AN: ok I got a few reviews begging for a preview so here it is. I just want to quickly tell you this isn't EXACTLY how it will play out. These are two scenes that will definably be in book 3 but it might not be as it is here word for word. Ok please enjoy these two excerpts.

First Scene:

Duncan: Help him? Why the f**** (idk wat to rate book 3 yet) should we help him? He wants us dead.

Courtney: Duncan…

Maria: would you listen?

Duncan: Oh hell I'll listen. I want every detail cause this isn't my problem one minute and now I have a crazy vampire who wants to kill me.

Maria: *eyes flashing a deep purple* *groaning in pain* he's changed his mind again. We need to stop him before he settles on a plan.

Duncan: hello? My explanation?

Maria: Dam you don't shut up. You want an explanation as to why we need to stop him? Other than that fact that he'll kill us? Fine here it is.

Everyone: *gathers around to listen*

Maria: Gwen is NOT repeat NOT dead!

Duncan: ….but….we saw….

Maria: ever read Romeo and Juliet? Know that potion? Consider what Gwen took that potion. It temporarily stopped her, so her body can rejuvenate. She wakes in a week, and we need to tell Trent before he goes on this killing spree. *eyes turn so purple close to black* and we need to go now.

Bridgett: what if we don't make it in time?

Maria: bad things.

Bridgett: how bad?

Maria: …….. Let's pray you don't have to find out.

Second scene:

*at a hospital*

Yukki: Come in.

Courtney and Duncan: *walk in*

Courtney: so cute…..

Duncan: do I hold it or pet it?

Yukki: *death glare*

Connor: *growling*

AN: Ok sceen two was shorter but I don't want to spoil to much. I think I gave too much away in the first sceen, but I hope its enough to keep you interested till September. Thanks again, you guys are great. I am nothing with out you and your reviews.