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Reminder: all this happened before Sly 3 and after Sly 2.


Chapter X

TIME: MARCH 21, 12:01 PM
LOCATION: Interpol GHQ, Sector: Foxtrot Delta - Paris, France

(News Article):
Doc Caught, Cure Found
Genetic & cloning scientist, Doctor Arnold Reinvar, has been exposed as the virus breeder of what could have been "the global plague," he and his associate, Ernest Pear, now have to serve 3 years in prison for illegal disease engineering. The police units on the case, Detective & SWAT Captain Jack Wilson and his partner Constable Neyla had single co-cooperatively stopped the Doc and spreader from continuing the plague while Captain Wilson's SWAT team, the Interpol Commandos, disarmed the virus bomb containing the deadly disease.

Captain Wilson, Constable Neyla, and the SWAT team refuse to say any more of the event.

Commissioner Barkley placed the newspaper neatly on the desk, looking up at the two Interpol agents. Barkley removed his cigar from his mouth, "Congratulations on a job well done, Agent Wilson," he said.

"Actually Chief," Wilson began, "without Constable Neyla there, I would not have stop the Doc before it was too late. If you're going to be thanking anyone, it should be Constable Neyla."

"Is thank so?" Barkley replied, turning to Neyla, "In that case Constable, I give you full thanks and an apology for misjudging you. Pardon my french, but I guess we're all damn lucky to have you apart of Interpol. If you want to be reassigned to a different sector, let's here it. Sierra Bravo? Or perhaps Charlie Tango?"

Neyla hesitated and looked at Wilson, although he was good at hiding his resentment, she could tell he wasn't thrilled on the idea of her leaving him, nor was she for that matter. "Actually, sir I would like to stay in Foxtrot Delta, by Agent Wilson's side." She looked at Wilson and smiled.

Wilson returned the smile as his hand slowly took hers.

Barkley eyed the two officers, realizing there was going to be a love affair between them, "Very well then. Carry on agents."

As Neyla and Wilson exited the Commissioner's office, an applaud emitted. Around them, the Interpol agents who had been infected by the virus, including Carmelita, gave the couple an applaud.

Neyla felt embarrassed, everyone was applauding them, cheering and whistling, and she realized her hands was still held by Wilson's, yet, she saw no reason to let go.

Carmelita approached them, "Congratulations, both of you," she said.

"Is there something you would like to say, Carmen?" Wilson asked.

Carmelita sighed, turning to Neyla, "Neyla, I still carry the memories of what you have done during the Klaww gang event, and I still cannot forgive you," she said, "But I can and will thank you...for putting an end to the virus and curing us."

She extended her hand towards Neyla, awkwardly she took it and shook it. Wilson spotted his team by the snack table.

"Commando troops at twelve o'clock," he announced, as he and Neyla were about to join them, Wilson stopped and turned to Carmelita, "By the way," he began, "there is something I left out from the news crew.

"There was a third hero who had something to do with the bomb disabling, somebody who you should thank," Wilson told her.

Carmelita gave him a confused look, "Who?"

"About five foot; six inches tall," Wilson described, "wears blue, runs on ropes, climbs just about anything, and will obviously do anything for you. I think you know who I'm talking about," he said, glancing away from Carmelita, "and appeared to have left you a little something-something over by the window."

As Wilson left to join his team and Neyla, Carmelita looked over at the window to find a bouquet of roses in a vase. Carmelita approached the roses, picked them up, and smelled the aroma of the roses. Within the vase was a card, a calling card in the shape of a raccoon.

Sly Cooper, Carmelita thought and smirked, normally she would dump a bouquet in the trash, but now... why let a perfect bouquet of healthy roses go to waste?

At the snack table, Freddy poured himself a cup of punch. But as he took a sip, the holes he still had on his body due to Adams' mistake Freddy would be perfect for a lawn sprinkler.

Neyla watched as the punch squirted out of Freddy, "I still don't get how that's even possible," she said.

"What can I say? I'm one lucky guy," Freddy concluded, "Now, see if I were a clone like you then the bullets would just bounce off me, instead of turning me into a possum sprinkler."

"Look on the bright side, Freddy," Wilson said, "Now you can make a quick buck watering people's plants."

Everyone gave a chuckle, until Fitz spoke, "Uh sir? Permission to speak?"

"Granted," Wilson said.

"We were just wonderin', who's the lieutenant of the SWAT team?"

"Yeah, who's second in command in this group?" Adams added.

Wilson grinned, "Boys," he began, placing a hand on Neyla's shoulder, "I present to you, Lieutenant Neyla."

"Her?" Adams, Fitz, and Freddy said simultaneously.

"Bingo, in my absence you are to follow Lieutenant Neyla's orders, are we clear?"

"Yeah...clear," Adams responded, leaning towards Freddy and Fitz, "Clear as mud," he whispered. Freddy and Fitz chuckled.

"And in both of our absences," Wilson continued, "you are to follow Sir Reign."

"Reign?!" They said simultaneously again, turning to the 7ft tall chameleon.

"Of course Reign, he's competent and capable of leading a team, and...he's the one who could actually come up with a way to open the door," Wilson pointed out.

Everyone fortunately agreed with him.

"Captain Wilson?" Neyla began, "may I speak with you in private?"

"Of course, Lieutenant," Wilson replied, following her as she lead him.

As they entered another room, Mars closed the door on his way in, "So Jack," Neyla began, putting on a beautiful, seductive smile, "Lieutenant Neyla, eh?"

"I know it's not as good as your previous rank as Captain Neyla," Wilson said, "But is it really that special? Really worth it?"

"I wish I could have asked myself that question long ago," Neyla said, placing a hand on Wilson's chin, "thank you Jack...for giving me a purpose in life again."

"I didn't give you anything," Wilson concluded, "you earned it all back, I was just there to lead a hand when needed. But you redeemed yourself all on your own, I just helped put you on the right trail of Redemption."

Neyla smirked, "Your file really told the truth when he when it said you were clever."

"Thank you, however for your file, I don't see much seduction," Wilson said.

"My file should have said seductive and sexy," Neyla said, wrapping her arms around his neck to pull herself closer, their noses an inch apart, "and if you doubt that, I'm ready to prove you wrong."

"So, what do you think they're talking about?" Freddy asked.

"'Talking?' If they're a couple then they're past talkin'," Fitz concluded.

"How do you know that?" Adams asked.

"Ricky-chet, you're talkin' to a cowboy who's been on more boat parties than any cowboy can get on a bull," Fitz concluded.

"Oh, what? You're the professor of party-ology, Tex?" Adams asked.

"More of a professor of parties than you are of guns," Fitz shot back, "and I keep tellin' everybody, I ain't from Texas, I'm from Tennessee."

"Doesn't it really matter? Look guys, this is one odd ending," Adams said, "First Neyla gets a handshake from Carmelita, then Carmelita gets a bouquet from a criminal, then Neyla and the Captain leave to make out, and now we're having this pointless conversation," Adams finished.

"I think the author lacking creativity, probably why he's ending the story now," Adams felt a tap on his shoulder, he turned to "Martian Scout?" Adams said before receiving a punch in the nose, falling to the ground.



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