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Chapter 5



Previously on Not again…

I was awoken by the pilot coming on the speaker and saying

"Can everybody please put on your seatbelts as we are now preparing to land in……

…… Italy" ( AN: I know some of you didn't want this but it was the way I imagined this story from the very beginning!! And yes, Edward and family will be coming back just give it a try!! Please!!)

I looked over at Angela to see that she was still sleeping, I leaned over and shook her

"Ange, Ange, come on!! Wake up." I said

"Huh whats wrong?!" she asked groggily, sleep evident in her voice.

"Nothing, were landing hun that's all. you need to put on your belt." I said quietly

"Oh thanks Bella!" She said sitting up straight and clipping her belt in to place.

"That's okay!" I said.

We then landed with a thud I might add. As soon as the belt light was turned off Angela and I were out of our seats I grabbed my backpack and Angela's, as I handed it to her she said thanks. We walked down the set of steps and into the airport, the weather was nice here it was sunny and warm. We walked through the terminals to get to the baggage claim belt. when we got there it was already surrounded by people. I looked around there seemed to be no-one at one corner so I nudged Angela and pointed over. She nodded and we walked over there was loads of bags going around on it but I couldn't see ours. Angela's was a {insert description here} and mine was a {insert description here}.

After about 20 minutes I finally seen them coming down the belt to us Angela's was in front so she reached out and grabbed it. Mine came then and I reached over to grab it I caught it by the handles and pulled it as I put it on the ground beside me, I felt something move in my stomach. I looked down at my stomach and noticed that there was a bump forming already. Again there was that tiny movement in the side of my stomach (AN: sorry don't know exactly where a baby kicks.) I put my hand on the place and there was a little fluttering against my hand. OMG my baby was kicking. I looked at Angela and she was looking at me as if she was studying me.

"Ange, the baby just kicked!" I said with a huge smile. Her jaw dropped

"What?" I heard her exclaim. I grabbed her hand and put it on my stomach, the light fluttering started again. She looked up at me smiling widely

"I love it already!" She whispered, I knew Ange loved this baby already, from the day she thought I was pregnant, that day she checked the tests because I couldn't and when she seen they were all positive she was ecstatic.

"Me too, Ange!" I said as I rubbed the bump soothingly.

"Bells, we have to go its getting dark outside." Angela said, looking out the huge window behind me. I turned and looked out too the sun was starting to set.

"Okay, lets go." I said easily.

We walked to the huge glass revolving door and stepped in. When we got out the other side I looked around and spotted what I was looking for I saw that Ange was looking in the same direction. We started walking over to the line of cabs, dragging our cases behind us. When we were near the first cab an old-ish man probably in his late 60's hopped out and ran over to us

"Let me take those for you, they look heavy!" he said while taking our bags and putting them in the trunk of his cab. Then he added "Especially for you miss!" while looking at me.

"Excuse me!" I said

"Well it makes it quite obvious that your pregnant when you walk around with your hand on your baby bump." he exclaimed I looked down I hadn't taken my hand off the bump.

"Oh sorry, for being rude." I said ashamed at myself that I had talked to a man old enough to my dad rudely.

"That's okay it comes with the hormones, I should know my daughter is pregnant aswell." he laughed. "Where are you girls going?" he asked.

"Errm what's the name of it again bells?" Angela asked she could never remember the name because we always told our parents that we were going to Ireland, to study in Trinity College Dublin.

"The clock tower in the middle of Volterra!" I said easily,

"That's fine, it'll be €45 though for the two of you!" (AN: I don't know how much that would actually be.!)

"That's fine." I replied easily.

"Hop in then."

We learned alot about the taxi driver on they way, his name was Paulo, he had 3 daughthers - 1 was 24 another 18 and the last 15 the 18 yr old was pregnant just like me except she didnt have a half vampire baby. We were in the car about 30 minutes when i seenthe clock tower Finally i thought. we got out of the car and went to the trunk Paulo handed us our bags and a card

"if you ever need a taxi ring this number and you'll get me." he said

"Thank you." i said "Here you go keep the change." i said while handing him a €50 note.

"Thanks" he said then he got in th car. Angela and i just watched the car fade into the darkness, then i turned to her and said

"You ready?"

"Yea are you?"

"Yea" i re plied theni turned to look at the alley where i had once found Edward.

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