First Chapter to book two. Yea. Sorry it took so long I had to have my poll finish first and being rated M won. I want to thank you for sticking with me and waiting patiently. Ok this chapter is short, but that's cause it's mostly Gwen thinking. The next ones will be much longer.

Don't read unless you have read book one. I am super serious.

I couldn't scream anymore. My mouth and throat burned too much. Then I smelled something. It was absolutely intoxicating. The aroma seemed to tighten around me like a boa constrictor. The sweet sent was the most delicious thing I have ever smelled. But what is? I turned to find Rose with an open bottle of synthetic blood. BLOOD!?!? That's what I'm smelling?

"Here, drink before you kill yourself." She said handing me the bottle. I snatched it and gulped it down in an instant. "This is your mission, train yourself. I will make sure you don't kill anyone. You are on your own."

Then she jumped out of the window, and I was alone.

What am I going to do? I am a vampire now. I can't be. This is horrible.

I looked at my phone and picked it up. I reached it so fast it amazed me. I was dialing Trent's number then I stopped. I shouldn't get him into this.

I passed my floor for hrs. Checking myself in the mirror from time to time. I was pale, like usual. My eyes weren't black. They were a glossy violet color. Doesn't that mean I'm using my powers? But what am I doing?

Then my eyes went from purple to a hypnotic hazel blue. I thought they looked lovely. But I have more important thing on my mind.

Then the sun was up. And my mom knocked on my door. "Gwen want to miss school today?" she asked. I was only half shocked.

"Yes." I called back. I need more time to think. 2 minutes latter Rose came back in. "Here is your blood enjoy. I'll be back tomorrow morning with your daily supply." Then she was gone. I grabbed a bottle and drank. My eyes changing to a lustful red. The taste danced in my mouth. It exploded like fireworks. I wanted more. I went threw 3 bottles before I forced myself to stop, depriving myself of what I wanted.

When my mom was gone I walked around my house. Thinking. What am I going to do?

Then there was a knock on the door. I hesitated as I slowly opened it. The sun was almost unbearable. I felt like hissing and running into a dark corner. Was this what it was like fro Trent? God this I fucking horrible.

"Gwen is that you?" I heard from behind the door. I poke my head to make sure it wasn't who I thought it was. ... but it was.

There stood Trent staring into my eye (all I poked from behind the door)

"What's wrong Gwen?" he asked as if he knew. There is no hiding form him. No matter what. "Gwen tell me. Please let me in." he begged.

"You're not going to like it. Not on bit." I said crying slightly opening the door. And letting him in. As he walked by I caught a hint of something that smelled delicious. NO! I yelled at myself.

He turned around to face me and I opened my eyes. I am not sure what color they are now. But I know there is no way of hiding the fact that I am a vampire.

"Gwen? Are you a..... Ho- Who did this?" he asked angry. I looked at him, his eyes full of anger.

Then I got really thirsty. Really thirsty. No. I can't....but he smells sooooo goooddd.

"Gwen?" Trent said a little afraid. I ignored the voice in my head pleading me to back off and pounced toward him and tackled him to the floor.


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