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There is blood in his mouth, he's pretty sure that he has bitten his tongue at some point; he hopes that's where the blood came from.

The bad guy- he's not even sure who he is; just some hooded mutant. He's strong, like Molly strong and he's on his own for this one.

Chaos, all over L.A- they'd been forced to split up. He'd been with Nico. They'd had to seperate to search the place, it had been easy- a faster way to get things done so they could get back to the others. That had been a mistake.

His breath wheezes loudly in his chest. He can feel a rib shift; definitely broken. He needs to fight- or he's as good as gone.

His hand reaches out for a metal pipe, he needs a weapon, and a booted foot crashes down on his wrist, grinding bone. He cries out, pain blinding him. The mutant mocks him, taunts him but he barely notices.

Old Lace lies across the warehouse, unconscious but alive. It adds to the pain throbbing erratically in his head. Chase whimpers as the boot is removed, clutching his broken wrist to his chest. Blood drips down his face, clouding his vision; a head wound, from going through a wooden crate face first.

"Go to hell." Chase summons up his defiance and anger, spitting blood on the black boot in front of him. He smirks at the disgusted look he receives, small victories.

Then the foot swings forwards and connects with his side again. All the breath rushes from his body as pain sears up through him. He yells, hoarse and breathless; cries out over the waves of pain riding through him.

"Chase!" The relief breaks through the pain for a moment before being replaced with panic. Nico- not Nico, this guy could kill her; would kill her and then come back for Chase.

He tries to move, to warn her but the burning pain rips through him and steals his breath again.

Something hits the mutant, sending him flying, away from Chase. Chase curls in on himself, flinching as a shadow falls over his prone form. He can't fight them off. He can't move and he's letting Nico and the others down. Nico's their leader, they need her. They don't need Chase as much.

The person falls to their knees next to him, even as the sounds of battle fill the warehouse. He hears the staff of one, knows instinctively that Nico is fighting the mutant; then who is next to him?

"You'll be okay now." He's gently shifted until he's laying half on the other person, supported in Victors grasp. His back is pressed against Vic's chest; the familiar thrum calms him. Still- he hates looking weak in front of Vic.

"The guy…" He manages to gasp.

"Nico and Molly are beating him to a pulp." Victor assures him, brushing sweat and blood soaked hair back from his face. He didn't do the rescuing this time; the others had to rush to his rescue.

Chase sighs, focusing on breathing in and out and the warm body covering him.

"It doesn't hurt that much." Chase tries to reassure the worried face above his, but winces at how unconvincing it comes out. His wrist is numb so long as he doesn't move his hand and his chest has become a constant throb to match his head. He's going to be off his feet for awhile.

A feather light kiss is pressed to his temple, careful of any injuries. He doesn't care if Nico or Molly catches them; he tilts his head until their lips meet. Another feather light kiss. He's safe now; he's ashamed to admit how much that reassures him.

Chase relaxes further into the grip, eyes drooping closed. Victor has his back; he can rest this time.