[Author's Note] The song mentioned is the music usually played during an awesome scene of Romeo x Juliet -just finished watching the anime and lurved it- It can be heard here. ( h t t p : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = d W T n q Q 9 - G p c ). Personally, I love the song and I have actually almost fallen asleep listening to it (and that's saying something because I can never get that lulled while listening to music). I will not be working on fan-fictions for a while because I will be working on my book so it may be a little while until anything comes up. Trust me when I say there are many ideas waiting in the wings to be written so writer's block for ideas shouldn't be a problem when I come back at full-speed. Enjoy the epilogue and thank you so much for all the reviews, comments, and favoriting! [/Author's Note]


Haruhi rushed out of her bedroom in a near-panic. "Tamaki," she called loudly, "Mori! Honey!" She rushed down the hall and began to zip down the main staircase.

Kaoru stepped out from around a corner. "Haruhi, what's wrong?"

"Where's Tamaki?" she asked quickly. "I can't find the--"

Tamaki followed Kaoru's entrance, balancing a ten-month-old baby on his hip. "He's right here, don't worry," he assured.

She sighed a breath of relief and relaxed instantly. "You scared me." She combed her fingers through her hair as she walked calmly the rest of the way down the stairs. "Why didn't you wake me up?"

"You looked tired so I thought I'd let you sleep in for once," Tamaki replied. "And you didn't oversleep by much, really."

The brown-haired baby boy held out his arms for Haruhi, leaning drastically out of his father's arms. "Mom-mom," he gurgled.

Tamaki chuckled and passed the baby to Haruhi. "We were just too excited to sleep as long as you."

She set the boy on the bump known as her abdomen to hug the excited child. "I worry," she admitted matter-of-factly.

"Then don't," Tamaki replied. "I can handle things once and a while, too."

Kaoru led the way to the dining hall to resume eating his breakfast. Tamaki and Haruhi entered the dining hall behind him, and Haruhi greeted, "Good morning, Hikaru."

He was standing from his seat, finished with his food. "'Morning," he echoed. He approached Haruhi as she sat down to eat. "Since you guys have to head out soon, why don't I take him while you eat and get ready?"

"If you want," Haruhi answered.

Hikaru held his hands out. "Want to play with Uncle Hikaru?" he cooed.

The boy gurgled happily and stretched his arms up to Hikaru from his mother's lap, convincing Haruhi to pass him over. "Thanks," she said.

"You're welcome," he replied. When he turned and walked away, he puffed out his cheeks for the baby to giddily poke. As the air deflated, Hikaru made a noise with his lips that sent the boy into fits of laughter. The two repeated the exercise several times on the way out of the room.

Tamaki took a seat near her and unfolded a napkin in his lap. "He's an energetic one," he smiled at the thought of his son.

Flattening a napkin in her lap, she glanced in the direction Hikaru had left. "I'm so glad they get along like that. Hikaru really likes Aisoku."

"It's a wonder he likes anyone other than your dad with how much he tries to smother the poor kid," he teased. "At least Hikaru is spending more time with him now."

She laughed before transferring a few pancakes to her plate. "How long do we have until the grand opening? I didn't look at a clock."

"We have plenty of time to eat, get dressed, and take a carriage over," he assured.

Kaoru poked at his food. He was on a strict diet of fruit and vegetables. A recent illness had drained him of his iron and vitamins, so he was required to stay on this diet to regain optimum health. Hikaru had stayed with him the entire time, which is the reason he had not been spending time with Aisoku. He ate sparsely at the remnants on his plate. The menu options for him didn't interest him. He concluded to delay the action with conversation.

"It's really great that you're opening up orphanages and shelters in the kingdom," Kaoru commented.

"Tamaki's mother gave me the idea," she replied in a garble from the food in her mouth. Swallowing the chewed piece of pancake, she took a drink to clear her throat. "I'm just glad the first one is finally finished!"

"Did you name it after your mother?" he asked.

"No, actually," she said with a distant gaze into her pancakes, "I'm waiting for the first shelter for her. I decided to name the first orphanage after someone else."


She speared a piece of pancake with her fork. "Naomi," she muttered.

Kaoru didn't seem to know how to respond and glanced to the king for assistance. Tamaki reacted to both by reaching his hand across the table to take Haruhi's. When she looked up, he smiled.

"I think that's a wonderful name," he said.

She smiled sheepishly back. "Thank you."

Kaoru quickly finished off his breakfast to meet his doctor for a checkup on his condition. "Have fun at the grand opening," he announced, "You'll have to let me know how it went when you get back."

"We will," Tamaki replied.

"I hope your appointment goes well," Haruhi added.

He nodded and rose from his seat. Kaoru stacked his dishes neatly to ease the servants' cleanup, and he left the dining hall.

Haruhi ate her breakfast quickly so she would have extra time to dress and assure her son was ready, as well. Tamaki had already dressed so he had their transportation prepared in his extra time. Haruhi relieved Hikaru of Aisoku so he could be present during Kaoru's appointment as he wished.

In her room, she slipped on a simple, earth-green maternity dress that Mrs. Hitachiin made for her in her last pregnancy. She slipped a navy-blue pair of shorts on Aisoku with a canary-yellow shirt. She didn't attempt to put socks or shoes on him because he was apparently on a quest to remove them to play with his feet lately, and she didn't want to lose the clothing in the process. After putting yellow ribbons on her low pigtails whose color matched her son's shirt, she scooped him up and left the bedroom.

Once she arrived in the main hall, she set Aisoku down on the floor to stretch his legs since he was growing antsy. She knelt on the floor beside him to support his hands while he practiced standing. She waited and waited for Tamaki to appear and wondered where he could be.

Little to her knowledge, he had been waiting around the corner to enter and sat at the piano while escaping his wife's attention. His fingers began to glide along the keys blissfully and naturally without thought. It was one of his favorites that he remembered his mother would ask him to play when she wanted to sleep or relax.

Aisoku was the first to notice it and pulled at his mother in the piano's direction. Haruhi gently lowered his hands to the floor so he could crawl quickly to the piano bench while she followed on foot. She watched him grab the seat and wobble to his feet, bouncing happily side-to-side with a wide grin. Standing behind them, she smiled and listened.

"What song is this?" she asked quietly to not interrupt.

"It's called 'Deai,'" he answered. Tamaki smiled to himself. "It means something along the lines of 'fateful encounter,' I believe."

"It's beautiful."

Haruhi scooped up her son to sit in her lap when she sat on the bench to Tamaki's left. After watching his father's fingers press the keys, Aisoku was inspired to try, as well. He lifted both hands into the air and brought them down dramatically on the keys. The noise made him giggle and laugh excitedly, so he did it again. He found it so fascinating that his hands quickly became like jumping beans over the instrument.

Tamaki quieted his song to a halt to allow his son the pleasure of banging away at the piano. He smiled over at Haruhi and wrapped his arms around her waist, his right hand resting on her round abdomen in the space between her and their son in his place on her knee. She rested her head against his shoulder.

"Kyoya said it's going to be a girl," Tamaki said. "Have you thought of a name?"

She shook her head. "Not yet. You?"

He shook his head, as well.

Aisoku looked back at them and chirped, "Look! Look!"

Tamaki nodded and said enthusiastically, "I see! Hey, try this." He removed his arms from Haruhi to lift his son up, meeting a brief shriek of protest, and set him on his own lap. "Now try."

He hit the keys again and squealed in delight at the difference in pitch. Both parents smiled at his joy. Tamaki put his arm around Haruhi and began to stroke her bangs gently, nuzzling her hair. Smells from her strawberry shampoo filled his nose.

Kyoya entered and cleared his throat. "Excuse me, your majesties: the carriage is ready."

"Are you ready?" Tamaki asked.

Haruhi looked up at him, allowing his hand to fall from her face to her neck. "Yes."

He pressed his lips to her exposed forehead. "All right."