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Finding Romeo

Chapter 1 - Operation; Find Romeo. Commence!


"Hey," Hinata turned abruptly, feeling a large hand rest on her shoulder. "Hinata. We need to talk."

Looking up, she couldn't help but get lost in Naruto's epicurean blue eyes, as they poured down into her opal colored one's. "Oh, N-Naruto-kun!" She exclaimed, surprised. She cursed at herself when she felt a blush creep on her face. She couldn't believe even after five months of dating, Naruto still had this profound effect on her.

Of course, she had developed a crush on Naruto much longer than that. Seven years to be exact, and even than he was always able to reduce her insides into pudding and make her face resemble a ripe tomato.

After years, and years of pining after him, from a distance of course, for some odd and unknown reason - which she did not question - he had asked her out the last day of freshmen year in high-school. It was October now, and she felt that they were growing strong.

They started off simple, with a leisure holding of hands and Naruto walking her home, though she protested, he wouldn't have it any other way, even if Hinata lived on a completely different side of town. They started becoming intimate, where Naruto would deliberately place his hands right above Hinata's butt, and keep her in a unnecessarily lengthy hug. He gave her his favorite sweater, and never asked for it back. A month or two or three, they kissed, which was Hinata's first kiss. It was exactly like she had dreamed it, minus the aftertaste of one-minute cup noodles, it was perfection.

She had been living in pure bliss these past few months. It was perfect.

Grabbing the girl's hand, Naruto led her into a corner, where he made sure no one would be able to intrude. He finally let go, letting out a sigh of relief, he nervously started scratching his golden tresses in distress .

Hinata looked up at him in a quizzical manner.

"Hinata-chan..," He started nervously. "I need to tell you something." He avoided her eyes as if they were a plague. Fidgeting, he tried to focus on anything but her. Hinata knew something was wrong. All his tell-tale signs were there. Naruto never had any trouble looking directly into her eyes, he was always upfront and he was never so.. awkward.

"Hai, Naruto-kun..What is it?" She asked, worry emblazoned in her voice.

"...I think..we should... see other people."


Hinata suddenly a large clump in her throat, rendering her incapable to speak. She felt her body start to stiffen, her limbs were condescending into an overwhelming numbness.

Was she dreaming?

No, this was a nightmare.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up!

"I mean..." He started up again, after a minute or two when she hadn't replied. "We'll still be friends Hinata-chan, it's just- I mean.. I just-" He stumbled on his words, trying to incorporate the correct words.

She decided to save him, with a forced smile, she looked up at him,"It's alright, Naruto-k-kun.. I'm fine.."

She really wasn't.

Why did it hurt so much? Why was it so cold, so bitter? She couldn't feel her body anymore.

"Are you sure...?"

All she could do was nod, or at-least attempt to as she tried to widen her smile.

The pain.

Make it stop.

"It's fine.."

He slowly and cautiously wrapped his arms around the girl. He nuzzled his face into the nape of her neck, like he always had a hundred times before. But this time it wasn't as pleasant or warming like she remembered.

"Oi, Hinata-chan I'll always love you...," He whispered tenderly into her ears.

She just stood there.


Fighting what?

She had no idea. But it fell like a huge amount of something aggressively trying to conjure it's self and break free.

"I..I'll always love you too."

She didn't cry the rest of the day. She didn't cry on the bus, nor when she entered her house.

But as soon as the door closed to her room, with a soft click! she could feel for the first time after that moment. The tears unleashed themselves behind her glassed eyes, they seemed to fall eternally, cascading in large clumps down her cheeks. It only took a matter of seconds before her whole face was saturated with the salty tears.

She cried throughout the night, refusing any company.

She only knew one thing, one name.

A name that had caused her happiness, amazement, bewilderment, taught her how to live.

Now all it caused was raw and brutal pain.



Four months passed since the break-up.

Her friends comforted her and called Naruto names, what normal best friends would do, telling her that he never deserved her anyway. All he was, was an idiot, a dobe. They had the much needed ice-cream session, with horror and comedy movies.

Neji had threatened to beat up Naruto, and Hanabi was right next to him readying her judo stick. She had to feverishly convince them that she was alright. She really was.

She convinced herself that Naruto wasn't 'the one'. That she was just hormonal-driven teenager, anyway. These things come and go, they never last. She honestly shouldn't have suspected it to prolong anyway.

Of course, she still admired Naruto. His smiles never failed to bring about one of her own. But she just had to go on with her life, at-least he wasn't completely out of her's.

Even though she would never admit it, she did try to avoid him countless of times, but nonetheless fate was not so kind. She would always pass him in the hallways, and he would offer her a Naruto-smile, even though it seemed forced and lacked the same charm and shine she remembered. She just smiled back, and continued walking as if nothing ever happened. She was getting good at it.

She had been asked out a couple of times, three times to be exact, one was her friend Kiba. Kiba was handsome, she couldn't deny that. He was rugged, and had the wild kind of boy charm. They had dated for three weeks but noticed how weird it was. He was like a brother to her, he was family and he thought the same way. So they decided it wouldn't work and they were better off as just friends.

Hinata sat in class barely paying attention to the lecture. She had slept late and her brain wasn't giving her the option to focus. Her eyelids were half open as Kakashi-sensei talked and talked; she suspected it was about grammar and how to correctly phrase your sentences. He was using Kiba as an example because he had said "I ain't got my homework."

It was the usual.

The assignment was to write poetry; it had to be something emotional and comparing it to any type of weather. Rain, windy, sunny, etc.

Hinata chose the snow.

She loved the snow.

How it just seemed to cover everything and anything with it's cold, white blanket. It shielded everything. And for a moment all that existed was the pallid blanket. It was beautiful.

She took out her poem, and reread it:

Looking out at vastness of the ashen snow

For a moment caressing the world with it's waxen touch

Each flake, captivating, taking it's own unique space

Shrouding the pain, the sadness, the ugly

A white canvas, pure, untouched

Without a sound, without a word, just there

Silent, yet it always bold, always loud

For a moment it's perfection captured in it's embrace

For a moment the world remains sinless, without a trace

And for a moment all is right

It was the best she could do in the morning since she had forgotten about it.

Satisfied, she gave to Kakashi-sensei when he stopped at her desk.

"OK, brat- children, settle down..has everyone turned in their poems?" Everyone groaned in response. "Good..gives me some crap- poetry to read tonight." He said, placing the pile of papers on his desk. He grabbed a book and formed a faintly noticeable smile behind his mask, he pointed at the cover.

It read "Romeo and Juliet".

"OK, guys this quarter we are going to do plays and sonnets written by Shakespeare," He started. "We are beginning with 'Romeo and Juliet'."

Someone raised their hand, Kakashi sighed. "What?"

"Hey, isn't it about those two teens who had done in it and their families hated each other than like, killed themselves?" Kiba asked, candidly.

Kakashi twitched,"To put it bluntly, yes. Anyway, everyone please come get a copy of the play. After class, before you leave remember to put your book number on the sheet of paper on my desk."

Everyone rushed disorderly to the pile of books and grabbed a copy.

"Ooh, I love Romeo and Juliet it's such a cute play..," Looking at the cover of the book, Ino sighed languorously."So romantic, Hiro is my Romeo..."

Hinata smiled, Ino was a flawless blonde with gorgeous, almost, flawless sapphire colored eyes. She was outgoing, boisterous, and the object of half the guy's and some girl's desire. She was also a hopeless romantic.

"Haha, Ino, every guy you date is your Romeo." TenTen teased.

TenTen was a tall brunette, who regularly wore her hair in two chinese-style buns. She was very pretty, and had that tomboyish and comfortable feel to her. She was the 'male' in their group.

"Oh, shut-up! Hiro is my Romeo! I know he is! This time I am right, I know it"

"Oh yeah?" Tenten questioned, stifling back her laughter. "Flirting with Yuki, he sure is the one." She pointed to a tall and tanned guy with dark hair, flirting with some blonde and pink streaked girl. He told her something and Yuki blushed, and giggled while Hiro smirked.

Ino looked at him, her face twisting to an angry expression.

Gritting her teeth, Ino narrowed her eyes that were now darkened. "I'll talk to him later."

"Guys, come on Ino's getting a new boyfriend every week, we need to think about the big picture here." Temari, a sandy blonde with green eyes, said grinning, she coiled her arms around Hinata's neck and winked, a grin on her tanned face. "Hinata's the one who need to find her Romeo, ever since Naruto wasn't 'the one'." She emphasized on 'the one'.

Hinata felt her face heat up.

"Haha, she still isn't over him?" Sakura asked, arching a perfect pink brow eyebrow, as her bright green eyes lit up in question."Ugh, he's a baka. I thought we went over this."

"N-No..I don't like Naruto anymore..h-he's just a friend now..." She defended.

"Haha, yeah we should totally find Hinata a perfect guy. You know 'the one' like she described Naruto. She obviously has bad judgement." TenTen playfully teased.

Ino smiled, suddenly forgetting the whole Hiro situation as if it never occurred. "I have the perfect plan!" Exclaiming excitedly, Ino's eyes almost visibly started twinkling. "We will find Hinata-chan her Romeo! The perfect guy for her!"

They all looked at Ino, she really was hopeless.

"Ino-chan, i-it's ok.."

"No it's not dammit! You're not over Naruto, and you know what? He's not that good anyway! I still can't see what you saw in him!"Ino huffed, crossing her arms around her perfectly rounded chest. "There are far more better guys out there for you. We'll find him and he'll get your thoughts off of Ramen breath!"


"Haha, that's actually not a bad idea..." TenTen smirked, obviously only in this to get a chance to tease her easily mortified friend.


"You can count me in, you were going to drag me in it anyway.." Sakura sighed, half-smiling, half-grinning.


"Haha, anything to get her mind off of Naruto," Temari patted Hinata on the back, signaling her approval of the plan

"Temari! You too..!"

Ino giggled happily, clasping her hands together in excitement. "So we are all in?"

"No!" Hinata cried in refusal, but Ino had stopped listening to her pleading a while back. For her plans only needed a 'go' from one person and she was already determined to accomplish it. She retrieved a peace of paper and wrote on it hastily.

"Operation; Find Hinata's Romeo is now in Session!" She grinned from ear to ear, showing them the name of the supposed mission with heart's all over the paper.

"Y-You're kidding...?"

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