Sly Cooper fanfic1


TIME: MARCH 11, 8:34 PM
LOCATION: Interpol GHQ Sector: Foxtrot Delta - Paris, France

As Neyla was escorted through the GHQ, she looked around. Many of the other officers glared at her, looking at her as if she were a traitor. She was a traitor, but she was not evil. Clockwerk had possessed her, turned her into a puppet, and then lead her to her own death.

The officers opened the door to the Commissioner's office and pushed her in, Commissioner Robert N. Barkley, a badger, sat at his desk, a cigar in his mouth. Next to him was Inspector Carmelita M. Fox, she stood with her arms folded, an unhappy look on her face. "Former Constable Neyla, from the Hero of Prague, to Captain Neyla, to the traitor of Interpol," Barkley greeted, in a not so friendly way, "It's hard to believe someone could still be alive after all that. Of course, if you've got a mad scientist with semi-magical and cloning technology, anything can happen."

Was this a joke? Neyla decided not to respond.

"Now listen here, Traitor, I could have you sent to our highest security prison, Lockjaw, and not lose a single piece of sleep over it," Barkley explained, Neyla lowered her head, "but I've been having a good day so far, so I'm feeling a bit generous today.

"I have decided to give you second chance, bring you back to the force, on a certain condition," Barkley said finally, the white tigress looked up to him, "I can't trust you alone with cases, so I'm assigning you as a partner."

"To Inspector Fox?" Neyla asked.

Carmelita slowly shook her head.

"After what you did the last time, not likely, she doesn't trust you," Barkley replied, "So I'm going to call another one of Interpol's elites, and if he agrees to have you as a partner; you're a constable again, if not; it's the Lockjaw of you."

Barkley picked up the phone, dialed in the office number, and waited patiently as it rang.

Within his office, Agent Detective/ SWAT Captain J. B. Wilson scanned the file in his hand, studying it contents.

Wilson was one of the elites of Interpol; he was more of a "talk first, shoot later" kind of person. As the only cougar raised among the Sontarjii Glaciers of Russia, he grew up to become a skilled hunter, while others used force, he used wits and tactics to defeat his opponents, now he was one of Interpol's greatest officers. He was a cougar, he had a strong build, blond fur, and eyes as blue as the sea.

As he closed and put away the file, his phone rang. He picked it up, "This is Detective Wilson, I'm all ears," he answered, sipping his mug of hot chocolate.

"This is Commissioner Barkley. I have a former officer here, one who betrayed all of Interpol and Inspector Fox. Goes by the name: Neyla. Wilson, I am thinking about letting her rejoin as your partner, do you accept this condition?" Barkley asked, over the phone.

Wilson pondered, after what he has learned from reading the file, he was certain of what he was about to get himself into, "Yes Chief, I accept," he said.

"Uh, are you sure? Maybe you didn't hear me correctly; she is a traitor, are you sure about this?" Barkley asked, trying to give a second chance.

"I'm fully aware of it Chief," Wilson said immediately.

He heard Barkley sigh, "Very well Detective, report to my office."

"On my way, Chief," Wilson said, hanging up the phone.

Barkley hung up the phone; hardly able to understand what one of his best officers had just agreed to, "Well 'Constable,' it appears you're in luck."

Neyla's eyes widened, Carmelita's mouth dropped, "W-what?" they both said, simultaneously in shock.

"Agent Wilson has just accepted you. I don't know why he would after I just... Anyway, here's your badge," Barkley said, handing her a well-polished Interpol badge.

She examined the badge, unable to believe it. Her end was not over, whoever this "Wilson" is; he had helped her get a second chance. Carmelita was confused, she had known Wilson for three years and he was always a smart cop, and he even worked on cases solo, why would he suddenly take on a partner? Nay, why would he take Neyla, the Traitor of Interpol, as a partner?

The door opened, Neyla turned to see a cougar dressed in a brown coat, tan trousers, wearing black boots and a long hat, resembling the appearance of Indiana Jones. He was unlike anything she had seen, he had blond fur, a strong chin, and eyes that resembled the sea, not of harsh or cruelty, but of freedom.

"Constable Neyla, I presume?" he said, extending his hand, "My name's Jack, Captain J. B. Wilson."

Neyla took his hand a shook it, his hand feels so warm, Neyla shook the thoughts out of her head, feeling a little embarrassed. Luckily no one noticed, "Nice to meet you, Captain," she said, relieved at not saying something stupid like "pleasure to meet you."

"Do you even know what you're doing? - Who she is?" Carmelita asked.

"Don't I always know what to do Carmen?" Wilson asked, it was a rhetorical question.

The red fox just sighed; it just was no use arguing with the cougar, there were times when he was just too stubborn. "Can I have a word with, Constable Neyla, Captain?" Carmelita asked.

"Sure," The Captain answered. She pulled Neyla close and out of hearing range from the others.

"Now listen, Neyla, I don't know why Jack accepted you, I don't even know how you're even alive!" Carmelita whispered, which seemed like loud growl in Neyla's ear, "But if you turn on him, if you turn on Interpol again, I will personally see to it that you go back to Hell, where you belong."

As Carmelita made herself clear she headed back to her own office, leaving her with the warning of a threat. Wilson walked out Barkley's office, "D'ja have good talk?" he asked. The white tigress nodded her head, forming a small grin, "Fabulous! Well, it's time to call it in, let's go."

She followed him as he walked through the GHQ, heading outside. In the parking lot, Wilson stopped in front of a police vehicle, camouflaged to look like a civilian car.

He pulled out a pair of keys and opened the right passenger door, "Right this way," he said, holding the door for Neyla.

The white tigress was touched by his politeness, "You're quite a gentleman, Captain," Neyla thanked him and sat within the seat. Wilson closed her door and got in his place, behind the steering wheel.

"Thank you, Neyla. Oh, and another thing," Wilson began, starting the car, "As long as we're off duty, call me 'Jack.'"

As the cougar drove his car, Neyla could help but wonder, that warm feeling she felt while shaking his hand, could it mean something? Neyla just leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes, perhaps something will come up with time.

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