Ever since I moved in with my father Charlie Swan, the Chief of police, Forks has been my second home for a year and a half now. I made my decision to spend some time with my father, to give my mother Renee, some time with her new husband Phil. Phil plays in the minor leagues and is constantly on the road. My mother says that she is ok at home with me but, I know different. Renee was just an open book, as I supposedly was. I came up with the ideal to move to Forks, and was taking no arguments, in which Renee did not fight against. So now, I have been in forks for a little while, and my life has gone through several changes. I met Edward Cullen, the schools hottest bachelor, and for some unknown reason, he wanted to know me too. I found out later that he was a vampire, which I fell in love with, and him with me. After an incident that occurred on my 18th birthday, the love of my life and my new family, up and left me. I take that back, they left us behind, and everything in my life, started to fall apart. As I sit here in my room contemplating what I am to do now, I know I must make an unforgivable decision; The decision of me, leaving Forks behind, along with my Dad and friends. One should never experience this much pain that I feel now, to have to, leave my father behind is unbearable. I know in my heart it is for the best, and I know he will forgive this decision in time. I could never forgive myself, if I were to take Charlie's life. I know one option that is not up for consideration, to terminate my pregnancy. I have no choice, and now stand by my final decision. I will keep everyone safe, my unborn child, and my beloved father, by leaving forks for good………

BPOV (Flashback Bella's 18th birthday)

I never thought that my life would end up being so distraught. My God, I have to be the world's unhappiest and most unluckiest person alive. I have changed my own destiny from having the love of my life, to ultimately losing everything that I cared most for, all from a single mistake. It was my 18th birthday and I woke up feeling so old. My Vampire boyfriend and eternal love of my life, Edward Cullen, had been changed at the age of 17 years of age. The thought of me being older than him, had been eating away at me for a while. Edward himself refuses to change my dilemma, by turning me into a vampire. This is the one true thing that I desire, to spend eternity with him. Unfortunately, Edward feels that if he changes me, than he is taking away my soul, and he can't have that on his conscience. Imagine that! I have been introduced to a world that only existed in books and movies, and I had to fall in love with the only vampire with a conscience, so unfair. It is the morning of my 18th birthday, and by no means, am I leaving the confounds of my bed. Unfortunately, for me that just isn't not going to happen, with Edward around.

"Get up Bella, we have to go to school eventually some time today", Edward said.

"No we don't"!

"Bella, we have had this discussion a million times, I know it is your birthday and you are not happy that it is, but really your age does not matter to me, I am 108 and I feel great"!

"Yeah trapped in a seventeen year old body, Edward I am aging rapidly, I can see wrinkles forming".

He chuckled loudly I must add. "Bella you are utterly absurd, now get up or I will get you up".

"Why Mr. Cullen is that a promise" I leaned in and touched my lips to his, with a wicked smile attached. "You are always so ruled by your hormones". Edward showed me his crocked smile at this comment. "Bella, how am I going to give you my surprise later today, if you don't get a move on".

" I told you not to spend any money on me, you promised".

"What makes you think that I bought it? I could have already had it".

"Fine you win, but this argument is not over".

I jumped out of bed, gathering my clothes and bathroom accessories, and headed across the hall to the bathroom. Once out the shower, I brushed my teeth and got dressed. Charlie was already gone to work, before I woke everyday, so Edward as a daily routine, made my usual toast, butter, jelly, small bowl of cereal, and a large glass of OJ. After breakfast was done we headed off to school. Forks was usually cloudy today, but this was the norm of the here, this made it livable for Edward and his family, to interact with humans in the daytime. Edwards's family was different from any other vampires that existed, except for a few others, that have vowed to abstain from human blood by hunting animals instead. They wanted to keep their humanity as much as possible, and make the best of what they were given in this life. As we pulled into the parking lot of Forks high School, I could not help but see Alice, Edwards's youngest sister and my best friend, bouncing as we pulled in.

"Bella Bella, Happy Birthday"! She has so much enthusiasm, one would wonder if it was her birthday instead. "Bella, what do you have on? I gave instruction for you to wear the outfit I bought you for your birthday today".

"Alice it totally skipped my mind, I am so sorry" I tried my best to give my best apologetic look. Edward just laughed and kissed my forehead saying "let's get to class before we are late".

"Bella I will see you at lunch, we will discuss a change of clothing for this evenings eve…." Alice trailed off, as Edward gave her a fierce look.


"It is nothing, I'll tell you at lunch",

I knew Edward was hiding no response on the subject; he walked me to my first class and gave me a kiss goodbye. Classes went by slowly today, aside from the crude comments of Lauren and Jessica. I knew both of them were jealous of me and Edwards's relationship. I watched the clock on the wall man, 'lunch could not get here any faster if I say so myself', I thought. Finally the bell rung and as I walked out my English class, my knight in shining armor was leaned against the door waiting for me as usual. We kissed and continued to the cafeteria. The lunch room had its usual clicks that sat at their own distinct tables, and of course, it was no different from ours. Edward's other siblings, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie took their place at the table furthest in the corner of the cafeteria, while Edward, myself, Alice, Ben and Angela made up our little table click.

"So Bella what are you going to do for your birthday today" I knew Angela knew how I hated parties, but she was happy to hear if I was planning something different.

I turned to Edward and Alice who was smiling a little too much.

"I really don't know, but if it is up to me nothing, and I do mean nothing" Imade sure to narrow my eyes at both of them.

"Bella is just coming over our house to spend some time with our family" Alice said, but I knew better.

"Really, just spending some normal time like I do any other time with the family right" I could not resist; I knew it was a long shot.

"Oh Bella calm down, what kind of best friend would I be if I did not give my best friend some attention on her birthday".

Edward leaned in and kissed my head and whispered to me "it will be no big deal I promise you, we did what you asked not to go over board on your birthday".

"Well now that is settled I will see you Bella tonight at 6pm sharp and wear that outfit, I have to see jazz before he heads to his next class".

"Bye Alice "the table responded in unison.

Lunch went by faster after Edward managed to dazzle me, in which calmed my nerves for this evening's event. He never played fair and knew all it ever took was one look and his smell, would make me forgot what's on my mind. He did this a lot, when trying to avoid any of my wraths. If you can call it that, but dealing with a vampire, I was more like a kitten as suppose to a lion. School finally ended, and we headed to the parking lot to go home. Edward stopped at the passenger's side, the gentleman he was, and opened the door for me, while kissing my hand. He always made me feel like a queen in his presence, to him, I was his angel sent from heaven, as he once told me. Edward has always believed that he was a monster and did not deserve the good things in life. Though it has been a slow process I have managed to show him that it is not true, and that he deserves happiness too.

As we approached my house, I noticed that Edward had stiffened. I had to find out why, so I turned to see what could cause him to look so disgusted. Parked in my driveway was a red Volkswagen bug, and leaned against it was my friend, Jacob Black. To me he was my best friend, but to Edward he was referred to as the Cullen's sworn enemy, a werewolf. Wahoo man, my birthday just keeps getting better. Now I wonder, can I just keep them from fighting!