Title: Caught
Author: renisanz
Category: General
Summary: John, Teyla, and a river. Things aren't what they seem.
Rating: PG
Word count: 377
Warning: Implied sensuality...maybe.
Disclaimer: If I owned these characters, this fic wouldn't exist.
Notes: Prompted by tielan for my drabble meme: John/Teyla by a body of water - pool, river, ocean - and being 'caught' by someone else.

. . . . . . . . . .


Her hand stilled from their work of undoing the buckle of his pants and he was finally able to relax. Just a little.

"You know, I was gonna do that. I mean, I can."

"As I explained earlier, John, it is imperative that you move as little as possible. I am quite capable of removing the creature. The cold water of the stream should act to immobilize, but you must remain still."

"Well, yeah, I got that," John not quite whined.

"I promise not to look, if that will make you more comfortable."

John sighed and after a moment, he gave a little nod for her to continue what she was doing, while he tried very hard to not think about what she was doing. He glanced down to see her fingers were now working the buttons of his pants, and quickly looked back up, because really, it was weird seeing Teyla doing such a thing. She'd hastily removed most of her outer clothing for ease of movement in the water. He closed his eyes and sighed, focusing his attention on the coolness of the water around his legs, the gentle sloshing as Teyla moved against him.

She leaned, forward, bending at the waist and the lowering herself more into the water as she reached around his leg. She stilled, leaning her cheek against his abdomen for balance. Something slimy slid against his skin. John braced for the painful bite that was certain to follow, but it never came, and then Teyla straightened a very satisfied grin curving the corners of her mouth.

"So you got it," John sighed, feeling relieved. He lowered his arms to his arms, bringing his hand to rest on her forearms. Her skin was cool against his palms.

A soft gasp came from the shore. John turned around and Teyla looked around his shoulder to see a young woman holding a basket to her hip with one hand, the other covering the eyes of a young child.

"Oh, great," John mumbled. He looked back at Teyla, and her eyes dipped away from his, the faintest hint of a flush to her dusky complexion.

"You should fasten your pants, now," she said, before stepping back away from him wading toward the shore.