Anyone see ep. 12 of TDA? No? Then DON'T READ THIS FIC. IT HAS SPOLIERS!!!! Or if you don't care, then read. What if Gwen lost all her memory? Will people take advantage of it? Who can she trust to tell her about her life? What will Trent do? Will he see this as a chance to 'start over'….literally? What will happen? Read on to find out.

This happens during Aftermath 2. While the anvil is falling on Gwen.

Gwen's POV

I look up to find an anvil hurdling toward me. "Gwen watch out!" DJ yells, but it's too late. It hit me… out.

I woke in a daze. There where people surrounding me. I didn't know any of them. I felt something on me. I turned my head slightly to find tubes and wires on me. Then I feel something tighten on my other hand. I turn slowly and find someone's hand gripping mine. I open my eyes more to get a clearer picture. Everyone looked concerned and sad. But who are they?

"GWEN!" I heard someone yell. It was the guy holding my hand. His eyes light up when he saw me. "Gwen, I am so happy you're awake. How are you?" he asked excited, and still concerned. I looked at him funny.

"Who are you talking to?" I asked. He seemed shocked. "Who's Gwen?" I questioned again. He froze up as I said this. "Who am I?" I asked in confusion.

"You have to be yanking our chain right?" someone else said. It was some guy with a blue shirt and black wind blown hair. He stood next to a huge muscular guy dressed like a chef.

"I am sorry, but…..who are all of you?" I asked sitting up slightly. Everyone gasped like I told them I knew the future.

The grip on my hand tightened and I turned to look at my hand, then the boy holding it. "Gwen, it's me. Trent. … … … Don't you remember me?" he asked with a hint of hurt in his voice.

"Should I? Because I don't" I said back to him. Now his pain showed on his face.

Then a man walked in. He looked like a doctor. "Hello Miss. Swanson. How are you?" he asked me. I looked at him confused. Is he talking to me? "My apologizes. Do you know where you are?" he asked I shook my head no. "How about who you are?" he asked. Same response.

"Looks like she has temporarily lost her memory. It should come back soon since there wasn't any horrific damage." He said looking at his clip board. "I suggest you try to rest, and have people who know you best, help you remember." He then looked at the crowded room of people. "But don't overwhelm her ok? Take it slow. Let her remember slowly, but aid her. Ok?" he asked. Then he left.

The boy was still holding my hand. He noticed I was staring at his hand, laced in mine. "Sorry, dose this bug you?" he asked. I looked at him.

"Are we close?" I asked. He's holding my hand, and he seems to be the most concerned. I can only wonder who he is to me.

"Sort of. Rest and we'll explain later ok?" he said with a sweet tone. I drifted to sleep. My head hurt so bad, I needed to sleep. This is so odd, how can you forget who you are? And who's that boy? Why did he seem hurt, when I told him I didn't know him? What is he to me?

Trent's POV

After Gwen fell asleep we all walked outside to let her rest. But I was glued to the window watching her every move. I almost lost her today. And now, she doesn't know me, or herself. This is horrible.

"Guys we need a plan to help her." I spoke up, not looking at them. "She has to remember everything as if she never forgot." I said as I watched her sleep.

"No offence Trent, but why should you care? She ruined your chance at…" Courtney began.

"Because if it wasn't for me she wouldn't be there." I spat put. "If I never threw challenges, then we would both be in TDA still. Not here."

"Trent you can't blame yourself." Katie said.

"Yeah, you simply can't." Sadie said.

"I will help her remember every little detail of her life, if it kills me." I said relaxing a little.

"How do we know you won't take this as an opportunity to take advantage of the lack of 'Trent Obsession' memories?" Noah pointed out. I nearly punched him.

"You think I would do that to Gwen? What sick person do you think I am?" I yelled at him, trying to hold back my anger.

"He has a point Trent." Bridgett spoke up. "You weren't going to tell her you're her ex-boyfriend were you?" she asked.

"Not, now when she just woke up. But she needs someone to trust. And honestly, all of you hate her. And the ones, who don't hate her, know nothing about her. I know a lot, and I don't hate her. So unless you have a better choice…." I stopped there.

"*sighs* We don't. But please don't try to…." I cut Bridgett short.

"I am not the one you should be concerned about doing that." I said bringing my eyes back to Gwen. She now was sitting up in bed, and looking at me. She looked confused. I bet she really is. I just wanted to run in there and hold her. Instead I simply smiled at her. She smiled slightly back at me, before discovering her head bandage and IV's everywhere.

This will be hard, but she must remember…..but I need to tell her we broke up…or else she'll never trust me to tell her about her life. "This will be hard." I whispered under my breath.

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