Jaller/Matoro looked out over the scene as the last of the Matoran was freed. He smiled, relieved to have survived the night's ordeal. He looked up as the last of the spirits rose up towards the Inferno as its gates began to close.

Hahli walked up beside him and sighed. "And to think I was afraid our adventures were over," she said.

Jaller laughed. "Well, no one can say we haven't had our share."

Hahli turned her attention to the Rahi that continued to mill around the streets. "But it certainly had a price," she said, her eyes showing an inner concern. "Just look what happened to the city."

As if to emphasize Hahli's point, the wall of a nearby warehouse crumbled.

"It will definitely be a while before we finish rebuilding," said Jaller. "But we've made it through before, right?"

Hahli nodded. "Wait, didn't Truth say something about the Ethereal Flow?"

If Jaller said anything, it was drowned out by the thunderclap that rolled over the city. The Toa looked up and saw the vortex was spinning, faster and faster. As it spun, it compressed, growing smaller by the second. A beam of blue light shot from the center and collided with the ground. A shockwave spread though the city. But rather than destroy the buildings it struck, the energy began to rebuild the broken structures. As though struck an earthquake in reverse, bricks and mortar reformed the walls that had broken. The holes that littered the streets filled with rubble and fit together to repair the roadways. The Rahi that had been summoned from the Archives were thrust back where they came from even as the tubes that had held them reassembled themselves.

And when the shockwave struck the Toa, a feeling of disconnection ran over them. Matoro felt himself being pulled from Jaller's mind, and Hahli saw Naho's spirit flowing from her body. The two of them turned to the other Toa and saw the same thing happening to them. Though no one had told them so, they all knew that this was it. Jaller held out his fist and Matoro returned the gesture.

Tears glistened in Jaller's eyes as he said, "I guess this is it."

"I guess it is," said Matoro. A wave of emotion passed over the spirit as he began to fade. "At least this time, you get to say goodbye," he said.

Hahli swallowed, her lip quivering. "Goodbye old friend, I hope it's all good on the other side."

Matoro breathed deeply as he felt the pull of the Great Beyond.

"I see it," he sighed. "It's beautiful." He smiled and looked at Jaller one last time. "Jaller and Hahli, say goodbye to the others for me. I'm miss you all, but," his voice echoed in Jaller's mind as he faded into nothingness, "I think I'm going to like it here."