"Bella" my father's voice seemed worn as he said my name.

"Bella I know you are pregnant with Edward Cullen's child, please come home, we can work through this. I can help you. Bella I love you, please come home" He knew, but how did he find out? I was brought out of my wonderings, when I heard the next words from my father's mouth, but he wasn't speaking to me.

"Leave now or I will use this. I don't want to hurt you young man" Someone was in the house, and from the sounds of it, Charlie did not let him in. I actually feared for that stupid soul, because my father was a man of his word. Charlie would shoot him. I listened closely to hear why he was in our home in the first place. "Our home" brought tears to my eyes; I missed my home and Charlie so much. Listening further to the conversation, and with nothing else was being said, I sadly knew my message was over, but then I heard a loud crashing sound. I just knew something had shattered, but was unprepared for the blood curling scream of my father Charlie. My face drained of color as I knew something was terribly wrong.

"Dad"! I screamed into the phone, like he was on the other end and could hear me. Oh God, please let him be alright, I chanted over and over, as tears began to stream down my face in droves.

More screams came across the phone from my father, and then my heart stopped, as I heard a voice that I never wanted to hear again. "That must have really hurt", she paused "Humans are just so fragile". No! Victoria had Charlie; I slumped onto the steering wheel crying, and with shaking hands, held on to the only life line I would have of my father. I knew without a doubt this was my fault and I was about to loose my father.

Charlie's voice held his pain as he spoke, "What do you want?

"Oh, I have a lot, that I need from you, but first, where, is that daughter of yours? Bella, I believe is her name?" She was there for me

"I won't tell you anything" Charlie screamed at her as the voicemail continued.

"Oh wrong answer, but no worries, you will tell me everything I need to know". Charlie's agonizing screams, were the last thing I heard before the message ended. My body shook uncontrollably. I was barely holding myself together. What had I done? I left Charlie, to protect him, and because of me. I could not finish that thought. I had to find out if my father was still alive, though my subconscious knew he wasn't. I don't know how long I sat in my truck just crying, I was awakened from my stupor when hands reached around me and lifted me to their chest. Edward's comfort was all that registered as he carried me into our home.


Bella had been sleep now for 3 hours. Her body needed the rest as it had shut down from all the emotions of that call. I remember earlier as I spoke with Carlisle in his study. I walked to his study and knocked even though he already knew I was there.

"Come in" stated Carlisle. I walked in and took a seat right in front his cherry wood desk.

"Edward I have heard back from some of my acquaintances about our old legends, and though it was difficult, I managed to find one that knew some of our legends, before the Volturi gained power" I was intrigued and yet nervous as Carlisle was not letting his feelings show.

"What is it, that you have found" Carlisle leaned forward connecting his hands like a person about to tell a tale.

"Son, this may be a concern for our family and as such, we will also need the input of all the family. My very old friend from France Pierre, is a history scholar of sorts for our kind, and has seen scrolls that have been lost to us for sometime now, as he is even older then the Volturi. In my earlier years there were talks of myths of an ancient scroll from the reign of our creators that was said to hold a prophecy for the future of our kind. I heard these rumors while I spent my time in Europe, but over time the Volturi, have discredited such notions".

Ok not what I was expecting, but I knew this was leading up to something that deep down I knew was going to be a good thing, or my worst nightmare among other things.

"Ok Carlisle I know this is leading somewhere" Carlisle smiled and sat back still with his hands together giving nothing away.

"Well it is son, patience. Being that the Volturi are also themselves among the very old, many of the myths were never given any further thoughts. It was around that time that I met Pierre and learned many wonderful things, about our history and how we have evolved. Pierre has not been seen in sometime now, but it is not unusual for him to be consumed in history and loose track of time".

Carlisle stopped and at that time I was screaming in my head why won't he just spit it out, and why was he making this like a history lesson. The smirk on his face showed me he was enjoying my frustrations.

"You're enjoying my frustrations aren't you" Carlisle smirked again

"Ok Edward but I was having fun. What I learned is that Pierre is a lot smarter then he leads on to be. I got word from an anonymous message where to find Pierre. I went to the location and was met by my friend Pierre. He had sent the message"

I was confused as to why the cloak and dagger ". Why did he not just come forth, is he in danger of someone?"

"This is where my story takes a turn in the interesting factor. You see Pierre has been approached by the Volturi, they were looking for a certain scroll that we were lead to believe as a myth. Though Pierre did not divulge what the scroll held he also believes that the Volturi have in possession of that very scroll, and have had it for quite some time"

"Why would they discredit the myth if they themselves had it all along. The fact that they searched for it says they knew it was real from the start" Something tells me that this was going to be my worst nightmare

"Edward, Pierre purposely withheld the information from the Volturi. He felt the information that the scrolls contained, the Volturi would never let it come to past, and would do anything to stop this particular prophecy". Now my mind was on alert, but before I could question Carlisle any further I heard Charlie's screams. I had blocked out everything else listening to Carlisle, because call it intuition, I knew this involved my new family, and it was not going to be good.

"Edward go to Bella she needs you now!" Alice screamed in my head, and more screaming and then the one voice that I was not expecting; Victoria. This was not the way I wanted Bella to find out about Charlie's death, and right now my heart was breaking for her.

I got to my wife in record time. I opened the car door, and wrapped my armed around her body and carefully lifted her into my arms. At the time she was in hysterics, and unaware of my presence, but she needed to be comforted none the less.

"Edward take her to bed she will be out for some time, and then we can talk" Alice stated

After laying Bella in bed, I also went to check on my children. They were all lined up once again in their bouncers listening to grandma reading them a very animated children's story, as if they understood her, hmm very peculiar. I kissed each baby and Esme on the cheek, and left them to continue their grandma time

"Alice has there been any change?" I asked as I entered their room.

"Edward something has changed and I can't see what causes it. There are just so many holes with the wolves and whomever is blocking my visions". There was something she was not telling me, as her mind was on repeat

"Alice what are you not telling me?" I asked her, but her facial feature fell and so did her veil on her mind. I saw images of a battle being played out but she was right there were several gaps in the vision, but the one thing I did see with clarity, My wife laying in the nursery floor drained


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