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Finding Romeo

Chapter 3: Chance meeting, you again?


She refused to believe it. It couldn't be true.

Sakura stared intently at the boy who stood in front of the class. His locks were a raven black, and very disheveled at the back, his rather abnormally dark eyes stared intently ahead, thinking, not bothering to look at the array of students before him.

The pink haired girl tightened her grip on the wooden pencil, her stomach, literally, doing back flips.

She couldn't believe it was him.


The boy she'd been in love with since she was seven years old. They'd met when they were six, when Sasuke was trying to escape his aniki and tried to lose him at the Konoha park. She had lost her ribbon that Ino had given her, and had lied telling Ino she wanted to stay back for a while but in reality she'd been breathlessly searching for the lost hair piece. She was under the big slide, searching beneath the large thing for her ribbon because she remembered hiding there after a fun game of hide n' seek. She suddenly heard a 'shh' sound behind her which caused her to to jump in surprise and let out a small 'eek!' which resulted in a pair of hands clamping around her mouth.

She'd looked up and saw familiar black eyes that she'd spent a whole month daydreaming about. It was Sasuke Uchiha! Her new crush, well first crush, since she'd finally felt she was good enough to like someone. He was behind her, and he was touching her, her lips at that. Her stomach did somersaults, back flips, and other very flexible things. Her face had turned cherry red, and she became unbelievably lightheaded at the boy's touch.

He finally released her, and he let go a sigh of relief. He looked down at her, and reluctantly apologized, and told her that he hadn't wanted his aniki to find him because he didn't want to go home just yet. She could only nod because she was still stunned by Sasuke's presences.

He asked her what she was still doing at the playground so late, and that since she was a girl she needed to be careful because there were bad guys that came out at night, which is what his mother told him, so she needed to be careful. She told him about her missing ribbon and how she had received it as a gift from her best friend who entrusted her with it, and she would not leave till it was found. She couldn't help but start crying a little at the thought of Ino hating her forever for losing the ribbon she'd just given the girl. Sasuke offered his help, when his efforts to calm the pinkette had failed, and all she could do was shake her head in enthusiasm, the tears still rolling down her chubby cheeks.

They spent a good fifteen minutes or more searching for the runaway hair accessory. Honestly, Sakura had been stunned at Sasuke's kindness because he usually seemed a bit aloof, especially to the opposite sex, but he was acting very kind, and she couldn't but feel her heart do more flips.

After finally finding the ribbon, they decided to sit in the sandbox, and just talk. He finally had the courtesy to ask her for her name, and she happily told him it was Sakura. They talked, and talked what seemed like forever while they built an ill constructed 'sandcastle'. Afterwards they decided to look at the pretty sky changing from bright blue to a purple and orange hue.

That day, Sakura marked it as the best day of her life, because Sasuke had genuinely told her he had fun and would actually like to play with her again, in secret of course, he couldn't possibly be seen with her. She was a girl for kami's sake. She happily nodded, affirming Sasuke's request and they had built a friendship, or something akin to it at least. They'd only meet in clandestine, sharing 'secrets', and Sakura letting Sasuke rant about how much he 'hated' his older brother, and that one day he would beat him up when he wasn't so small.

Everything was as perfect could possibly get for a seven year old girl.

Until that day.

Sasuke didn't come when he had arranged for them to meet, she'd worry his aniki found or something so she didn't think much of it. But he hadn't contacted her in a week, and it continued. He didn't even look at her during class. She had decided she would go up to him, and ask if anything was wrong, but he just looked at her coldly, and outright told her to leave him alone, and roughly shoved her concerned hands from his shoulder.

She cried all day, cursing at how much she hated Sasuke, and at how mean he was.

The next day, he didn't come to school, and the day after that and so forth.

She went to go look for him at his house, and decided that she would give him a piece of her mind for not coming for whatever reason, but found only an abandoned manor, it was uncommonly cold and scary, leaving no trace that anyone ever lived there.

A day later, she found out his parents had died.

There he was standing in front of her, bowing to the class, not out of respect. she noticed but as something he was supposed to do.

She thought she'd never see him, again. She felt the tears threatening to fall, it took sheer will not to let a single one fall as she sgazed at the boy in front of her.

She saw Sasuke's eyes scan the classroom, and when his eyes landed on her, her face lit up but he just continued with his analyses, not bothering to look her over again.

"Go sit in that empty seat in front of Haruno." The teacher told Sasuke, and he just complied with a simple grunt, and made his way towards her. Her heart beat in rhythm to his footsteps, which scared her because she swore he could hear her heart. He took his seat, not minding her even a simple glance and just stared at the front of the class.

Sakura stared blankly at his back, the muscles shifting slightly once in awhile to his sudden movements or when he was writing down what the teacher was said.

The bell rang, and Sakura suddenly found the courage to try and talk to him, but before she could even lift her hands to get his attention he was already packed and, escaping out the door.


Looking out the window Hinata could help but env the birds that flew effortlessly by, chirping happily without a care in the world. She sat in history class, her worst subject. She wasn't quite fond of having to remember all the dates, wars, and political groups. That wasn't going to help her in her career.. but than again she didn't know what she wanted to be. Her father, Hiashi, CEO of Hyuuga Corp., wanted her to go to take business and someday take over the company or at least become a head in it. Despite that, she knew that wasn't her place. She would never fit, it was a place where Hanabi, her younger sister and joy of her father, belonged. She was bright, confident, and commanded attention when she was in the room, while Hinata easily faded in the corner.

Don't get her wrong, her family was great. She loved them. Though her father did pay more attention to Hanabi. She knew her father loved her, even though he rarely revealed it. Her sister was kind and childish, but tucked it away, only expressing it when Hinata had a chance to cook or when she felt completely vulnerable. Her cousin, Neji, came to live with them after his parents died; she was seven and he was ten. He despised her at first, deeming her as weak, but after years passed they grew uncommonly close, and he became her solace in her worst times.

Despite that, Hinata didn't know who she was, or at least she had yet to find herself. She felt so out of place. Her family was filled with prodigies and geniuses; she was only average. Her friends were outgoing, confident, and they all had goals in life; she had no idea what she was going to eat tonight.

She had no steady hobbies that would shape her future. She enjoyed writing, but it wasn't consistent and she didn't feel she was talented enough to be remotely successful. She used to dance, but quit two years ago, when her father felt that it was interfering with her grades. She occasionally drew but it was nothing extraordinary, if comparing it to one of Naruto's best friend, Sai's paintings.

She felt like an empty soul, with nothing to offer. No extraordinary intelligence or talent that could bring beauty or some assistance to the world.

"Turn to page, 114. Tonight, I want you to outline section 2 of the chapter. " Spoke Asuma-sensei in a monotone voice. He was a man with a grubby-mustache and beard. He smoked, so he would occasionally cough during his lectures. His voice had that groggy sound that most smokers acquired.

Hinata took out her planner and wrote down the assignment.


"Look at him, he thinks he owns the world because he's so good-looking, " Ino begrudgingly spoke, tightening her fist." He is not even that cute if you look closer. His eyes are boring and just black. Heck, even Naruto's better than him, at least he has personality."

Hinata chuckled inwardly. Ino wasn't taking being rejected so well. Since, well, she's never been rejected. She really was going to hate the new guy.

Hinata looked at Sasuke's direction, he was opening his locker and placing his unneeded supplies and books in it. His back was facing them, but it was a very attractive back. He had a lean built, but the muscles were visible, he also had legs that could go on for days. But she remembered their first encounter, his chilling voice and the cold glare. She shuddered at the memory.

She snapped out of her thoughts when she saw a flash of yellow run up to the brooding boy. It was Naruto, who had a grin on his uniquely handsome face, with Sai and Kiba not far behind. Her heart skipped a beat.

She really did miss Naruto. She missed his warm embraces, and his ramen flavored kisses. It was weird not having him with her. She felt lonely at times, even though she had amazing friends who were always there for. She couldn't lie though. When Naruto broke up with her, it felt like he took a vital part from her heart, and sometimes at night she felt the painful lost. The tears did run once in while.

Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke, who faced him and glared when he came in contact. She could only make out a few words, and than he spotted her and waved. She did a little wave back, and stopped abruptly when Sasuke's gaze landed on her for a split second than turned back to continue to make the boy release him. That sent chills down her spine.

There was one thing Hinata definetly did not agree with Ino synopsis, Sasuke's eyes were anything but boring


Hinata's date with Koki was tomorrow. The girls decided that he was the one, and he was worthy of shopping for a new wardrobe for. She disagreed, they didn't listen. That was how this friendship went. They were walking through Konoha Mall, already having visited 5 shops, Hinata was exhausted. She was walking behind the gang, with Temari in the back with her.

"Shorty, what's wrong?"

"I'm tired," Hinata replied,with a sigh."Why is everyone working so hard.. it's just a date, the first one with this guy. "

Temari smiled,"You've just been looking so down lately. I know there are somethings you don't want to tell us, and I know it's none of our business, but Hinata we can't bear when your sad." She patted the short girl on head."We don't want you moping around. It doesn't suit you."

Hinata smiled,"Thanks."

She supposed, they have a right to be worried. She had been distant lately. She didn't want to tell them a part of her actually missed Naruto. They broke up four months ago.

"Hey guys, let's go in this one!" Sakura pointed to a baby blue and white styled store. It had different shirts and dresses, with stylish accessories. It actually liked a bit like her style.

She mustered up some strength. She needed to show her friends that she was alright. She didn't want to be burden anymore. She wanted them to be happy. "Yeah, it actually looks really cute!" She smiled. Everyone raised and eyebrow at Hinata's sudden burst of joy, than smiled. - "This is sooo good." TenTen bit into the hamburger, ketchup smeared at the corner of her mouth.

"Ew, Tenten, we are in public, please," Ino scoffed, handing her a napkin."Clean up." Tenten, took the paper and stuck-out her tongue. Ino made a disgusted and face, and everyone laughed.

Hinata couldn't believe she was actually enjoying herself. It was nice. She hadn't felt this carefree in awhile. She sipped at her cola, and giggled.

"Ladies!" Hinata heard a familiar voice.

"Kiba!"Temari spoke. "Naruto and Sai. Hey guys what's up?"

Hinata couldn't help but tense at the sound of his name.

The guys came over, and each took a chair to sit with them. Naruto smiled, "Hey Hinata, hey girls!" He had that vibrant vibe, that she dearly missed. Her heart clenched.

"Naruto-kun, Kiba-kun, Sai-kun, hello." She greeted them with a strained smile.

There was a bug lump in her throat.

"U-Um.. I-I uh.. need to go to the bathroom." She spoke, lifting from her chair.

"Want me to come with you?"Temari offered.

Hinata shook her head,"No, it's a-alright, you can stay. I'll be back soon."

She didn't go to the bathroom, she felt like walking around.

She was just starting to feel happy, again. Free. Or something close to it. Than he just came, once again, stealing it. Why?

She walked into "Books Cave", it was her favorite shop in the mall. It was tranquil, and quiet. It resembled a library with it's set-up. There was a magnificent assortment of books. They seemed to be carefully picked. She walked around the shop and through the shelves. For some reason that calmed her, it felt like she was in a maze, and she was lost.

Hinata stopped in front of one the shelves and skimmed through the books. She looked at one with a blue and black border, with silver decorated lining. She reached for it but a hand much larger and paler than hers grabbed from over her. She turned around and her face met with cloth and hard chest.

"Umf." She squeaked, she rubbed her nose and looked up to half-lidded eyes.

"Again? Seriously." She looked up and saw the ebony eyes she remembered all to well.

"Uchiha-san...a-ah um.." She started.

"Hinata!" The said girl jumped at the sound of her name, and quickly, without much thought she shoved Sasuke in to a dark space between the far corner of the book shelves. "Hinata-chan!" The voice called again, and Hinata felt herself pressing her body closer to Sasuke's in an effort to try to shroud herself with the darkness.

"I guess she's not here. Maybe she got lost? She rarely comes to the mall." Another voice beckoned. "She'll just call us," There seemed to be a silent agreement, and the footsteps walked away from where the two were located.

Hinata released an exasperated sigh, relieved that she wasn't caught. Suddenly, she felt something move under her, and looked up to see Sasuke's face staring at her in cold amusement. They were so close not even a sheet of paper could be squeezed through them. She heard the steady rate of his heartbeat, and the way his chest - his very nice chest - seemed to rise in a sort of melodic beat. Her face darkened considerably when she realized she was staring, and quickly removed herself from the boy's personal space, and quickly bowed a full ninety-degrees. "I am s-so sorry!"

"Why is it that we always meet like this, " He inquired in a humorless tone. "I'm started to think your stalking me."

"O-Oh! N-No, I was g-going to the bathroom..m-my friends..t-they wanted to go sho-"

"Really? How weird. Last time I checked this was a bookstore."

"O-Oh.. well yes but.." Hinata sighed, not sure how she can answer that, so she tried to change the subject."Um so you like to r-read?"

"I guess. I just needed to go somewhere quiet. Naruto, or whatever his name is dragged me here. Hmp, freaking dope."He shrugged, as he felt the cover of the book he undeniably stolen from Hinata's grasps. "Tch. I'm guessing your hiding from your friends?"

Yes. "N-No.. I.. just." She stuttered.

"It's alright, I won't tell." He spoke. Hinata nodded, not sure how to respond to him. "Oh, here," He handed her the book and she cautiously took it.

"Thank you."


"Grab me the brush, Sakura." Ino bellowed as she placed the hot curling iron at the ends of Hinata's hair and twirled it dangerously close to her scalp.

"Here!" Sakura gave Ino the purple brush, while not lifting her concentration from Hinata's fingers, carefully placing a light baby blue polish on her trimmed nails.

Ino let go of the curl as soon as she felt it was done, Hinata cringed at the scent of her burning hair. She felt Ino use the brush to tease her her hair. "I'm just giving your hair a bit more volume. Your hair is so pretty and silky-looking. It's so not fair." Ino playfully whined.

After another hour of plucking, tweezing, and obnoxious hairspray, they finally felt that it was suffice.

Tenten ran out of Ino's bedroom and into the room across the hall. They decided to put the bags in Ino's parents room due to the mess they had so rambunctiously created.

"Here it is guys." TenTen threw the silver and blue bag on the bed.

"Ack! TenTen, you baka!" Ino exclaimed in distress, quickly grabbing the bag and placing it on Hinata's lap. "Here Hina-chan, go put this on in the bathroom, and come out when your done." And quickly added. "While we clean this mess." She pushed Hinata out of the room before she could witness the others objections.


"I can't believe I'm doing t-this. I just can't." Hinata said in embarrassment, she felt her face heating up into a bright red.

"Yes you can." Ino smiled, patting the girl feverishly on the back.

"I believe in you, Hinata." Temari smiled, removing a strand of hair from her flushed face.

"So, I called him and told him to meet you here." Ino spoke, gleaming with a blinding smile, scanning Hinata as if she were a masterpiece. "He should be arriving anytim-"

Ding, Dong!

"Guys!" Sakura's boisterous voice shouted from downstairs."He's here."

Hinata gulped.

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