Ive seen Tda episode 12 and for those of you who haven't its tda aftermath 2. Before I start this story Ill give you a summary.


Geoff was being narcissist and totally about himself.

And there may be signs of him and Bridgette breaking up.

Dj admits that Chef made him be in there alliance by force.

Then Gwen came out.

By force of anvil she admitted she still really liked Trent!YAY!

But then they showed a video where Duncan and Gwen are on a bridge.

Duncan was staring at the stars talking about Courtney.

But then Gwen and Duncan wrestle and accidentally end up on top of each other.

Don't worry nothing happens between them!

But then Geoff wanted to put Gwen over a piranha pit.

Trent stops him and says its not Gwen's fault that they broke up.

Then it showed that Trent is getting a bunch of fan mail. Oh and everyone hated Gwen.

The End!

And this is where my story begins. I don't own TDA.

Gwen's POV

Well that horrible time was over. At least Trent supported me.

Wait I shouldn't be thinking about him. But I could at least find him and thank him.

" Hey Trent!" I found him by some guy that owned a club he was preforming at.

" Hey whats up Gwen?" The guy left looking annoyed.

Apparently he doesn't like to be interrupted while talking with a client.

" I was just going to say thanks for backing me up out there." I said.

" No problem and I wanted to ask you something in private."

Well I thought sure why not I do owe him. " Sure" so we went into the hall where no one was.

" I was going to ask you if you meant what you said."

" Wait what did I say?" I knew what he meant I just did not want to answer.

" About still liking me." I couldn't say anything so I just stared at my feet.

" You didn't have to lie on national television." No he ran off.

Why was I so stupid? Why couldn't I tell him I did mean it?

Trent's POV

I was in my room. Listening to Nickel Back.

You know I really thought I had another chance with her. But now I guess thats over.


Ugh more fan mail.

I guess I should read when I opened it I got a way better surprise.

Dear Trent,

I just wanted to say I did mean what I said. I do love you. I'm in love with you. And right now with everyone hating me I really need you.

Will you take me back?


Yes or No



Will Trent take Gwen back? Find out in the next chap. . R&R!!!!!

P.S. I mostly just made this because my good friend VampGrl1234 was mad about ep. 12 of TDA. So I hope this story will make you cool down and start making those awesome stories again!