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Maximum Ride: The World Just Doesn't Stay Saved

Part 1: Flyboys, M-Geeks and Voices


I stood looking down over the canyon. With Fang I felt I could do anything, but can I?

We were looking at an enemy camp, chock full of Flyboys and our newest surprise, M-Geeks. They were nicely tucked in a small cove on the North Point on the Grand Canyon, so of course we had to stop for a visit.

Not before talking to my mom, of course. When we discussed it with her we agreed it should be a two-person operation. So, of course (I like that phrase "of course"), it was me and Fang who went, despite Angel's complaints. Apparently, I'm immune to her mind control.

So here we were, standing on the edge of North Point. Fang was trying to find the best way to break in while I was just staring at him. What? He's just so hot!

"Way in," Fang said shortly.

"Wha…?" I replied stupidly, not paying attention.

Then I noticed it too. On one side of the camp in the southwest corner, there was a single flyboy. A lone flyboy in the corner standing guard. Ugh! And I though robots were suppose to be smart!

How can you tell if it's not a trap? A familiar Voice said.

Look who decided to crash the party? I replied to the Voice. And look! It even speaks normal, too! I wonder if it noticed the sarcasm dripping all over those words.

No response. Oh well. I took its advice anyway.

"Fang, are you sure it's not a trap?"


He flew off with that one word. I sighed and followed him, hoping we'd be done by dinner.


We landed and crushed the lone flyboy almost as soon as we landed. Ironically, it wasn't an actual flyboy, but a cleverly disguised alarm. For once, Confucius was right. Soon after the alarm went off, all of the camp's occupants were surrounding us.

Inside my head, my mind was racing, trying to figure out which were Flyboys (luckily, they had no guns graphed into them) and which were M-Geeks. Once that was sorted out, I got into a fighting stance, ready to kill.

A flyboy started to come after me, but I quickly countered with a crushing blow to the neck. Then, KABLOOEY!!!!! After that, the fight really began. Robot parts and M-Geek blood went all over the place.

Mid-fight, I checked on Fang. He had a bunch of M-Geeks coming at him, in a line. Fang acted wisely and took a slide at them, hitting their ankles and making them blow up. I stared at him, watching his graceful fighting. But apparently, I was looking too long because I felt a searing pain in my stomach soon after and probably had a broken rib. I turned to see an M-Geek rearing up to give me another roundhouse kick. This time I was prepared and cut him off with a karate chop in the head, making a gooey explosion.

When all was said and done (10 minutes later), all you could see was carnage. I looked around casually for Fang, but didn't find him. The second look-through was a little more frantic and a lot more panicked. Then I shrieked when a "Boo!" echoed behind me. I turned around to see one of the rarest things in the world (right behind leprechauns), Fang laughing.

"Fang!" I yelled at him furiously, trying not to blush.

He got rid of all of his emotion with a shrug, and flew off again. How do I put up with this guy I thought to myself.

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