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Okay, now for the chapter that was (possibly) long-awaited chapter of Maximum Ride: The World Just Doesn't Stay Saved:


Fang did an uppercut to a nearby Roboall, while Iggy & Gazzy was trying to find their bombs which I have yet to confiscate from them (unfortunately, helped way too many times). Nudge... was just sitting there and continued eating her food. And Angel looked at the Flock in pity.

I called out to the Flock, "Get over here! NOW!" The Flock quickly came over here, the Roboalls chasing them. I looked at them and said, "Did I mention they're nearly indestructible."

They looked at me with annoyed expressions, except for Iggy, who didn't pay attention at all, muttling thorough Fang's can bag. Then a smile came across his face for no reason whatsoever, which could only mean one thing:

"FIRE IN THE HOLE!," Iggy shouted, sending us far behind him. He chucked his bomb far away into the Roboalls. It destroyed a good chunk of them, too. But it looked like the shock waves had the same affect as Angel's screaming. So I yelled out, "Charge!," And ran to the distracted Roboalls.

Everybody else looked at me like I was insane, but continued to follow me, probably because I had experience with them.

I roundhouse kicked one so hard it exploded on intact. This caused a chain reaction, as the shrapnel it this did enough damage to a fellow unit that it exploded. Oi. I wanted a challenge, I thought to myself. Hey, you can't blame me. If something that was suppose destroy you easily challenged you to a fight, you should be expecting that it knows how to fight, right?

Well guess what? I jinxed myself. The robots got over their frequency problems and shielded themselves from remaining shrapnel. Others flew away. While I didn't understand how that worked, I was quickly running out of ideas.

Doing a check, I saw that Iggy was struggling to find more bombs (Who knew? There was an end in his stash), Angel was looking distracted and Nudge was just talking, a lot. Gazzy was helping Fang with hitting Roboalls back into the water.

Water... oh ya, they're robots. They'd be electrocuted. So Fang didn't just randomly lose his brain. Wait! This gives me an idea.

I called out to the troops, "U & A!" They were well trained, and flew straight into the sky. I double checked over how my plane would go, then decided that it would work.

I called over Nudge. She looked at me questioningly. "What do you need from me? Why not Fang, or Iggy or-" I cut her off with an evil glare, then told her the plan I had in mind. She looked at me as if I went insane. "How am I suppose to do that; I'm not nearly strong enough.

"Well, how does shish kabob-ed sounded to you. Trust me, I'm running out of ideas so it's that or nothing. Capiche?"

She nodded and looked over the onslaught of Roboalls ahead of us. Without hesitation I screamed, "To the water; Nudge get in position."

The Flock followed my directions to this extent. I just waited for the Roboalls to come, so I could cue Nudge. They crept closer and closer into the trap, but not close enough for it to work. I changed my position to under Nudge because of gravitational purposes. The Roboalls were finally close enough now so I said to Nudge, "Okay... now!"

Nudge used her magnetic powers to shut down the close Roboalls' power and draw them to her, she struggled and lost altitude, which I stopped by holding onto her. After the Roboalls started coming at us, I commanded, "Retreat. Stat, Nudge!"

She stopped using her power to fly up in the air, me right behind her. The Roboalls had gotten their power once again. This didn't help them one bit, however, as they hit the ocean, electrocuting and exploding them.

I flew up with the rest of the Flock where they cheered Nudge for that 'awesome display of explosion'. I was just glad I didn't have to worry about those scrap metal anymore. I saw some dots on the horizon. I looked closer and scowled. They just had to get away, didn't they.

Wait, is one of the dots coming closer? Good thing we had Nudge. It spoke before Nudge could attack. "Information file for: MAXIMUM RIDE. Uploading, uploading, complete."

It showed Ter Borcht, "Vello, vou vittle scum. Vit seems vat vou has deveated me. Hovever! Vat is not de end. Vou hashe no more plot in my plot. Vou vill just ve an annoyance, vike the vittle menacing vird-keed vou ahr. Veanwhile, I vill use my arhmae to vule de vorld! Vee vou soon."

It shut off while I was in shock. Of course, it had to start counting down to zero at a fast pace, so I just hit its head and sent it on an express trip to the ocean. But back to the important part.

How is it that everytime I think I gain ground on an enemy that they suddenly change course. First, his plan is to destroy us with little bases. Then he captures Angel and makes the flock chase him. Then, after I kill him, he somehow just decides that taking over the world is a good idea again. Make up your mind you people. Know how annoying that is. Well... maybe you don't, but I certainly do!

Well, now we're whole as a Flock, but really, the world just doesn't stay saved, does it.

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