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Ch. 20 A Little Soiree in Bella's Honor


I Love You
by Martina McBride

The sun is shining everyday
The clouds never get in the way for you and me
I've known you just a week or two
But baby I'm so into you I can hardly breathe

And I'm in
So totally wrapped up
Emotionally attracted
So physically active
So recklessly I need you
So desperately sure as the sky is blue
Baby I love you
I love you


It had been a couple of weeks since Emmett and I had come together and united as one heart and one body. The experiences since then had been phenomenal. Our school schedules, Emmett's practice and game schedule, as well as our everyday life schedules were just as hectic as ever, but we somehow found a way to carve out time for just us.

When it was time for us to go our separate ways, we both always walked away like grinning fools. Hopelessly in love, and thoroughly addicted to each other in more ways than one.

Alice had been completely right in her warnings of the "sins of the flesh." When you experience it with the right person in the right setting, and you're both open and completely devoted to one another; there would never be any turning back. She'd said, once you did the deed you'd be like an addict looking for your next fix.

Okay, okay, so Emmett and I weren't that pathetic. We could abstain if we so chose. But why would we want to? We were young and whole-heartedly in love with one another. This was just one more way for us to express that love to each other, and boy, oh boy, was it ever fun and satisfying.

Don't get me wrong, I knew we were young, but stupid we were not. The necessary steps had been taken to avoid an unwanted-unplanned pregnancy. Although, I'd nearly given Emmett a heart ache when he came out of his lust induced stupor our first go round and he realized I'd taken him bare backed.

Panic attack would have been a more accurate description of his reaction. He dragged me up and out of the bed insisting we get dressed and hall our well satisfied asses down to the nearest convenience store to get a home pregnancy test.

Stupid man.

Like one of those kits would be able to tell us only minutes after uniting our bodies so gloriously as one, if we were pregnant already or not.

Crazy doofus. He is just too adorable for words sometimes.

It was only after informing him of the fact that not only were we in "nowhere" Forks, and that there would not be a store open of any kind anywhere in town for at least another five hours, did he chill minutely.

Then I gave him a thorough scolding for thinking I'd be stupid enough to screw so haphazardly with our futures and informed him that I'd been on the pill since a week after our first near miss over a month ago.

Silly, silly man. What does he take me for?

After settling back into each other's embrace it was his turn to scold me for not telling him sooner. That he'd have been more than willing to escort me to the campus clinic for my doctor's appointment.

"Emmett, honestly, you going with me to the gynecologist's office won't ever be necessary. Well, unless I'm knocked up with Lil' Em," I joked as I nipped at his neck.

"Not funny Rose," he chided. "Plus, the title of Lil' Em is already taken by my sweet angel Emma Grace aka EM2. So you're just going to have to come up with some other nickname for our next one," he growled into my hair as my ministrations were starting to take a toll on his restraint.

As hard as I tried, I could not stop the river of tears from escaping my overly moist eyes, which of course totally freaked Emmett out.

"What? What's wrong?" he pleaded, swiping at the tears that flowed so freely down my cheeks. Seriously, I really did need to get a handle on the water works. I was becoming a complete sap.

"Nothing, nothing at all, you be big dope," I sobbed swatting at his chest. "Everything is perfect."

"Then what? Why are you crying?" he asked completely confused.

"Because…" I choked, "because you called Emma Grace yours, and you said ours as in future me and you." God, I sounded like a total idiot.

"Good grief, woman. Of course she's mine. She's yours, you're mine, and therefore she's ours. What blood runs through her veins is of no consequence to me," he sighed kissing away the last of my tears.

Then to silence my whimpering, he kissed me like never before, like it was our first time, and our last, as if our lives depended on it. Full of all the love, hope, and promise he had for me.

Our love making the rest of that night was slow and sweet and spoke volumes of the love we felt for one another. The next morning we woke completely satiated in one another to the aromatic aroma of French roast coffee brewing and Esme's pancakes cooking on the griddle in the kitchen.

Surely life couldn't get anymore perfect. Love, family, and a hot home cooked meal; I would never again take for granted these simple pleasures of life.

The memories of the past two weeks, hell the past few months, warmed my heart and soul. Surely to ever ask for anything but the basic comforts of life would be totally selfish after everything the good Lord had blessed me with.

I swayed my hips to the music Alice had piping in from the living room as I smiled thinking about what the future might hold for me. Today was D-Day for our dearest Bella. Well at least in her mind anyway. What was it with her and birthdays anyway?

Turning a deaf ear to her pleas for Alice and I to sit idly by and do nothing to recognize the day the earth was graced with her presence, we planned a little soiree in her honor. No frills, just a simple gathering of her closest friends.

In our effort to keep the surprise under wraps, we'd even talked our naïve and clueless friend into cooking her favorite dish for the whole gang, homemade mushroom ravioli. Believe me, when it came to cooking Italian, Bella was your girl. She was a culinary genius.

While she toiled over making the handmade pasta, Alice and I worked on the fixins' for Greek salad, another of Bella's favorites that just happened to be a specialty of mine.

The guys spent the afternoon at the local batting cages, and were now on their way home. We'd put them in charge of picking up the tiramisu from Volterra, a fabulous Italian restaurant in Seattle. According to the Italian cooking genius herself, no one did tiramisu like Volterra.

"Each and every bite is like tasting Heaven," she'd cooed.

I was startled out of my musings when I felt a large firm hand groping my ass. "Emmett," I warned, not having to turn to know it was the love my life copping a feel. I'd know those hands anywhere.

"Yes?" he asked innocently, pressing his gloriously sweaty body into mine. He snaked a hand around me, plucking a black olive out of the Greek salad Alice and I had just finished up, and popped it into his mouth.

"Hey, cut that out." I slapped at his hand as it went back for another olive. "Get off me, you're all sweaty, and gross," I barked, keeping my faced turned away from him. His manly smell was more than a little bit of a turn on, and now was definitely not the time to let my hormones runaway with me.

"But I'm as hungry as an unprepared squirrel in the dead of winter," he whined.

I kept my back to him, knowing I'd be hard pressed to resist the puppy dog eyes he was surely giving me. "You're always hungry," I chastised. "Now go, you need a shower." His musky scent was beginning to take its toll on my resolve to resist him. Why I found it so alluring was beyond all my comprehension. Usually smelly, sweaty men were an instant turn off for me, but that outdoorsy smell on my man gave me the shivers and sent heat straight through my core.

Focus Rose, Emma is only on the other side of the bar coloring at the breakfast nook.

"How's about you joining me?" he growled in my ear as he turned me to face him.

"Not a chance, Buster. Busy here." I pressed my hands against the hard planes of his well-defined chest trying to put some distance between the two of us. The feel of his lips dancing across my jaw to meet my mouth was almost more than I could take.

Have to stay focused.

Giving in momentarily, I let his luscious lips linger against mine as his tantalizing tongue glided ever so slowly across them begging for entrance, but having gained some of my coherency back, I gave him a quick peck slipping out of his grasp.

"Fine! But you'll be wishing you'd joined me later." He winked as he turned and strode towards the door.

I had no doubt about that. I would surely be even more sexually frustrated come night's end. I was more than certain Emmett would see to that. He could be very devious sometimes.

I turned back to the salad, only to be grabbed from behind and hoisted up bridal style. "Emmett," I squeaked, unable to help myself. "Put me down, you're getting your stink all over me."

"Mmm, now you're in need of a shower too." Emmett suckled the sensitive skin on the side of my neck. I nearly gave in. He'd definitely got my insides revved.

Him…me…shower, God I have to stop thinking about it NOW!

I grabbed his ear, pulling his head away from mine. "Ow!" he yelped, setting me back on my feet. "What you have to go and do that for?"

"Baby, I love you and want more than anything to do what you want for us to do right now, but you know as well as I do, now is not the time. So, unhand me and be off with yourself," I scolded.

"Fine," he huffed again. "Can I at least have a kiss farewell, a real kiss?"

"Most definitely, but no hands. With the mood you're in, you'll just get carried away again." I smirked.

He placed his hands in his pockets in surrender. I locked mine around his neck bringing his lips to mine. Our lips and tongues moved together in perfect unison conveying more than just the need we had for one another, but also the love. I would forever love this silly man wrapped in my arms.

When we parted, he pressed his forehead to mine. "I love you, Rose."

"And I you, Em." I smiled back at him, giving him one last peck. "Now go. Dinner will be ready in less than thirty minutes."

This time as he turned to leave, I did not turn my back on him. The man was not to be trusted. Plus, the view from this angle was too good to pass up.

Sensing I was staring at his toosh, he wiggled it playfully. "Take a picture, it'll last longer,' he teased.

"Go!" I giggled.

He chuckled as I continued to watch his retreating form.


Dinner went well. Bella pretended to be surprised, although I was certain she knew we'd been up to something. Honestly, all of us getting together and serving her favorite foods on her birthday was a dead giveaway. Being a good sport, she barely even fussed about us making a big deal over it. When she did start in on us, Edward leaned over and whispered something in her ear. I wasn't sure what he'd said, but whatever it was made her cheeks flame, and her protests were silenced immediately.

Being a Cullen, I'm sure it was something very alluring, and from the rosy color of her cheeks, I'd guess it had something to with what one did only behind closed doors.

Emma had thoroughly enjoyed watching Bella open her presents, especially the one she'd made for her. On one of our morning walks, we'd gathered some leaves, twigs, and acorns. Emma had taken her treasures, and with my help she glued them on a piece of mat board. Emmett then crafted a wood frame for it. My baby girl was so thrilled with her creation that she squealed in delight when Bella fawned all over it.

She was completely done for by the time her bedtime rolled around, and went down with little complaint. She was out before the guys, who'd taken to serenading her when they were all together, finished their rendition of Hush Little Baby.

When they came into the living room after tucking her in nice and sweet, they were greeted with all the snack foods they'd insisted we have after dinner, as if we hadn't eaten enough already. Hot wings, jalapeno poppers, cheese sticks, and more covered the center of the coffee table.

"Food," the chanted as they dug in.

"Pigs," I scolded with Alice and Bella chiming in.

"You know you want some." Emmett scooped me up as I was arranging the last of the plates of artery clogging snacks on the table. He planted me on his lap as he sat back on the couch.

"Only if you feed them to me," I purred into his ear letting my tongue linger on his lobe. His whole body shivered, and I smile in triumph.

Oh yes, two can play this game.

I looked up to find my two best friends had also been commandeered and were now resting comfortably in their men's laps. The evening was turning out just how Alice and I had envisioned it, calm and relaxing, right up Bella's alley. Nothing over the top for our reserved and laid back pal.

She looked to be enjoying herself. Had I let Alice drag her off to a club this evening like she'd planned, poor Bella would be looking stressed right about now trying every ploy possible to get Edward to carry her home.

"So now that we're all fed and satisfied…" Emmett cleared his throat to interrupt Alice. She narrowed her eyes at him, daring him to saying something uncouth as she continued, "I thought we'd play a game of sorts. I like to call it, You Did What? I have put everyone's name in a hat, and when your name is drawn out someone else in our fun lovin' group here will divulge a story from your past that you'd rather never have mentioned again." Her eyes flicked deviously around the room as she eyed each and every one of us.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Honestly, no one in our band of friends knew of anything embarrassing I'd ever done or had happen to me, except for Jasper, and if he knew what was good for him, he'd keep his lips sealed. I sent him a look that said as much, and the bastard had the gall to smirk at me.

Oh no he didn't. It may have been a long time, but I would easily take his ass down if he embarrassed me tonight.

"Let's see, who shall be the first victim?" Alice giggled as she unfolded the slip of paper she drew from the ball cap resting in her lap. Jasper peeked over her shoulder, and read the slip as Alice had us all sitting on pins and needles. His smirk remained as he looked up at me and wink.

Oh shit this isn't going to be good. Not good at all.

"Here baby, you read it," Alice cooed as she hand my bastard of a brother the slip as if he didn't already know what it said. Why couldn't I have been an only child?

"Our first story will be about…" he paused for dramatic effect. Obviously, the boy had been hanging around Alice way too much. "Edward," he chuckled as I slouched back into Emmett sighing in relief. Apparently, my brother planned to taunt me all night with the possibility of having my name drawn and the crazy story he might concoct about my early childhood.

Poor Edward fidgeted on the love seat so much; he nearly rocked Bella off his lap and onto the floor.

Hmm, the boy must have some colorful stories he'd rather be kept under wraps. Was it possible that there were even stories Bella didn't even know about? From the pleading looks he was shooting Emmett, I'd say there was.

Things are about to get interesting.

Emmett grinned mischievously back at Edward causing Alice to squeal in delight as she clapped her hands together. "Let the games begin," she said leaning forward in anticipation of the story Emmett was about to offer up.

"Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a bronzed haired little boy…" Emmett was cut off by Edward.

"Cut the theatrics, Emmett, and get on with it," he demanded.

"Patience, patience," Emmett scolded. "All will be told in due time. I do think for those that weren't present, a little background info is of the utmost importance my dear little brother."

Alice was now bouncing in Jasper's lap. Looking a bit, umm, shall I say excited, he did his best to settle her.

It was just like Alice to get him all worked up without even trying to. If she didn't watch it, he'd have to make a quick exit with or without her very soon to take care of his growing problem. I didn't have to even see it. He just had that look of urgency Emmett gets when I accidentally make contact with a certain part of his anatomy. It serves him right for threatening me with some phantom story.

What comes around goes around little brother.

Just like clockwork, Jasper excused himself. By the time Emmett had filled us in on the "background information" for his story, Jasper had returned, and once again had Alice cradled in his lap. She grinned up at him and mouthed an "I'm sorry," having finally realized what she'd done to him.

The boy was a glutton for punishment.

Emmett began by telling us the prank he'd played on Edward by stealing all but one pair of his underpants when they were in Junior high school, leaving behind a pair covered in tiny rainbows.

Apparently at this stage in life, Edward was unable to refuse a dare, no matter how outrageous it was. Knowing this, Emmett strategically planned out the prank, knowing that Edward would fall right into his trap. At lunch that day, Emmett double dog dared the imbecile to drop his drawers, and strut his stuff in front a couple of hotties at the park after school that day.

"It was perfect. I still to this day can't believe he fell for it. The big duff completely forgot what he was wearing underneath his shorts that day." Emmett chuckled.

Alice rolled her eyes completely ignoring Emmett's musing. Apparently she was still stuck on the girls he'd referred to as hotties. "Lauren and Jessica?" Alice nearly gagged at the mention of their names. "Hotties?"

Interesting. I was going to have to see what exactly Emmett considered a hottie while they completely creeped Alice out.

"Well as hot as a thirteen year old can be," Emmett offered.

Edward nodded in agreement and winced when Bella elbowed him in the gut. Apparently there had been a little more to the story that Emmett failed to mention in his background information.

It would appear there had been some history with Bella, Edward, and this Jessica and Lauren.

"Aw, Bells. Give the boy a break," Emmett suggested. "After that stunt they stopped following him around vying for his undivided attention for a good three months. They thought he was a pansy after getting a looksie at his rainbow boxers. You have to admit, I did the boy a favor with that prank."

Bella swung her foot out and connected with Emmett's shin. "Damn, girl. Violence is never the answer," Emmett said reaching across my lap to rub his injured leg.

"Violence? Emmett, I swear if you ever set my man up in a trap involving close contact with those two skanks again, or any skank for that matter, I'll let loose a can of whoop ass on you the likes you have never seen," Bella hissed.

We were all rolling by the time she'd finished her little rant. Seriously, I'd never seen her get that worked up about anything. She was always was calm, cool, and collected just like her man.

They were perfectly matched.

Biting back his laughter, Edward rubbed her back, and whispered soothing words of endearment in her ear. She settled but continued to scowl at Emmett through the next two stories.

Alice and Bella got off rather easy, I thought. Edward shared a story about Bella having toilet paper stuck to her shoe as she strode across the stage to give a speech at some awards ceremony in High school. As for Alice, nothing seemed to faze the girl. It seemed as if she got a charge out of embarrassing situations. Like the world was her stage, and she took advantage of every moment to put on the best show possible. One day no doubt, she'd take Hollywood by storm.

I cringed when I heard my name called next. I again sent a warning glare Jasper's way, which he totally dismissed, whispering something in Alice's ear. She popped out of his lap only to return moments later with an envelope in her hand.

Oh, shit!

"Once upon a time, in a far off land, there lived a fair haired little girl…" Jasper paused and he and Emmett bumped fists.


I shot Jasper the bird and caused the whole gang to chuckle. "Cut the crap, Jaz, and get on with it," I growled.

"Let me see," he tapped his chin with his finger. "Oh yes, I've got the perfect embarrassing moment for our dear Rosalie."

I shook my head and tucked my face in the crook of Emmett's neck. "Make him stop, please."

Emmett laughed. "Now I've really got to hear this. It must be good to make you want to crawl under a rock and hide."

I bit him. Sure enough did. Bit him right in the shoulder and hard enough to make it count. Sucker was going to have one hell of a bruise there tomorrow.

"Shit!" he yowled. "Get on with it bro. I don't know how much more of this abuse I can take from the lady folks tonight."

Alice leaned into Jasper taunting me as she fanned the two of them with the envelope she'd gone and retrieved. I was almost certain I could guess what was inside, and if my suspicions were right, it would be Jasper receiving the ass whooping tonight.

"Around the age of five, I'd say is when Rosalie took a liking to styling hair. One day our mom accidentally left a pair of scissors in the room. When I woke the next morning and found them lying on the dresser, I talked her into playing barber shop…"

"Beauty shop," I groaned. "If you're going to tell the story, at least get it right. No way in hell I would have ever agreed to have played Barber shop."

"Oh yes, that's right." He smirked. "Anyway, we agreed to give each other a trim, with me going first. Honestly, even at five she was a pro, and my cut didn't look half bad."

"That's more than I can say for his skill," I mumbled.

"When it was her turn, I ran the comb through her hair and got inspired to give her…" he paused for effect, "a Mohawk."

"Dude, you didn't," Emmett said incredulously.

"Sure enough did," the ass cackled like a lunatic. Oh yes, way too much Ali influence going on there.

"Photographic evidence," Alice sang, waving the mystery envelope in front of her.

Without a second thought, I sprang from Emmett's lap, and hurled myself at Alice and Jasper in an attempt to get a hold of the evidence. No way did I want those pictures out and about. They'd never let me live it down.

Damn the Pixie for sharing her plans for the evening with Jasper, I wouldn't doubt he'd let the story slip, mentioned having the pictures, and that's how she came up with the idea for this ridiculous game.

Her ass was grass too. I plowed right into the two of them sitting cozily in the recliner, instantly wiping the smirks right off their faces.

The force of my impact sent the chair with all three of us sailing backwards, knocking the wind right out of me. This gave Bella of all people, the opportunity to snatch up the envelope that had flown across the room. Without hesitation, she tore into it and was sharing the pictures with Edward and Emmett who were now huddled around her. The girl could be agile and fast when she wanted too.

"Emmett, you traitor! I thought you loved me!" I narrowed my eyes as I righted myself shifting my skirt back into place. I turned on my heel and stormed out of the room. Their laughter at the sight of the pictures sounded throughout the house. If those bastards woke my angel up there was going to be hell to pay.

"Aw, don't go babe," Emmett cooed wrapping his arms around my waist, halting my exit.

I huffed, ignoring the feel of his hot lips on my neck. "I'll show you the scar on my ass where a baby bear bit me at one of those animal actor shows at the zoo when I was ten," he offered as payment for my humiliation.

I sighed. What good was it to be mad now? They'd all seen the pictures. If only I were Damon on that show Vampire Diaries, I could erase every one of their memories, including Jasper's, and I'd never have to hear of this embarrassing moment again in my life.

"Seen it," I said matter-of-factly.

"What? When?" he asked as if he didn't know.

"Uh, Em, I've seen that bare ass of yours a number of times now. That scar is a little hard to miss. Actually, I'd been meaning to ask you about it, but…" I paused turning in his arms, "I always seemed to get distracted." I nipped his chin, hooking my leg over his hip.

"Uh huh," he mumble, thoroughly distracted, his lips seeking mine.

I grinned, and unhooked my leg from his hip as I sauntered away from him down the hall towards my bedroom.

"Hey, wait up." I heard his footsteps quickly approaching, so I picked up my pace only to have his snag me from behind and toss me over his shoulder.

"I have you now, my lady," he hooted.

"Not pirate again," I squealed. I covered my mouth with my hands to stifle my giggles. Now was not the time to have to deal with a wailing baby.


A/N: Any embarrassing moments you wish you could wiped for other people's memories? Rose's hair cutting fiasco is actually my story. My sister and I did that very thing, minus the Mohawk. My sister did however do a dozy on my hair. She made me look like a boy. UGH! Hers looked great though. Oh well, we were only four. lol

Just a heads up, I'm thinking four more chapters left in this RxEm adventure.