Hey guys

I am really sorry but I don't think I can finish this fic. I simply don't have the time and to be honest I think any talent I may have had for writing has passed, I don't 'feel' the story anymore like I used to. So I am going to put it up for adoption. If no one picks it up then I'll most likely remove it from the site as I hate reading fics that haven't been updated in ages and are never updated again and refuse to let mine become another one of them.

I feel terrible and have spent weeks thinking about this while trying to carry on with it but if I did manage to finish it the standard wouldn't be what you readers deserve because my heart isn't in it anymore.

Should anyone be interested in taking up this fic please contact me. I have notes written for what I had planned of the rest of the fic that I would like to send with it but obviously you'd be free to take it where you wanted.

Thanks to everyone who reads this and who has enjoyed the previous chapters. And thanks in advance to anyone who might wish to carry it on