Edward leaves again, this time for another of his kind. Bella hates him, but she's pregnant with his child. He doesn't know. Will he realize what a mistake he made when he sees Bella years later?!

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Ch 1 How could he?

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I couldn't believe it NO this was not happening. He wouldn't do this to me I know he wouldn't or at least I think he wouldn't. I was starting to hyperventilate AGAIN that would be the 3rd time today. Oh no going too far no with the hyperventilating "Calm Bella calm down" I kept chanting to myself. We were engaged of course he wouldn't do this to you he was the one who wanted to get married or at least he did. I don't believe this. I woke up this morning from the best night of my life Edward had finally given me what I wanted but his cold hard arms were not wrapped around me like usual. This was a bad sign a very bad sign I knew something was wrong. The first thing I taught was "Oh God what did you do this time Bella" I thought vigorously at myself. I rolled over to see his face but it wasn't there I fumbled around and after a few seconds found a letter on my pillow addressed to me it said:


I am so sorry I had to leave you this way but I thought it would be for the best. A clean break. I love you in a way and I always will but I found out last night that you can't satisfy me enough. A couple of months ago on a hunting trip I met one of our kind her name is Jamie. She is from Ireland, Europe I'm marring her the day our wedding was supposed to be. I have moved on after all you are just a human. My family are coming with us they are behind me all the way. Sorry.


This wasn't happening this couldn't have been happening it was 2 weeks until the wedding. It's just a joke, it's just a joke I kept telling myself but there was a voice in my head screaming at me saying It's true you idiot why would he ever have liked you anyway you're just plain old Bella he could have someone of his kind who is much more interesting. And guess what? He has it's true he left you! All of a sudden I started crying when I realised the voice was right, I cried for 4 days straight - I didn't sleep - I didn't eat - I didn't get up, I just lay in bed I couldn't believe he did this to me after everything we had been through together, after all the I love you's and all the Forever's I just couldn't get my head around it. Worst of all Alice my supposed to be best friend and soon-to-be sister in-law knew about Edwards little affair and she didn't tell me she didn't even say goodbye or leave a note. Nothing.

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