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Chapter 3: The result.

I couldn't look at them I was frozen in place I couldn't move. Angela looked happy after she looked at the tests so I questioned her

"Good or Bad?"

She ran over to me and said "What do you mean Bells do you want a baby or not?"

I didn't know the answer to that particular question so I tried again

"Positive or negative?" I asked.

She answered me with a smile playing on her lips.

"Positive on both!"

I dropped to the floor I was lying there crying, mumbling "No no why me what did I do?" Angela was comforting me when I realised this baby was not going to be normal, it would be half human- half vampire. All I was thinking was What will I do? I can't no I won't kill it. I don't have enough money to bring it up!! No, no why me?? I jumped up and stopped crying and spoke to Angela in a low whisper even though Charlie was at work.

"Ange I have to get out of here now I have to run away somewhere anywhere. Charlie can't find out." I sobbed.

"I'm coming with you!" She replied.

Was this girl out of her mind. "Ange you can't give up your family and Ben for a friend."

"Bells I'm coming my parents are getting a divorce - they are fighting over who gets the kids at the moment I'm just in the way!"

"Ben?" I said. I knew this would make her see sense her and Ben had been dating since the first time I got with Edward.

All of a sudden she started crying oh no I don't believe this. Something bad happened. "Ben…broke…up…w-with…mee…3...days…ago!" She said between sobs.

"Why?" was all I could say.


I couldn't say anything I comforted her for ages after about 1 hour of sitting on my floor with Angela in my arms crying she stopped. I said

"Come on lets go downstairs we'll go to the shop get chocolate, smarties and m&m's. Then we'll go and rent some movies drive to your place you can get your stuff then we can have a single-ladies night in."

She laughed "That sounds like fun Bells except have you seen the state of us."

We laughed together this time I looked in the mirror - My eyes were huge and red, my cheeks were blotchy and my lips were puffy. Angela was the same but she had mascara running down her cheeks.

"I don't care let people think what they want." I said.

She washed her mascara off then we went 1 hour later we were back. Angela has half a closet here now and I'm bringing half of mine to her house tomorrow so we can sleep in either place. We made our plan of how to get away.

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