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It was eight 'o clock at night and Demyx was getting ready for bed..

Luna was ten years old...a little more mature and he was taller! Demyx was happy he didn't have to hold the boy anymore.

Demyx had just pulled on his tight tank, showing a little of his belly. He had had a big day, and Demyx was very, very tired, ready to get a good night sleep. Casually making his way over to his bed where Luna awaited him, he sat down, the mattress bouncing a little, and he stretched his arms widely, giving a yawn and scratching through his blonde hair.

He lifted his legs onto his bed, took a glance at Luna and smiled. His son had definitely grown. His blue hair was longer and silkier. He was fitting better into Demyx's clothes and had actually started borrowing some of Roxas's clothes.

"Hope we'll sleep well tonight, eh Luna?" Demyx grinned, beginning to pull his sheets up, covering up to his knees.


Sitting cross-legged on the bed he shared with Demyx, he waited for the blonde to join him.
He had washed his face, brushed his teeth and combed his hair. Demyx constantly reminded him to do these things so he would stay beautiful and keep getting more beautiful. Luna didn't think he was very pretty at all but everyone in the castle kept telling him he got prettier by the day.
That was alright with him, as long as they didn't pinch his cheeks or anything.

Fiddling with his fingers, Luna looked down at his feet. There was something on his mind; a question he had been meaning to ask his father...he just hadn't found the right time yet. It was really starting to nag at him though and he finally decided that tonight he was going to ask him.
Chewing his bottom lip, he ran his fingers through the silky strands of his sky-blue hair, smoothing any that were out of place.
"Heh, yeah..." He answered, smiling back at Demyx and then twisting the hem of his shirt. He tended to do that when he was nervous.

"Uhm, daddy..." He said, scooting back so he could lean against his pillow, pulling the sheets up to cover most of his body, "I wanna ask you something..." He kept his eyes away from Demyx as he felt his cheeks heating slightly, "I wanna ask you about...about my...other father..."
He finally released the breath he had been holding and raised his eyes slowly to look at Demyx's face, hoping he wouldn't see an expression of horror upon it.


Demyx was so attached to his son he couldn't believe the bond the two of them had. Yeah, sure, Luna really liked Axel and Roxas and loved spending most of his time with them, but when it always came time for just the two of them to be together, it'd be that sweet and sugary parent/child relationship.

"Sure," smiled Demyx, answering Luna.

"I wanna ask you about...about my...other father..."

There was a very long silent pause, Demyx just staring into Luna's amber eyes. He finally broke the eye contact and sighed, looking down at his lap.
"Your father... he... he was a very good person..." started Demyx, looking at the moon through the window. "He had a connection with the moon. I'm sorry you never got to see him. I named you Luna because you reminded me so much of him and 'Luna' means moon."

Eyes drifting off, Demyx continued again, "His name was... Saix. We loved each other so much, and... I really miss him. He was handsome... you have his hair, except it was a bit darker." He grinned cutely. "He was tall, mysterious and at sometimes... almost frightening. I'm not even sure how our relationship even started... it just sort of... 'happened'... All I know is... is that I know he'll never come back."

Demyx looked back at Luna.
"He left a long time ago..." He smiled again, reaching out and his fingers skimming across Luna's cheek, then the back of his hand so gently. "Let's go to sleep." Demyx leaned over towards Luna and kissed his cheek.

"You are so beautiful..."


Luna brought his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, listening intently to the words as they came out of Demyx's mouth.
He had always been curious about his other parent. He had never known him...he didn't even know what he looked like. Not only that, but Demyx hardly ever mentioned him. Luna knew virtually nothing about the man, only that he had his hair.

"So...I'm named after him?" He asked, keeping his voice low. He smiled at the thought of being named after someone, especially someone who must have been so special to have earned Demyx's love.


Luna could hear the name echoing in his mind. It sounded so familiar yet so foreign at the same time. He felt as though he had heard it before, or seen it written somewhere but he just couldn't remember.
As Demyx told him Saix was handsome Luna smiled and placed his chin on top of his knees, the sheets now covering everything but his head.
"Do I look a lot like him?" He asked, eager to try and get a mental image of Saix in his head.
Luna's face then fell a little as he was told Saix was never coming back. He hadn't thought of that yet...he knew Saix was gone, but there had been a little part of him that thought maybe someday he might get to see him.
Focusing on Demyx's face again, Luna smiled as his father's hand touched his cheek and his eyes closed gently. He loved it when Demyx did that...

Opening his eyes again, Luna covered his mouth as he giggled.
"I'm not that beautiful..." He said, looking off to the side and feeling his cheeks burn, "Roxas sure does tell me I am though...Axel too..." He giggled again as he mentioned Axel's name, cheeks becoming even darker.
He then scooted down more into the sheets and laid down, pulling the covers up over his shoulders and gazing at Demyx.

"I wish I could meet him..." He murmured, stifling a yawn as he spoke and snuggling deeper into his pillow.

Panting, Axel ran like mad toward Demyx's room, heart pounding and feet beating loudly against the marble floor.
He couldn't believe what had just happened...
"Demyx! Luna!" He cried, skidding to a halt next to the Nocturne's door and flinging it open without knocking. His eyes fell on the two in the bed and he only stood there for a moment, panting and looking as though he'd seen a ghost...which really wasn't that far off...
"Demyx, its...its..."

The red-head had no time to finish his thought before he suddenly turned to the side as someone approached the door.
Luna sat up and looked at Axel, pulling the sheets up to his chest. What in the world had caused Axel to look so frightened...?
Luna then watched as a tall figure came around the doorframe, standing beside Axel in the doorway. His face was slightly veiled by his long hair...his long blue hair...
He wore a cloak like Axel's and Roxas', but it looked old and somewhat faded, not to mention it was torn in a few places.
The man then raised his face and Luna glanced at Demyx for a second before focusing on the stranger again. Once the man's face was in complete view Luna squinted slightly and realized the man had an X-shaped scar on his face. That was unusual...the only person Luna knew with a scar was Xigbar, but he didn't know him very well...

"Demyx..." Came the man's voice. It was low and haunting and it made Luna shudder as he heard it. It was so familiar...
Then Luna knew why this stranger seemed so familiar to him. He suddenly remembered a dream he had had a long time ago where he'd seen a man he didn't recognize, but seemed painfully familiar. It was this man...this same man. But how could he be here? Luna just thought he had made him up in the dream...but...he was real...?

"Demyx...Demyx, I'm back..." The man spoke again and took a step inside the room, walking past the horrified red-head, "Demyx...its me, Saix..."


Demyx gave a small chuckle at Luna when he said he didn't think he was very pretty, but Demyx knew that Luna was indeed a gorgeous little boy. Everybody knew.

Removing his hand from Luna's cheek, he gave him another kind, sweet smile before leaning over and kissing his forehead.

That's when the door was flung open and Axel stood in the doorway.
"Axel...?" Demyx muttered, slowly sitting up. "What's wrong?"

But then the next thing he saw would've made the Nocturne faint... It was Saix, standing in the entrance of his room.
Eyes wide with shock, and mouth slightly open, Demyx stared at the tall Diviner across from him.

"S-Saix...?" he whispered so gently that it was barely heard. "It...can't be..."
Slowly he took off the sheets and stood up, eyes not leaving Saix's ambers. He took one step then another before just pausing for another few moments.

The blonde had almost completely forgotten about Luna or Axel, and just saw himself and Saix, standing in the room together.

Then without hesitation, he rushed towards Saix as quickly as possible and hugged him as tightly as possible.
"Saix! I...I missed you!" There were tears streaming down his face and he couldn't believe that this was actually happening...


Axel's eyes darted between Demyx and Saix, occasionally landing on Luna. He felt like he should stay, but at the same time he really felt like this should be a moment between Demyx, Saix and Luna.
Hesitantly the red-head slowly backed away from the door and began walking down the corridor in the opposite direction. He didn't turn back as he walked, but by the time he reached the end of the hallway he was running...

Saix stared at Demyx across the room. He looked exactly the same as he had the night he left. So beautiful.
Watching the blonde, Saix could feel his legs becoming weak. He needed to feel the Nocturne in his arms again. Until this moment he hadn't realized just how much he missed him.
Then, finally, his wishes were granted and he opened his arms as the smaller form of Demyx collided against him. He enveloped his slender body completely in his strong arms, pulling him as tightly against him as possible.
"Demyx..." He whispered, placing one hand on the back of the other's head and lowering his own to burry his face in the soft tufts of blonde that met him, "Oh Demyx...I missed you too..."
Saix had dreamed of this moment for all the years since leaving his precious Nocturne behind.
Breathing in deeply, Saix closed his eyes as Demyx's scent filled his nostrils. He smelled just the same...

As his parents embraced each other, Luna sat still as stone on the bed, watching with wide, confused eyes. His heart was beating so fast he could hear it pounding loudly in his ears.
Who was this man? And why was Demyx hugging him like that?
"D-daddy...?" Luna whispered, terrified to speak, but more terrified of being forgotten.
Saix's eyes then opened suddenly, causing Luna's entire body to flinch. The man's eyes were sharp and intense. But, they reminded Luna of his own in a strange way.

Loosening his hold on Demyx slightly, Saix lifted his head and looked squarely at Luna. He had noticed the boy of course, but he had been so happy to see Demyx that he hadn't had time to acknowledge his presence.
Upon first seeing Demyx in bed with another, Saix thought that perhaps he had found someone else, but Luna was obviously still very young and Saix was able to pick up his scent...and he smelled exactly like Demyx...

"Who are you?" Saix asked, now pulling Demyx away from his body but keeping one arm tightly around his shoulders.
Luna's mouth opened but no sound came out; he only licked his lips quickly and shakily stood from the bed.

"I...I'm L-Luna..." He said, fingers immediately going down to twist in the hem of his shirt.

"Luna?" Saix repeated, his eyes widening slightly and realization suddenly hitting him. This boy...was his son...
Luna licked his lips again and shifted his weight from one foot to the other nervously. Could this man really be who he thought he might be...?

"Luna..." Saix began, now letting go of Demyx completely and lowering his body to his knees so he was more on Luna's level. He was much taller than the boy, "Come here..."
At this request Luna's eyes immediately darted to Demyx, as if asking if it was alright.
Slowly and quite nervously, Luna began walking toward Saix. His bare feet were silent on the soft carpet and his uneven bangs hung around his smooth face.
Once he reached the man, his heartbeat was racing so fast he thought he was going to die.

"How old are you, Luna?" Saix asked, lifting a hand so he could brush some of the boy's hair away from his face and look into his eyes. Luna's eyes were a perfect combination of Demyx's and Saix's. Mostly gold with small hints of blue around his pupil and then around the iris.

"I'm t-ten..." Luna answered, once again glancing at Demyx before refocusing on the man's piercing gaze.
At hearing this Saix knew at once that this boy was indeed his own child. He had been gone a little over ten years, the exact age of this boy.
The man then, without any warning, leaned forward and gently wrapped his arms around Luna's tiny frame. Luna tensed at once, eyes wide and heart skipping a beat as his small body was pressed closely against the man's. But then, Luna felt his body relaxing and he let himself fall softly against Saix's chest, eyelids falling a little.
Saix's hand rose to the back of Luna's head as it had with Demyx and he pushed his fingers into the thickness of the boy's hair, amazed at its softness. It was even softer than Demyx's.

"Luna..." Saix whispered, the man's low voice causing a shudder to race up and down the boy's spine, "I'm your father..."
Breath stopping and heart stopping as well, Luna's eyes instantly began filling with tears and he buried his face in Saix's shoulder, little arms wrapping desperately around the man's neck.
He had known...all along. This was his father...his other father. It was Saix.

"P-papa..." Luna whispered, biting his lower lip in a lame attempt at stopping his tears. More came despite his efforts and he clung to Saix even tighter.


It felt intensely wonderful to hug Saix again, after all these years of thinking that the Diviner was dead... Demyx could finally wrap his arms around his waist and just lean against him and sweetly hug him, the warm feeling of his tears dribbling down his cheeks as he buried his face into Saix's torso.

"I can't believe you're back..." he muttered, his voice clearly muffled. "I've missed you."
He raised his head, staring into Saix's ambers. "I thought you were dead..."
But then he smiled, squeezing him much tighter than before.
"Oh, I love you Saix! I love you!"

He gave a sniffle when Saix pulled away and he glanced at Luna and gave him a cute grin. He caught the expression of curiosity on Saix's face and Demyx leant on Saix a little, his cheek resting on the Diviner's shoulder.

Watching Saix walk over to Luna, all Demyx could do was smile, just smile such a loving a beautiful smile. This was the very first time that Luna had ever seen Saix, and it was amazingly adorable.
Giving a nod towards Luna, he watched as the boy approached Saix a little more.


Demyx licked his lips and gave a sigh, unable to keep the tears back anymore, and just simply allowed them to run down his face. Not before too long, Demyx slowly walked up to the two, knelt down himself and wrapped his arms around then both of them, placing a small kiss on Luna's head.


Luna's mind raced with questions and thoughts that he never thought would even enter his head.
Saix was back...but how?
Luna didn't know why he had left in the first place but Demyx had said that he wasn't coming back, but here he was, holding him in his arms.

"Luna, I can't tell you how happy I am to meet you..." Saix whispered, burying his fingers deeper into the boy's hair and pulling his tiny body closer against him, "I can't believe I actually have a son..."

Smiling against Saix's shoulder, Luna attempted to pull back just enough so he could look into his father's eyes.
"I'm really happy to meet you too..." He said, eyes glistening with tears and mouth curved into a sweet grin. He then leaned forward and placed a kiss on the end of Saix's nose, making the man chuckle deeply and run his fingers through the boy's hair affectionately.
Then as Demyx joined them, Saix smiled and pulled him in too, embracing both members of his family tenderly.

"We're a family now!" Luna chirped, now suddenly giggling and snuggling against Saix's large, comfortable form. The Diviner smiled and gave him a loving squeeze.

"We are indeed..." He answered, leaning over to drop a kiss down into Demyx's hair and then caress his face lovingly, "I want to know all about you, Luna...come and tell me everything..."
Standing slowly, Saix touched Luna's hair once more before leading him over to Demyx's bed, the boy following eagerly and crawling up to sit beside his new father.

"Are you happy here with your daddy?" Saix asked, unable to keep his hands away from the adorable boy's hair.
Luna grinned and leaned into the touch, hardly able to control his excitement.

"Yeah! Everyone here is so nice...especially Axel and Roxy...I mean, Roxas..." He covered his mouth and giggled again at his mistake, "And I love being here with daddy...we sleep together every night and walk around the gardens and sometimes he lets me play his sitar...oh! I'm getting really good...do you wanna hear some?"

Saix smiled as he listened to Luna and then nodded at the boy's question.
"Of course I would..." He said, glancing at Demyx, "I used to love to hear your daddy play before you were born..."
Luna grinned and hopped off the bed to get Demyx's sitar from the corner. Then situating himself back on the bed, the sitar in his lap, he began picking out a cheerful tune that Demyx had been teaching him. Some of the notes were out of place but overall he did a good job of not messing up too badly.
"I'm not that good yet." Luna said once he was finished, smiling with slight embarrassment and twisting a finger in his shirt.

"I thought it was wonderful." Saix answered, smiling tenderly at the boy before leaning towards him to kiss his forehead. At this Luna grinned widely and lurched forward, wrapping his little arms around Saix's waist, burying his face into the man's stomach.

For a few more hours that evening the three of them talked and laughed together. Saix had many questions about Luna and Demyx and their life together so far. He wanted to know everything he possibly could about his new son.
And Luna was only too happy to provide him with the answers he wanted.
After a while though, Luna began to feel a little overwhelmed and he asked his parents if he could spend a little time outside in the garden by himself. Going out into the garden always helped him when he was troubled about something.
It was well after midnight by the time he went outside and the moon shone brightly in the sky, lighting up the whole garden with a soft, pale-blue light that gave everything an ethereal glow.

Sitting down on the edge of the fountain where he had sat many times with Axel and Roxas, Luna lowered a finger into the rippling water and swirled it around slowly.
He couldn't believe Saix had returned...and after so long. Would it be possibly for him to seamlessly return to life here in the castle with the rest of the Organization? Would he be able to fit into Demyx's and Luna's life?
These and many more questions buzzed around Luna's head as he turned his gaze upward, staring at the window of the room he shared with Demyx, wondering what his life would be like now that his father...his other father had returned...

Saix was sad to see Luna leave them, but then at the same time he was more than delighted to have some time alone with Demyx.
Sitting on the bed with the Nocturne, Saix lifted one hand and touched the blonde's cheek with the backs of his fingers. He stared into his eyes and already he could feel his heart beating faster.
"Demyx..." He whispered, moving toward the other slowly, "I've missed you so much..." He brought his other hand up and cupped Demyx's face with both, "I've missed the way your skin feels against my hands..." As he spoke he moved his thumb across Demyx's cheek, savoring the simple but delicious curve of his cheekbone.

Saix then leaned forward enough to push Demyx onto his back, his larger form leaning over him, blue tresses cascading down around their faces.
"I've been longing to feel you in my arms and feel your body against mine..." He whispered, leaning down to press his lips against the center of Demyx's throat and then moving down to dip the tip of his tongue into the hollow of his throat, "I've wanted to taste you, hear you...feel you..." With each word, Saix's hands went a little further. His fingers found the waistband of Demyx's pants and he tugged them downward before his other hand slipped up under the hem of his shirt, caressing his smooth stomach, then his chest.
"I love you more now than I ever have..." He breathed, looking down into Demyx's amazing blue eyes before capturing the blonde's lips passionately, fingers becoming lost in his hair while his other hand dipped down between the younger Nobody's legs, touching him intimately and hoping to hear a moan of passion erupt from his lover's mouth...


"We are most definitely a family!" Demyx giggled at Luna's phrase. He gave Luna a little hug before the boy climbed on his bed and the blonde followed, slowly seating himself next to Luna, sandwiching him between himself and Saix.

When Luna brought over Demyx's sitar, the blonde gave a smile as he watched the boy play the instrument. His eyebrows rose with amusement at his playing. Of course Luna wasn't as good as Demyx but he was getting there. When Luna had finished, all Demyx could do was giggle and ruffle Luna's blue hair.
"You're doing great, Luna. In a couple more years, you'll be just as good as me."

Demyx loved seeing Luna hug and cuddle with Saix, it made his heart leap happily and every time he saw it happen, he just smiled and smiled and smiled...

Watching Luna vanish from his room Demyx gave a grin, knowing instantly that he'd instantly go to the fountain in the huge garden. But... this gave the Nocturne time to be with the Diviner.

Slowly taking a seat on the side of the bed, Demyx smiled at Saix when the blue-haired Superior sat down next to him.

"Demyx... I've missed you so much."

"I missed you too..." Demyx replied, feeling the back of Saixs' fingers across his cheek, the smooth feeling sending a thrill up his spine and making him excited.

"I've missed the way your skin feels against my hands..."

Demyx blushed. Saix could be a bit rough sometimes and almost frightening - that was almost how Demyx remembered him sometimes - but mostly, Saix was gentle and sweet.
Being lowered against the mattress, Demyx blushed harder, but followed in suit by wrapping his arms around Saix's neck.

"I've been longing to feel you in my arms and feel your body against mine..."

Demyx was already getting aroused and he couldn't believe it either.
"Saix..." Demyx chuckled, skimming his hands down the back of Saix's neck, touching the warm skin there.
Letting a moan out from his mouth, Demyx shut his eyes as he felt the Diviner's slick muscle drag across his throat, making the tips of his fingers twitch slowly into his thick, blue hair.

He could feel his pants coming down, but Demyx didn't really care. In fact, he kind of wanted them off already. He moaned louder when Saix touched his defined chest and thin stomach, getting extremely aroused now.

"Saix..." Demyx groaned. "Oh Saix..."

Then Saix kissed him and the blonde responded quickly, pushing his lips against his, making soft moans here and there while kissing his mouth.
He gave a surprised moan when Saix's hand touched him between his legs, having to almost pull away from Saix's mouth to yelp out the deep moan from his parted lips.


Luna had been out in the garden for almost an hour, and he was starting to feel a little cold and a lot tired.
He was walking back up from the patch of woods situated on the edge of the garden, rubbing his arms and trying to keep from shivering. It wasn't really that cold outside, it was just that he missed being able to cuddle with Demyx in the bed they shared right before falling asleep.
He then thought about Saix...he was probably cuddling with his daddy right now, where Luna should be...

Sighing, Luna took another glance upward at the window of Demyx's room before continuing to walk up toward the castle door.
His bare feet carried him through the corridors slowly, since he wasn't in a great deal of a hurry. He would probably be interrupting his parents when he finally returned to his room.
Once he reached the room he paused for a moment when he heard what sounded like Demyx's voice from within.

"Saix...Oh Saix..."

Luna's heart seemed to almost stop beating, although the thumping sound in his ears was beginning to get louder.
He had no idea what was going on inside that room, but something told him he shouldn't go inside...
But, then his curiosity was just too strong and he wanted to see Demyx and have him put him to bed.

As quietly as it was possible for him to be, Luna turned the door handle and pushed the door open no more than an inch. Peering through the crack in the door, Luna's eyes instantly widened and his jaw dropped slightly.
On the bed were Demyx and Saix, but they were definitely doing more than cuddling.
Luna watched, horror building in his mind, as he watched Saix lower his head and bite Demyx's neck before thrusting his hips forward, between the blonde's legs.
Focusing in on Demyx's face, it looked like to Luna that his father was in pain. The expression on his face certainly seemed to suggest so, but the Nocturne made no move to try and stop the blue-haired man from doing whatever it was that he was doing.
It made Luna jump as he heard Saix let out a feral sounding growl and his hips moved even faster against Demyx's smaller body.

Another minute passed but it seemed like another hour and finally Luna had to turn away. Just as quietly as before he closed the door and took a step back from it. His legs were shaking and his breathing was fast, making his throat burn.
Then, without warning, the blue-haired boy took off down the corridor, bare feet practically soundless on the cold marble as he headed for the one room he knew he could go to.

Once he reached the door, looking up at the engraved Roman numeral to be sure, since it was nearly pitch black in the hallway, he immediately opened the door. He made no effort to be quiet this time, though he wasn't being overly noisy either.
Closing the door, Luna then moved quickly across the room and wasted no time as he lifted the sheets of the bed against the wall and climbed in next to the person who was sleeping there.
His little arms instantly wrapped around the thin waist and his face buried into the flat chest, hot moisture slowly gathering in his frightened eyes.
Soon his shoulders began shaking and soft sobs could be heard, muffled, from under the sheets of Axel's bed...


It was already happening, and Demyx was in a state of such pleasure he could barely stand it. So he moaned out the pleasure, and enjoyed every entire moment of it...

Luna had left the Nocturne's mind completely, about him probably wanting to go to bed and be with him again... Demyx had no idea. Only thing on his mind was Saix, and once thrusting inside him, Demyx narrowed his eyebrows as he gasped painfully, sweat viewable rolling down his temples.
Then when Saix hit something sensitive, the blonde screamed out, "Saix! Faster!"

Axel could see himself outside in the deep grassy fields full of beautiful flowers of all sorts... and just over a tall hill; he could see a flowing black cloak, and soft blonde spikes, so soft and so thick, thick enough for Axel to sink his fingers into it.
Axel smiled, running forward.
"Roxas!" He called. The blonde had turned around and stared at Axel before a smile spread wide against his face. Axel was almost up the steep hill, reaching out towards Roxas, fingertips almost brushing--

Suddenly Axel felt a bit warmer than usual, and that was rare, considering his sheets were very thin. Eyebrows twitching slightly, Axel had opened his eyes slowly, his lips a little parted.
His emeralds glided over his burgundy colored room before he glanced down to see Luna hugging him, just a bit too close.
"L-Luna?" murmured Axel, slowly sitting up, immediately coming awake. He blinked a few times, pulling the little boy up. "Luna, what're you doing here?"
He noticed the tears trickling down his face and Axel rubbed them away with his thumb, returning his eye contact with Luna.

"Luna, what's wrong?"


Sniffling, Luna looked up at Axel once the red-head was awake. He felt a little bad about waking him up, but he didn't know where else to go. He couldn't stay outside Demyx's room and he sure couldn't go inside the room. And he wasn't as close to anyone else as he was to Axel.

As the older boy said his name, Luna let out a little quivering whimper and clung even tighter to him. He felt embarrassed about what had happened earlier. If he told Axel he didn't know how he would react...

"I d-didn't know wh-where else to g-go..." He whimpered, trying to put his arms back around Axel as he was pulled up.
He then forced his eyes upward to look into Axel's amazing green eyes. He had loved those eyes since the first moment he saw them. They were so green and so clear and also the most beautiful things Luna could think of.
"I...I s-saw daddy and...and S-S...papa..." He said, trying to force calmness into his shaking voice, "It l-looked like...like S-papa was h-hurting d-daddy..." At these words a fresh batch of tears began streaming down Luna's face and he tried hiding his face against Axel's chest, "I didn't...didn't know what else to d-do..."

His tiny body shook against Axel and his fingers clenched tightly into his shirt in an attempt to get as close to him as possible. He felt like he needed to hold onto something or he would fall and be left all alone...he couldn't handle that...
"P-please don't s-send me away..." He cried, turning his face up to Axel again, "I w-wanna be with you..."


Yeah, Axel was just a teensy tiny bit miffed that his lovely dream about Roxas had ended at such a dramatic part, but at seeing Luna in his bed with him and crying hysterically, all Axel could do was just stare at him.

"I...I s-saw daddy and...and S-S...papa... IT l-looked like...like S-papa was h-hurting d-daddy..."

Immediately, Axel knew what Saix and Demyx were doing. The image of Saix hurting Demyx, he remembered that night many years ago when Saix had almost attempted rape to Demyx... Axel wanted to murder Saix for doing that to Demyx.

"Okay, Luna, calm down... it's okay..." Axel soothed a little, but he couldn't seem to stop the boy from crying. "Luna, please don't cry."

He tried rubbing his hand against Luna's shoulder... but nothing appeared to be working.

Well... Axel had one thought in particular... he wasn't sure if it'd work though. He didn't care.

Axel, in attempt to stop the boy crying, had grabbed the back of Luna's neck and the small of his back and kissed him roughly on the lips. It was slightly hard but sweet and passionate, and it...lasted a while...

But after what felt like twenty minutes, Axel finally removed his lips from Luna.

"Luna, I won't turn you down... I'm not going to turn you down; you don't have to worry..." Axel whispered, quite close to Luna's face as he said this.

He gave a deep sigh, wishing he kind of wasn't the one to tell him this.
"Sai-... um... your papa wasn't hurting Demy-your daddy at all... They were...well..."

Axel had no clue how to explain it so he got another thought.

"Luna, how about I show you what they were doing. Show you that it doesn't hurt..."

Axel gave a tiny gulp before he took Luna's shoulders and lowered him down onto the mattress, returning to Luna's lips again and sweetly kissing him, hands wandering into his hair.
His lips moved down his jaw line and then kissed across his neck, sucking on one spot in particular. His hands had moved down to his hips, then one hand moving to his rear and, not groping, but just firmly rubbing.

Axel felt kind of bad doing this, but he was definitely aroused. He wasn't planning on making Luna loose his virginity...


Luna tried to stop crying when Axel told him to, but the tears just didn't seem to want to stop and he hiccupped as he tried to force himself to stop crying.
The image of Saix on top of Demyx, moving roughly against him kept coming back into his mind and each time he thought about it his chest twisted painful and he coughed while squeezing his eyes shut and whimpering again.

Now panting slightly, Luna opened his eyes again and what met him next was a huge surprise to say the least. He let out a tiny, but audible gasp as his neck and back were taken in Axel's hands and his eyes shot wide open as his mouth was roughly taken by Axel.
He made a noise of surprise, the sound muffled inside the red-head's mouth, as the boy put his hands against Axel's shoulders.
It seemed to last forever, and the longer it lasted the more Luna liked it. His fingers tightened on Axel's shoulders and his eyelids slipped a little, mouth relaxing and even pushing back a little against Axel's.
It was his first kiss and he was extremely glad that it was with Axel...

Once the contact was finally broken, Luna's eyelids fluttered and his vision seemed to go in and out, Axel's face becoming slightly blurry. Luna felt dizzy and he found himself wishing Axel would kiss him again.
Staring up at Axel, lips parted and heart pounding behind his ribcage, he listened to what he was saying about Demyx and Saix. To be honest, he had completely forgotten about them when Axel kissed him, so apparently Axel's idea had worked pretty well.

"Sh-show me...?" He breathed. His body suddenly felt very heavy and he was aware that his chest was heaving up and down quite rapidly as he breathed. He didn't know what was coming, but he trusted Axel and he loved him, so anything that Axel might do to him would definitely be good.
As his shoulders were taken in Axel's hands, Luna, feeling rather nervous all of a sudden, laid back. His arms rested, bent, up around his head and his hair was spread upon Axel's pillow.
"Axe--" Luna was cut off as the older boy's lips covered his own again and he released a soft moan against them, eyes closing and back arching to push himself closer to the red-head. He suddenly decided that he liked kissing very much as he pushed his own, plush lips up against Axel's. As inexperienced as he was he didn't even know how to kiss, but he just did what felt good to him, hoping Axel would like whatever he did.

He then let out a disappointed little moan as Axel broke the kiss, but it was instantly forgotten as the contact was replaced on his neck.
His fingers dug into the long spikes of Axel's hair and he pushed his head back into the pillow, gasps and moans issuing from his mouth at every kiss and lick from Axel's mouth.
"Axel..." He found himself moaning the other's name, and quite passionately too. He had always dreamed of something like this happening to him, but he never thought it actually would and never quite this quickly. And he didn't even know what was happening...he just knew it was good.

Becoming lost in the feelings on his neck, Luna's body jumped and a small, surprised yelp left his lips as Axel rubbed his rear.
"Axel...?" He asked, voice quite breathless, "What are you doing...?" He looked down at the red-head and tilted his head to the side. He knew about kissing and everything but the touch to his body confused him, not that he didn't like it, but it caused feelings to rise up inside him he had never felt before and it was a little scary...


After groping the boy, Axel had sunk his teeth into Luna's neck, sucking on it a little. Pulling away, Axel was satisfied with the discoloring, and looked at Luna's face.

"Axel...? What are you doing...?"

Axel gulped again. "I'm showing what your daddy and papa were doing. I'm showing you that it doesn't hurt..."
He gave a reassuring smile before kissing him again and nibbling playfully on his lower lip.

Axel did feel a little bad about it, the image of Roxas appearing in his mind over and over... but he had to note that Luna was a cutie.

Hands moving down his chest, stomach a little past Luna's navel, Axel's palms slid under Luna's tank and then up his belly and chest, fingers playing at the boy's nipples.

While the red-head was assaulting Luna's chest, his mouth was attached to Luna's, trying a pathetic attempt to so call 'ask for entry' at Luna's mouth. Axel was sure Luna had no idea what to do, so he simply went inside himself, his tongue colliding with Luna's and teeth scraping against his.

After the couple of moments of Axel pinching and roughly thumbing Luna's nipples, his palms glided down his smooth belly and then at the hem of his shirt, where he began pushing it up, removing his mouth from Luna's, and kissing all the way up his stomach and chest, tongue gliding over the hardened peak and sucking for a moment.
He then hastily shoved the tank over Luna's head and tossed it carelessly over his shoulder and on the floor somewhere.

After removing his mouth from Luna's nipple, he looked back up at his face again, forcing out a smile, trying to make it look caring a sweet. Axel kissed him again, this kiss very romantic and passionate.
But Axel's right leg was moving around Luna's leg. He was trying to get between the boy's legs, but as if not to hurt him. He continued kissing him, to try and distract him, and while very slowly and calmly moving his hips between Luna's.

Axel pulled away from Luna's mouth again, hands wandering dangerously low towards Luna's groin. Axel loward himself back onto Luna again, licking his neck and biting again, before his hands located Luna's erection under his pants and very firmly pushed down it...


Luna squeezed his eyes very tightly shut when he felt Axel's teeth on his neck and he gasped sharply, head sinking back into the pillow and body heaving.
All of this, what Axel was doing to him was so sudden and unexpected. If Luna had been in a clearer state of mind he might have asked the red-head to stop, but his body felt so amazing right now and he desperately wanted to forget what he'd seen in Demyx's room...

"O-okay..." He whispered, voice barely audible. He let out a very soft, breathy giggle when Axel nipped at his lip, smiling up at him. He loved Axel so much that he was willing to let him do anything to him...
When he felt the hands on the bare flesh of his stomach and chest, the boy arched back into the mattress, fingers gripping tightly in the sheets and teeth biting down hard into his bottom lip.
This feeling was amazing and he wanted more of it...wanted more of Axel. He ached for more touches to his skin from the red-head's hands and wanted his lips to touch him everywhere.

Luna's whole world then turned upside down as the soft, pink flesh of his nipples were taken in Axel's fingers. The sensitive flesh hardened immediately, the sensation making him feel like he was going to die.
"Axel!" He moaned, opening his eyes just in time to see the other's face coming down to his again and he opened his mouth immediately to let Axel kiss him. He clumsily moved his own lips against Axel's, trying his best to kiss him but not doing a very good job. He just hoped that Axel wouldn't get upset because he didn't really know what to do. But once he felt Axel's tongue inside his mouth he moaned against the feeling and pushed his own smaller tongue against the larger invader, wanting more.

All the feelings bombarding him at once was like a huge wave crashing upon him, robbing him of any rational thought left in his brain.
As he felt his shirt being pushed up he released a tiny moan, mixed with a whimper of embarrassment, feeling his cheeks burn.
"Axel..." He murmured, considering trying to push his shirt back down, but before he could do anything, Axel had lowered his head and his mouth was on the boy's chest, sucking his nipple and causing Luna to let out a cry of pleasure that filled the whole room. He was practically sobbing it felt so good and he dug his fingers into Axel's red spikes roughly, pushing down in an attempt to get more of the feeling.

With the assault Axel was putting on his body, Luna was feeling things he had never, ever felt before. His whole body felt hot and his skin tingled, warmth pooling between his legs and making his shorts feel very tight.
Once he realized Axel was trying to take his shirt off, Luna raised his small arms above his head to help him. Now exposed from the waist up, Luna felt embarrassment flooding his body again. He tried to ignore it and think about how gorgeous Axel looked right now and that he was doing all these amazing things to him.

He could barely breathe and he felt his bangs sticking to his forehead.
"Axel..." He whispered, looking into the other's eyes and panting before parting his lips and letting himself get lost in another kiss. The kissing was probably his favorite part, since that was when he was closest to Axel and he could touch his hair and feel the older boy's lips right against his.
Sighing heavily against the red-head's mouth, Luna barely noticed as Axel moved his body over his, his hips positioning between his small legs. Although, Luna did spread his legs a little when he felt like Axel needed more room. And as he spread them he felt the material of his shorts rub against something, making him gasp loudly.
He didn't know what it was so he looked down between his legs and saw a small, but definitely noticeable bulge between his legs and under the fabric of his shorts. He realized that it ached, the poor boy noticing this for the first time.

He wanted to reach down with one of his hands and touch himself, but was too nervous to in front of Axel.
Looking up into the other's eyes once he was able, the boy breathed heavily and spread his legs apart a little further.
"Axel..." He moaned, not sure what he wanted to say, but knowing he wanted to say something, "I...ah..." Any and all words were then cut off as Axel's hand pushed down on the aching bulge between his legs. The boy's back arched completely off the bed and he grabbed hold of Axel's shoulders, a loud, almost screaming moan erupting from his mouth. This was the first time he had ever been touched this way, by himself or anyone and to have it be Axel made it even more intense.

Panting, whimpering and moaning all at the same time, Luna tried opening his eyes but only managed one and glanced down at Axel's hand where it pushed and moved against his young arousal.
"Ugnnn..." He groaned, another feeling soon rising in his stomach; tingling, tightening and twisting. Soon his little body couldn't take anymore and, back arching, his muscles spasmed as he came quickly inside his pants, his small amount of seed soaking the material and leaking out onto his stomach.

All he could do was lie there and breathe while his body tried to recover. His eyes were closed and his stomach trembled, chest heaving and forehead glistening.
Finally he opened his eyes and looked at Axel, cheeks quite pink and embarrassment quickly filling his chest again.
He scrambled to try and cover himself, arms flying over his chest and legs closing, only to find that the insides of his thighs were wet and sticky now as well.
After a moment he finally was able to relax a little and his eyes returned to Axel.

"Wh-what...w-was that...?" He asked, voice trembling. He stared up at Axel with his arms still clamped tightly over his chest, shoulders and legs shaking...


Axel continued pushing and pushing, his pushes getting firmer and firmer. Axel shut his eyes, letting a small moan escape his lips. Then Luna came. Axel opened his eyes, smiling softly, a little amused at the boy coming so soon. It would've taken Roxas a bit longer...

Feeling the hot, sticky liquid on his fingers, Axel raised his hands to his mouth and licked off the white liquid.
Sighing after cleaning off his fingers, Axel looked back at Luna then down at his legs. Placing one hand on one of Luna's small thighs, he leant down and steadily glided his tongue up the inside of Luna's thigh, getting all of the come off him.

After finishing the insides of his thighs, he rose up again and panted.
"Luna, you're sweet..." he smirked, leaning down to kiss his lips once again, erupting a sweet moan as he kissed the little Nocturne.

After a few more moments of kissing and a couple more moans, Axel rose back up again, lifting his long arms and hands twitching into his red hair and scratching everywhere, making his hair a bit poofier than normal.

Noticing Luna was rather messy and sticky, Axel got an idea.
"Hey, Luna... how about we take a bath?"

He grinned wickedly and moved to the edge of the bed, stood up and looped his arms around Luna's small waist and under his small legs, gracefully carrying him to his own, personal washroom.
Opening the door, Axel placed Luna down on the floor, then shut the door and locked it. Axel smiled at Luna again and made his way towards the side of the bathtub, turning on the hot water. Axel quickly turned to Luna again and gently pushed him against the wall, taking Luna's wrists in his palms softly and pushing them against the wall.

Kissing him again, Axel moved one of his long legs between Luna's little delicate legs. Removing his hand from one of Luna's wrists, the redhead's other free hand taking hold of both of the boy's wrists. Axel's other hand moved down Luna's body, coming back in contact with the boy's aching arousal beneath his tight shorts.
Disengaging his mouth from Luna's for a brief moment, he spoke, "You want your shorts off?"

He made a teasing smirk again, before cramming his lips against the younger boy's again. After a couple more moments, Axel removed his mouth from Luna's and began kissing all the way down his chest, tongue fanning in and out, occasionally gliding evilly over one of his nipples, the going down more. Axel then knelt down on his knees, pulling his mouth away from Luna's belly; Axel stared up at Luna, emeralds not leaving the boy's crystals, Axel's fingers looped inside Luna's tight shorts and began tugging them devilishly down...

The Flurry of Flames rose up and continued pulling down Luna's shorts, and then finally feeling them slide down.

"Nervous?" Axel questioned gently, the very, very tips of his fingernails grazing over Luna's member. After giving Luna another sweet kiss, Axel moved away and looked at Luna, taking every part of him he could take in.

"Luna, you're so beautiful..." commented Axel so hesitantly. Axel moved away from Luna, back facing the boy as he began taking off his own top and tossing it to the side. Now the older teen only wore his own tight night shorts.
Noticing the bath water getting higher, Axel placed Luna down on the nearby stool and grabbed the bucket seated nearby and poured water into it. Then Axel took the bucket of water and poured it all over Luna, making the boy soaking wet.

Axel leant down and kissed him again, hands placed on Luna's shoulders. Mouth moving up Luna's cheeks, Axel dragged his tongue up the length of his face, giving a quick peck on his forehead.
Axel pulled away, glancing around behind him at the water pouring into the tub; Axel picked up Luna again and placed him very slowly in the hot water. He turned off the fosset and without warning, pulled down his own shorts, revealing his hard erection.

Axel placed one long leg into the hot water and sat down. He pushed his hands in the deep water and made it get warmer...and warmer and warmer, until there was steam high in the room. Axel pulled the little Diviner onto his lap and he leant against the back of the wall, holding Luna against him.

"Luna, I hope you're ready..."


Luna stared up at Axel, feeling his body seeming to get heavy as he lay there. After releasing he felt as though he could have fallen asleep right that minute, but Axel still above him and smiling down at him, then bringing his fingers up to his mouth and licking off the fluid that clung to them...well, it was enough to keep the boy awake.
"A-Axel..." He breathed, holding his breath as Axel's head came down between his legs. He felt like his heart was going to pound its way out of his chest. He closed his eyes as Axel's tongue slid up his thigh, cleaning him of anything that might still be on his skin.

Finally opening his eyes again, Luna blinked up at Axel with an innocence that probably could have melted anyone's heart.
"I...I am?" He whispered, a small smile curving his plush lips before a tiny moan escaped them as Axel's lips met his again. Kissing Axel was like dieing and going to heaven, before returning to earth again so he could see the red-head's gorgeous face.
Once Axel broke the contact again, Luna licked his swollen lips, able to taste Axel upon them. He wanted to tell Axel something...perhaps how much he loved him, but he just couldn't seem to find his voice, so he stayed quiet and just stared up at the older boy.

Watching Axel scratch through his hair then brought a sudden giggle out of Luna and he covered his mouth, cheeks darkening.
He loved it when Axel did silly things like that.
"A...A bath?" He repeated. The first thought that entered his mind was that he would love to take a bath with Axel, but then he realized that that meant being naked in front of Axel, which brought another pink stain into his face and a flutter in his chest, "Okay..." He smiled timidly and then lifted his arms, wrapping them around the red-head's neck as he was carried from the bed and into the washroom.
Once set down he glanced around the room and smiled. It was nice, and a little larger than Demyx's. Luna felt like he had more room in here. His gaze then returned to Axel and his heart gave a jump as the other boy approached him before pushing him up against the wall.

Luna gasped and released a tiny cry, more out of surprise than anything.
His wide eyes stared into Axel's and he clenched his small fingers, another surge of arousal hitting his body when he realized he couldn't free his wrists from Axel's grasp.
Moaning as he was kissed again, his body flinched and the muscles in his stomach and legs tightened as he felt Axel's leg between his quivering thighs. Despite being so tired after earlier, his body was reacting again and he felt his shorts tightening as another erection made it's self known.
"A-Axel!" He moaned, tugging on his arms slightly, but not hard enough to pull them free of the red-head's grip, body trembling once Axel's hand came in contact with the hardness between his legs. He panted and clenched his eyes shut, attempting to force calm into his body.
Biting down on his lower lip, the boy looked up into Axel's eyes upon hearing his question. He hesitated for a moment before nodding very slowly, the motion hardly detectable it was so subtle.

Another gasping moan was lost inside Axel's mouth and the boy fought to gain control of his body so he wouldn't make a complete fool out of himself.
He knew Axel had way more experience with things like this than he did, especially since this was Luna's very first sexual encounter.
Once Axel began moving down his body, Luna brought his hands up to his chest, having nothing else to do with them, and crossed them over himself once Axel moved down from his chest. His cheeks were dark pink and his breathing rapid, and quite loud, especially inside the tiled bathroom.
Then when he felt Axel's fingers take hold of his shorts, he looked down, breathing almost seeming to stop. He still wasn't quite sure he wanted Axel to see him, but the red-head looked so beautiful and so kind as he stared up at him, Luna simply closed his eyes and waited to feel the material being pulled down his legs.

It seemed to take hours just for Axel to remove his shorts, but once they were off, Luna able to feel the fabric moving painfully slowly down his legs, the boy let out the breath he had been holding and opened his eyes. He was met with Axel's face back at his, making him blush harder than ever.
"Y-yes..." He whispered, unable to lie while Axel was looking at him like this. He drew in a sharp breath at the touch to his naked arousal and then tensed slightly as Axel moved back to look at him.
Luna knew Axel would be displeased with him, which was why he didn't want him to see him exposed like this. Moving to cover himself, the boy froze suddenly at Axel's next words.
He couldn't speak he was so shocked to hear Axel say he was beautiful. Luna never thought of himself as beautiful...but to hear Axel say that he was, it made his heart fill with such joy that he wanted to cry...

Luna's attention was then caught by something else and his eyes focused on Axel, eyes going wide and cheeks turning redder than ever as he realized the red-head was undressing. Oddly enough, this thought hadn't reached the boy's brain until now; that not only he would be naked, but Axel as well...
Having no time to react, Luna let himself be placed down on the stool and yelped as water was poured over his head. He shook his hair out of his eyes and then rubbed them with his tiny fingers. The water was warm and felt good on his tired body, it also made him feel cleaner after getting so messy earlier.

Coughing slightly as a little water got into his mouth, Luna squeaked in surprise as Axel kissed him, arms folding against his chest and eyelids slipping.
He still couldn't believe this was happening to him. Luna was sure that Axel would never show any kind of affection for him, but now here he was, about to take a bath with him. A strange thought then entered his mind: would Roxas be mad if he found out about this?

Giggling softly, Luna scrunched his shoulders as Axel ran his tongue up the side of his face. The action reminded Luna of a puppy in a silly way.
As Luna followed Axel's gaze he saw that the tub was nearly full and stood from the stool, only to be lifted again and lowered into the steamy water. It felt amazing against his bare skin and he sank happily into the water, letting it come up past his shoulders, the surface just touching his chin.
Then returning his gaze to Axel, Luna's eyes practically bulged from his head and his head dipped down into the water so that both his nose and mouth were covered.
He hadn't exactly been ready to see Axel without any clothes on and when the red-head removed his shorts so suddenly, giving Luna a full view of his arousal, the boy's heart jumped inside his ribs and his own member gave a dramatic pulse, hidden beneath the water.

Staying on his side of the tub, Luna was glad his body was covered by the water, but had a suspicion that it wouldn't stay that way for long.
It surprised him as he felt the water growing warmer and realized Axel must have been heating it with his powers. This made the boy giggle, causing bubbles to erupt from the water where his mouth was.
He took a moment to look around, seeing that the entire room was now filled with steam, giving it a whole new look. It made the boy smile and his eyes returned to Axel, suddenly very glad that he was here with him.

"R-ready...?" Luna asked, letting his body relax against Axel's larger frame, little arms folding between their bodies and groin quivering where it was pressed against the older boy's. Then as he pressed himself a little bit closer he let out a gasp when he felt the impressive hardness of Axel's erection against his stomach.
Luna noted that it was larger than his own, this making him blush and hide his face against Axel's chest.
"Ready for what...?" He asked, again, trying to ignore the incredibly erotic feeling of Axel's member pressed against his bare flesh, turning his face up to look into Axel's, cheeks now stained pink, not only from his arousal and slight embarrassment, but now from the steam and warmth of the bath.


Of course Luna was ten years old and small and innocent but Axel had to note that the boy was fairly cute and in a somewhat attractively hot way. Maybe it was just the hot water. Yeah right...!

Turning his emeralds back to Luna's head, Axel rubbed his hand up and down his back sweetly, not hardly afraid at all.

"Why ready to get clean, of course!" laughed the older teen. Before Luna could do anything, Axel had firmly pushed Luna away and shoved a huge splash at him, probably soaking the boy. Laughing loudly, Axel pulled Luna back onto his lap, giving his nose an affectionate rub.

A few more moments of them just laying there passed like eons. Then Axel placed his hand on Luna's little chin and made the boy look at the red-head.

"Luna, I'm gonna...I'm gonna do something to you that I really hope you'll like..." started Axel. "I want you you squeeze my hand if you like it."
Axel sweetly intertwined their fingers together.

"I hope your ready..."

Very slowly, Axel lowered his other hand under the water and towards Luna before reaching behind the small boy and entering two fingers into him from behind. He slowly worked inside, biting his lip tightly, finally reaching to his destination he wanted to be at and began scissoring his fingers, creating a very quiet moan...


Luna's whole body relaxed in Axel's arms, sinking farther into the water and leaning into the feeling of his large, comforting hands on his tiny back.
He savored the feeling of Axel's fingers and palms running up and down his bare back, wishing that he could stay like this in the red-head's arms forever.
He almost felt like he could fall asleep, his mind was then roughly jerked back into reality as he was pushed off Axel's lap and a small wave of water came crashing down upon his surprised little head.

He let out a surprised little yell and instinctively covered his head with his arms, doing nothing to prevent the water from soaking him all the way through.
Finally looking back at Axel, the boy wiped his eyes and allowed himself to giggle. Hearing the other boy laugh prompted Luna to do the same and as he was pulled back into Axel's comfortable arms again he continued to giggle softly, his voice sounding a little breathless now that he was back in such close contact with Axel.

Smiling up at Axel, Luna returned the playfully affectionate rub to his nose.
He then sighed contently and gazed up at Axel for another moment or two, absolutely convinced that Axel loved him as much as he loved the red-head.
That sleepy feeling was beginning to return, but it was more like a feeling of just being really comfortable and when he felt Axel's fingers on his chin he lifted his face to look up at the other.
Listening to what Axel was telling him, Luna tilted his head slightly. He obviously had no idea what Axel was talking about but he knew that anything Axel wanted to do to him would be wonderful.

Blushing slightly, Luna curled his tiny fingers around Axel's larger hand when the red-head began lacing their fingers together, staring at them for a moment before returning his gaze to Axel.
"Okay...Axel..." He said, scooting his body a little closer to Axel and giving his hand a gentle squeeze.
At first, as Axel lowered his hand into the water, Luna was a little confused but then he felt the teen's hand at his entrance, making him jump and let out a small gasp. His small body shifted where he sat in Axel's lap and his lips parted to make way for a soft whimper as his back arched, pushing his chest and stomach even closer to Axel.

Axel's fingers went even deeper, making Luna whine and pant loudly. His thighs tightened around Axel's hips as did his fingers where they clutched the other boy's hand.
"Ahh...Axel..." He whined, closing his eyes and releasing a small cry which came from a combination of both pain and pleasure as the red-head began scissoring his fingers inside his virgin entrance.
It took him another moment to realize that his member was fully hard again and he really wanted Axel to touch him like he had before. His hips even moved forward a little, seemingly of their own doing, making tiny grinding movements against Axel's larger body.


Axel shut his eyes, continuing his scissoring motions inside Luna.
"Oh, Luna..." he seemed to moan. He was, indeed, aroused, his member at the full erection. Axel smiled at Luna, leaning down at pushing his lips against his again.

Other hand wandering towards Luna's own member, Axel squeezed him and pushed back and forth, hoping to perhaps make him come again.

Axel noticed that Luna was bucking his hips a little...and Axel knew wisely that he wasn't going to take away the boy's virginity... Not at such a young age...

He, nonetheless, continued his scissoring motions, going in deeper before he was finally buried to the knuckle, hoping to elect a scream from Luna's mouth. He was already very deep inside the little Diviner, and Axel smiled at the cute thought of little Luna screaming his name.

He still continued making quick movements against Luna's smaller arousal, hand motions moving swifter. The red-head could feel himself sweating a little. Was Axel actually hot for once? That was strange, considering his ability was fire...

He kissed Luna again, pushing his fingers as deep as he could go inside Luna, mouth moving down his neck and licking down his chest and sucking on one of his nipples, teeth scraping against the hardened top.

Axel knew, probably from out of experience, he would most likely come himself, but he knew he wouldn't come quite yet. Removing his mouth from Luna's nipple, he smiled at Luna...

"Say my name, Luna. Scream..."

His fingers went so deep, that he was positive he'd be touching quite sensitive right about now...


Luna's body quivered against Axel and he bit down hard on his lower lip, eyes squeezed tightly shut.
He didn't even know that his body could feel like this, but as Axel's fingers went even deeper inside him the pleasure became more and more intense.
His inner muscles clenched around the red-head's fingers and he actually began using the small muscles in his legs to bob his body up and down against the digits inside him, wanting them to go deeper and faster.

As Axel's lips met his again, Luna gasped in surprise and opened his eyes, immediately moaning against the other mouth and pushing back, little arms now moving to wrap around Axel's neck, wanting to be closer to him.
He felt like at any minute that feeling he had earlier was going to come back and wrack his body with those spasms that had felt so amazing.
Then when Axel's had touched his aching arousal, he threw his head back, breaking the kiss and cried out passionately, hips making a few convulsing movements.

He panted and whimpered, arms tightening around Axel's neck and his tiny fingers clenching in the long spikes at the back of the other boy's head, tugging slightly.
"Axel!" He cried, back arching and fingers digging into the red-head's shoulders as he began kissing and biting at his nipples, this practically sending him over the edge. His little body couldn't take anymore and he let out another passion filled scream, the sound reverberating off the tiled walls as he came, the walls of his entrance clamping down around Axel's fingers.

His body instantly collapsed against Axel and he closed his eyes, breathing quite heavy and body feeling as though it were made of lead.
"Axel..." He whispered on a moan, nuzzling his small body against the other boy's larger one, arms moving to wrap back around his neck.
He had come for the second time that night and he was completely exhausted. He could barely keep his eyes open as he lay there in the steaming water against Axel.

Luna then blinked a few times, forcing himself to stay awake a little longer. He then remembered something he wanted to tell Axel.
"Axel, I love you..." He whispered, voice extremely tired sounding and as his voice trailed off it was obvious he had fallen asleep, arms going slack and slipping down from around Axel's neck and folding up between their naked chests.


Even though Axel knew this was slightly wrong, even though Axel knew this was cheating on Roxas, the red-head was having a very good time. He loved Luna almost as much as he loved Roxas, except it was a different kind of love... it was hard to explain the way Axel had feelings for the boy... it was just...difficult.

Scissoring his fingers more, Axel made his fingers go as wide as they could, shutting his eyes and letting a small moan escape his lips at the tight and sweet feeling of his fingers buried deep inside Luna.

"Oh...oh, Luna..." he gave a soft moan, stroking Luna's member a bit faster and harder, until he was sure the boy had come. For indeed the boy went limp as he fell against Axel, the red-head wrapping his arms around Luna's little torso.

"Don't be scared, Luna..." he whispered, knowing that the little Nocturne probably wasn't. But as he said those words, he slowly pulled his fingers out of Luna, very, very slowly.

"Axel, I love you..."

All Axel could do was smile a very loving smile, moving his head down close to Luna's and kissing his cheek passionately.

"And I love you, my Luna..." he whispered sweetly, kissing his lips so softly they barely touched.
Seeing as Luna had fallen asleep, Axel smiled again, staring at little Luna in his slumber and thought to himself how gorgeous he looked.

Axel then found himself quite tired and he realized it was probably very late and they should go to sleep. Axel rose up, holding Luna in his arms and stepped out of the steaming water. Entering his own bedroom again, Axel slowly placed Luna on the soft mattress, not caring that they were both wet.

Axel sat down himself, and got slowly under the covers, pulling Luna close to him and nuzzling him softly in the side of his neck.

"You don't need to worry, my Luna..." whispered Axel.

"I love you..."