Spy princess karate queen

Ch. 1

I've been in a lot of dangerous situations but this by far was the worst. I was alone in a room with a boy. Now you are probably thinking that I'm just some normal little girl who is afraid to get her first kiss, but I actually have a good reason to be afraid. First of all if I moved three inches in any direction, including up, I would be shocked by a web of wires generating electricity. Second of all this "boy" was my arch enemy and was holding a gun. Thirdly and lastly I'm pretty sure he wouldn't hesitate to use it unless I gave him what he wanted, then I'd just be locked in prison for the rest of my life. Now you see my point. Well I'm not that easy to be caught. High heel boots do come in handy when the heels are also lasers. Two minutes and one very loud yell of defeat later I was jumping through a hole in the floor, and my arch enemy was getting shocked by his own wires in his rush to catch me. As I rushed out of the abandoned warehouse I heard my twin sister and partner shout across the ally "Hey what's pi divided by 56?"

"Umm… we're still working!! Wait to finish your homework until we get home!" I yelled back across the dingy dark and surprisingly long ally.

Sammy was so predictable. She was cocky, mischievous and always tried to do everything at once. I loved her for that. "Do you have the keys?" I asked as we reached the car

"As always!" she replied impishly. She grinned as she held them up proudly.

"Well?" I prodded "are you gong to start the car or do I have to?" She rolled her eyes

"Nice way to ruin a moment!" she said sarcastically then starting the car while muttering something that sounded like "nag, nag, nag, nag, nag that's all I hear." I smiled as we skidded off in our extremely inconspicuous bright cherry red convertible.