Toa Matoro sat in his home in Ko-Metru, staring out the window, as twilight fell upon the city. Despite the warmth in the room, a shiver travelled down his spine; he knew what tonight was, Heroes' Eve.

On this night, Matoran all over the city would outfit themselves in costumes and travel the streets to participate in the night's events. No one knew quite where this tradition came from, but in the wake of Mata Nui's reinstallment to his place in the universe, no one really seemed to care.

The culmination of the night was the ceremony at the Coliseum where the city's fallen heroes were honored. Matoro never missed attending the event. After all, he was one of them.

"Matoro?" said a voice behind him. Matoro turned and saw Toa Lhikan staring back at him. "Are you coming?" asked Lhikan.

Matoro stood up and replied, "Absolutely, I wouldn't miss it for the world."

With that, the pair turned and walked out of Matoro's home, not bothering to open the door. After all, ghosts do not need to worry about such things.

The two spirits flew over the ground to the Coliseum. The Matoran they passed paid them no heed, but they did not mind. It is a bit hard to acknowledge someone you cannot see.

The ceremony began to the music of the Le-Matoran drummers, and the Toa and Turaga filed out onto the Coliseum's floor. As the noise in the Colisum died down, Turaga Dume stood at his podium and began his speech.

"Matoran," he began, "tonight is a night of celebration. Tonight, we celebrate our great city and the heroes that have given so much to defend it."

A cheer rose from the assembled masses, and Dume waited for the noise to die down before continuing.

"But it is also with great sadness that we remember those who have passed into the Great Beyond. Tonight, we remember those heroes who have paid the ultimate price. We remember them as heroes and as friends. Well, enough from me, let the ceremony begin!"

The musicians began to play as the Matoran cheered again. The Toa, Turaga, and several Matoran actors moved into position, ready to begin.

"In the time before time," began Vakama, "in the great city of Metru Nui, a great hero lived..."

As the ceremony ended, Matoro and Lhikan left the Coliseum.

"I never knew Dume was such a good actor," said Lhikan.

"Neither did I. And I thought Kopaka did a very good job of portraying me," replied Matoro.

The pair walked on, taking their time.

Matoro looked up. "Must be almost midnight," he commented, "if I'm judging the moon right." He paused. "Lhikan," he asked, "have you ever wondered why we were allowed to linger?"

"I have often wondered that, Toa," replied Lhikan, "but have no answer for you. No one really knows what happens when we die. It's not something most people talk about, but the most logical answer to me is that those who do what is right are rewarded, and those who do wrong are punished. But as to why we and only we are still here, I have no idea."

As the two spirits strolled down the streets of Metru Nui, two figures materialized on a rooftop and gazed over the city. One was a hunched, brutish figure who wielded a cruel-looking staff; the other was hidden by a pitch black cloak that covered his entire body and a hood that hid most of his face.

The bestial form gazed at the sky and said, "The time is almost upon us."

When the other figure spoke, it seemed a chorus of being was responding, all in unison. "Indeed, within the hour, the gates of the Inferno will open, and Metru Nui will be ours."