You know, there was another reason why Namikaze Minato was called…

Yellow Flash
By Kaori

Iwa shinobi ran frantically through their village hopelessly trying to catch up to the assailant who had been wreaking havoc within their home for the last thirty minutes.

"That blonde bastard couldn't have gotten far!" growled a chunin, looking around wildly for any sign of his quarry. "Damn him!"

"KYAAAAAAAH!" a woman screamed to the east. Immediately the chunin ran towards the source of the sound, unfortunately he got their too late and the woman's prone form was the only evidence that something had occurred there.

A jounin showed up moments later.

"He got another one." Scowled the chunin, cradling the woman in his arms. "I think she'll recover soon, she's only unconscious."

"I'm going to rip off his balls and feed them to him when I get my hands on him." Swore the jounin. "He got my sister too."

Four more screams alerted the two ninja to the location of the next incident. This time they manage to catch a glimpse of the attacker before he had completely left the scene of his crime. More women's bodies littered the ground.

"COME BACK HERE AND FIGHT COWARD!" raged a pair of chunin who were now joined by the jounin and chunin pair.

"After him!" ordered the jounin. "Don't let him get away!"

Fifty feet ahead of them, a young Iwa chunin was on the lookout for the troublesome intruder when the sound of footsteps behind her made her turn around. It all happened so quickly but not so fast that she didn't get a very good look at her assailant.

"KYAAAAAAAAA!" she screamed and she lost her senses.

This happened about thirty-six more times before the enemy finally decided to leave the village, Iwa ANBU on his tail. It would be noted later that they never came back.

Back in the village the women who had been attacked were all regaining consciousness but…

"So….hot…" moaned one.

"So very, very hot…" agreed another, staring dreamily off into space.

"I wouldn't mind if he came by again…especially if he's…" said a third, then suddenly broke off into rather excited giggling.

"They're all like this." Grumbled a male medic-nin, glaring at the women in disgust.

"It kinda makes you feel…emasculated." Another complained. "I mean, this one girl couldn't stop talking about how bi…"

"Don't remind me!" glared the first medic-nin. "Curse you Namikaze Minato! How dare you come here and flash all our women!"