Gold Locks and Silver Keys

Fanfiction based off of: D. Gray-man

Original Story: Katsura Hoshino


Soft fingers, stroking his hair as he laid down in her lap.

Her gentle breaths, like light whispers. The moon came in beams. They were alone.

"Do they hurt…Yuu-chan?"


"…But they look like they do."

"They don't."

"…Okay, then."

"…Yours look worse."

A small laugh.

"I'm okay."

Fingers intertwined. The grip tightened.

"I hate them."

"I hate them too, Yuu-chan."

"…You can't say that when you're smiling. That's lying."

"But you lie all the time, Yuu-chan."

"No, I don't. Not as much as you."

"I'm not lying!"

"Unh-unh. You always lie, saying that you're okay. They hurt you so much; it's impossible that you're okay."

"I am okay! I never lie to Yuu-chan!"

Her tiny fingers gripped his forcefully, conveying her agitation.

"Okay…I believe you."

A silence. The clock ticks were loud. Counting down until morning came.

"I like nighttime." Her voice was clear despite her whispers. Like glass.

"Me too."

"They don't hurt us at night. They let us sleep. But when morning comes, they put us on those machines again."

"The machines…I hate them."

"Me too, Yuu-chan."

The boy sat up. "But lately…I can feel something in me. Something strong. But I don't like it. It's trying to take over me."

The girl held his face in her small hands. "They're trying to make us strong, so they can make us fight. So that's why you're changing. You're strong, Yuu-chan."

He clasped her hands in his.

"You are, too," he said fiercely.

She giggled. "No, I'm not. But it's okay. As long as Yuu-chan is with me, I don't need to be strong."

He nodded energetically. "Because I can take care of you."

She agreed. "Yuu-chan will always protect me. From the scary people, from the monsters. I trust Yuu-chan. That's why I love Yuu-chan the most."

The boy blushed at her innocent declaration of love.

"M-me too. I love Rima-chan the most too."

She giggled again, revealing a smile with a few missing teeth. The moonlight crept over her face, illuminating bruises and a black eye. The boy was in no better condition. Their young ages were obvious despite the wounds; they were no older than nine.

"Maybe we should go to sleep, Yuu-chan. Someone will hear us…"

He shook his head vigorously. "No, I want to stay with Rima-chan. Besides, we're speaking in Japanese; they can't understand."

"But then they'll think we're planning to run away again."

The boy scoffed. "Only idiots would try running away a second time."

The repercussions of their first attempt were evident; scars and wounds were spotted all over their arms. The faint red color seemed to be permanently stained into their hands.

"…I want to run away from here, Yuu-chan."

"We can't."

"I know. But I still wish we could." Tears began to well up in her eyes. "Why doesn't anyone help us? Zhu-sensei, or Didi-san. Why can't they help?"

"Because the moustache-man will do bad things to them if they try."

The boy patted her on the head reassuringly.

"It's okay, Rima. Don't cry. I'll help you."

She sniffled. "I know. As long as Yuu-chan is here, I'll be fine."

He hugged her tightly, their two tiny bodies pressed to each other like glue. There was a mutual understanding that the other was all they had.

"Yuu-chan…when we grow up, will we be strong?"


"Then no one can hurt us again."


She looked up at him eagerly. "Then when we grow up, Yuu-chan and I can marry!"

"Marry?!" he exclaimed.

"Sh," she put a finger to her lips and pointing to the door. "They'll hear us, and then we can't see each other anymore."

"Marry?" he repeated in a whisper.

"Yeah, like my Okaa-san and Otou-san! They married because they loved each other! Then we'll live together forever!"

The boy looked at her with a stare of initial skepticism, but consented at her anxious expression.

"Okay then."

"Yes!" she laughed. "Yuu-chan and me! Then we can build a house, and own a little cat, and be happy. And if someone tries to hurt us, we can fight back, and no one will bother us."

The boy seemed caught up in her dreams as well. His dark eyes lit up at the sound of her tinkling fantasy, and nodded to each of her ideas.

"I'll marry you, and they won't ever put us on those machines," he murmured.

She nodded, growing more serious. "Of course not. You'll beat them up if they try."

"No. I'll kill them."

The ominous words settled down with great impact. A flicker of fear flashed through her eyes.

"Yuu-chan, don't say something like that. That's mean."

He seemed to want to argue, but changed his mind. "Okay. Rima-chan, it's late…we should go to sleep, or we'll faint tomorrow."

"Yeah…they get angry when we faint."

"So we have to sleep a lot."

"Okay then…"

The two of them climbed into one futon, snuggling their petite bodies close to each other. They locked their hands together and looked into each other's eyes.

"Good night, Yuu-chan."

"Good night, Rima."

The night wore on over the Asian Branch of the Black Order. There were magnificent headquarters, concealed well underground. Kitchen, baths. Exorcists, Finders.

A sign dangled over the entrance of a dark hallway on the third floor.

Synthetic Disciple Project Experiment. Keep Out.


Free Talk:


Thanks for reading! I just have a few things to say before the story progresses.

As those of you who have read my RuroKen story know, this is my (technically) second fiction, since the two for RuroKen are theoretically supposed to be combined. I just recently completed RuroKen, so if you've read the manga, I'd love for you to provide your input about it. I had a lot of fun writing Legends of the Age and Tangled Web of Fate, and I hope that I'll have just as much fun writing Gold Locks and Silver Keys.

D. Gray-man is another one of my favorite manga. The plotline is good, though I can't say I really appreciate its simulated correlation with the Bible; I'm not going to debate about it, and I'm going to be addressing the series in purely reader/fan interest. Other than that, however, D. Gray-man is quite interesting and well-developed. Katsura Hoshino is a really impressive author and artist, as her character designs are definitely unique (Yay Kanda!) One thing I don't like though; she goes on hiatus—a lot. I know she does because her health is troublesome, but it makes me really sad to see her go on hiatus for so long! :[

Thus, this story will develop a little slower than the RuroKen one, since I'm trying to follow the actual manga plotline; since it's not completed like RuroKen, I can't have everything planned out already. So sorry beforehand!

Well, I think that'll wrap it up for now. I'll probably be popping in at random intervals to clarify things, rant, talk, etc. Again, thank you for reading!