- - - - - - - - - -

sunflowered vodka,
i can't help wanting you.

- - - - - - - - - -

vodka is... all over your breath.
and, as much as i know you've stopped getting drunk hundreds of years ago,
i wanted something to blame.
and the bottle was in your hand -
that made it easy.

you taste like sunflowers.
odd, isn't it? considering the vodka.
but you crush my lips with yours,
and that's what i get -
beautiful, golden fields, kissed by sunshine, and so rich in those striking flowers.

your touch is a painful magic.
it is both black and white,
both good and bad.
both healing, and hurtful.
but i can't tell which is worse, or which is better, but i do know i crave it all.

they think i'm crazy, to come back to you again.
they know of my scars - they tried to talk me out of it.
but it doesn't work.
there's a method to your madness; i know it.

you care.




lol debut into hetalia?! bahaha. nikki's supah - happy.
don't ask where it came from, please.
i have no effin' idea. it just did. and i liked it.
and jassu liked it. so here it is. poor toris. /3
i feel so, so bad for him. -le sigh-
anywho. axis powers hetalia doesn't belong to me. (unfortunately)
however, the text, kinda does. y'know? :D
& thanks for reading ~