn't know what he was going to do...


Axel wasn't sure how to answer Demyx's questions. He didn't know how Demyx was supposed to get through this. None of them would be prepared to have a child, especially at so young an age.
"But, think, Demyx..." Axel began, hoping he would find the right words to soothe the other boy, "You're bringing a new person into the world...and...and..." He trailed off, still completely unsure about how to put his thoughts into words.

"And he'll be a part of Saix." Roxas said, stepping forward and finishing Axel's sentence. He smiled at the red-head and Axel gave a small smile of his own, thankful Roxas had the sense to say something so perfect for the situation.
Axel then looked at Demyx disbelievingly.
"What are you saying?" He asked, looking into the blonde's eyes with an expression of utmost seriousness in his own, "How can you say that? You're my best friend!" Axel couldn't believe what he was hearing from Demyx's mouth. Roxas even looked dumbstruck at the other's words.
"Demyx, we love you..." The younger blonde said, laying a hand on the Nocturne's back and rubbing it up and down soothingly, "Please, believe us."

Then when Demyx fell against Axel, the red-head could only wrap his arms around him and hold him tightly, pulling him close against his chest and pushing his nose into his dark, blonde hair.
"Please don't cry, Demyx..." He whispered, his own voice starting to quiver as his own tears finally came, gathering in the corners of his emerald colored eyes and then steadily trickling down his smooth cheeks.
He then felt as if his knees were going to give out and he stumbled slightly toward the bed before sinking down heavily into the mattress and bringing Demyx down with him, onto his lap. Roxas followed and slowly lowered himself down to his knees, beside Axel and wrapped his own arms around the other two boys.

"Demyx, we're going to help you..." Roxas whispered, using one hand to stroke the other's hair while Axel held the crying boy close against him.
Axel nodded as he gently rocked Demyx's smaller body, "We would never leave you alone with something like this..." He murmured, and then dropped a kiss down on the top of Demyx's head, "The three of us are going to raise this baby together..."
"That's right..." Said Roxas, "We'll be the best parents in the world...all of us, together..."