Ozymandias:Smile for the cameras everybody.

Silk Spectre:How did he talk us into this? Dan, I want to go home.

Night Owl:Don't worry. Once we're inside everything will be find. Hey, Veidt, can we move things along?

Ozymandias:All in good time. It all comes with the territory. Besides, we already designated your charities. If you go, they loose.

Silk Spectre:Fine.

The Comedian:Hey everybody! The star of the movie is here!

Silk Spectre:Oh dear god…

Dr. Manhattan:How does the fact that your death was a principal plot point make you the star?

Ozymandias:Besides, the heroic attempt to bring about world peace by my comic book counterpart was much more important in emphasizing the author's themes…

The Comedian:Oh come off it, you blew up New York City with a giant squid.

Ozymandias:I did not. It was an entirely new life form!

The Comedian:It was a squid.

Ozymandias:I had collected the finest creative minds…

The Comedian:Still a squid.

Ozymandias:It had a mind that produced a psychic shockwave…

The Comedian:(To a reporter) That's S-Q-U…

Night Owl:I've been wondering. Why did you agree to have your character be such a heavy anyway?

Ozymandias:Because, my dear, every child with a Batman action figure needs a Joker to go with it. The principal here is quite the same.

Night Owl:But that doesn't make any sense. I mean, Laurie's action figure sold better than yours.

Ozymandias:Yes, that is true. But sadly mine did not have a Veidt Trade Mark Feel 'o Flesh action bosom.

Silk Spectre:What! You didn't tell me that!

Ozymandias:I sent you a prototype.

Silk Spectre:Yes, but I didn't FEEL IT UP!

Ozymandias:Bloody Hell, I did.

Night Owl:Me too.

The Comedian:And me.

Silk Spectre:Ew!

The Comedian:Didn't you have a feel, Blue Man Group?

Dr. Manhattan:Well… from a molecular stand point they were… well I mean their atomic structure was nothing like… okay yeah I totally felt the toy boobies. They were awesome.

Silk Spectre:I hate all of you. (She leaves for the darkness of the theatre)

Night Owl:Laurie, wait! (He follows)

The Comedian:This isn't working out.

Dr. Manhattan:I agree. The improvement to our public image based on this appearance is nominal.

Ozymandias:Oh hush, both of you. The more visible we are…

The Comedian:The less socially functional we appear to the public?

Ozymandias:Be quiet, I'm warning you..

The Comedian:Oh! He threatened me! He might be armed! Someone, please, check him for invertebrates!

Dr. Manhattan:Including Rorschach was poor planning.

Ozymandias:Why do you say that?

Dr. Manhattan:All of the paparazzi have broken fingers.

Paparazzi Reporter:YEAAHHHHH!

Rorschach:Will… not… be on… TMZ…