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Previously on Not Again!

"Yea" I replied then I turned to look at the alley where I had once found Edward.

Chapter 6 : This is it.

I dragged my suitcase and crossed the road with Angela behind me, we stood at the entrance looking in it was really dark inside and I was straining my eyes to see if I could see anyone. There was no-one that I could see but then I saw 2 familiar silhouettes gliding toward us. I froze up they were getting closer they were close enough now so I could see their outline. I recognised these 2 it was Demetri and Felix.

They stepped out of the shadows

"Bella?" they both said at the same time.

"Hey Felix, Hi Demetri!" I said back

"Hey Bella, What are you doing here?" Demetri said

"I have to see Aro immediately it's very important."


"Hey Bella, Who's this?" Felix said looking at Angela

"Ohh this is my best friend Angela, Angela this is Demetri and Felix!"

"Hi" she said nervously, Felix picked up on this and looked at me then back at her then back to me.

"Bella," he said carefully "Does she know?"

"Yes" I replied easily I nearly laughed at Demetri's face his jaw was nearly touching the ground.

"Oooh someone's gonna be in trouble!" Felix exclaimed in a baby voice. Demetri had recovered by now and had slapped Felix across the back of his head, then he turned to me

"Ignore him he's an idiot. But Bella, Why does she know?"

"That's actually what I need to talk to Aro about. But I'm sure you'll find out soon enough!"

"Oh okay, Aro will be delighted to see you he hasn't stopped talking about you since you left!"

"Is that good or bad?" I asked confused

"I'm actually not sure." Demitri chuckled out. Felix laughed while angela and I giggled.

"Do you know where the best hotel around here is, so we can leave our bags there?" I asked

"Don't be silly, Aro won't make you pay to stay in a hotel. You'll stay here. Felix bring their bags." Demetri said. Then Felix picked up our bags and disappeared.

"Are you sure?" I asked

"Yesss Bella. I'm positive. Aro would have my head if it was any other way!"

"Okay then." Just hen Felix arrived back.

"Stop fretting bella. I just talked to Aro well he read my thoughts but anyway he's ecstatic that you're here but a little curious as to why Angela knows." He said as he approached "Lets go!"

Demetri started down the alley so Angela and I followed about 2 steps down the alley we both stumbled, she grabbed my arm and I clung onto her jacket, we were still falling when two stone cold hands flew around my waist. I turned to see Demetri

smiling brightly.

Felix chuckled and said "You 2 were made to be best friends, you're both klutz's.

I turned around about to give out but stopped short when I seen Felix's hands around Angela's waist her head was facing him but her body was facing toward Demetri and I their eyes were locked and they were leaning toward each other a smirk spread across his face when Angela's breathing hitched this caused her to smile up at him. Just then Demetri cleared his throat Angela blushed and backed away. Felix gave him a dirty look then cleared his throat

"What?" Demetri and I said together

Then he looked at my waist. Oh shit. He didn't notice did he. Oh no, he can't know I'm pregnant before Aro. I was brought out of my thoughts when Demetri said "Sorry" and removed his hands. Oh so that's what he was talking about. Thank God.

"S'okay" I said easily with a shrug.

"Lets go" Felix said and walked in front guiding Angela.

We walked through the alley and came to the all to familiar hole in the ground, Felix let go of Angela and slipped through gracefully then I said

"Ange, don't worry Felix will catch you!"

"You're coming right?"

"Of course I am." I replied. Then Demetri picked her up and slipped her through the hole. She yelped but then said thanks, so Felix must have caught her. Then Demetri turned to face me

"You ready?"


He then slipped me through and I landed in Felix's arms. He put me down and then the light from the hole was gone Demetri must have come down and put the lid back on.

"Lets go" Demetri said as he stood beside me. We walked down the long dark sewer and finally reached the waiting area. I noticed Gianna was still here and she looked really happy about something. Felix picked up on this and said

"Whats got you so perky and happy?"

"Aro decided to keep me" she was literally bouncing up and down I giggled and said

"That's great Gianna!"

"Oh my god Bella How are you?" She asked

"I'm good"

"That's good, Aro is waiting for you's" She said nicely

We walked down the hall until we came to the 2 all-to-familiar Dark wooden doors. Demetri knocked and then entered the room with us following behind.

"Bella, it's so nice to see you." Aro's voice came from across the room then he was holding my hand.

"You too Aro." I said

"Still nothing my dear!" he said with a sigh as he let go of my hand. "And who is this?" he said gesturing to Angela.

"This is my best friend Angela, Angela this is Aro." Aro tried to take her hand but I stopped him.

"Aro I'd like to explain why we are here rather than have you here it in Angela's thoughts."

"Oh okay go ahead" he replied as he walked back to his thrown.

"Okay 1st things first Edward and I are no longer together" I said there was gasps and a few I told you so's but I continued. "Here goes…"

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