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Chapter 1: Host

Nighttime in Konoha was peaceful for a certain blonde haired genin. Naruto was outside of Konoha at the moment. He was going to his usual training spot, which was in a secluded part of the forests outside of Konoha. Naruto preferred to train outside of Konoha because it was the only way he could fully train himself without being seen without his "restraint." Once in the clearing Naruto formed a single hand sign and said, "Kai."


Naruto was surrounded in a cloud of smoke and after a moment the smoke disappeared to reveal someone who was not Naruto. This someone was much taller than Naruto and had long golden blonde hair running down their back. This person was an exact look alike to Naruto's "Oiroke no Jutsu." The difference was that this one had clothes on. Also there were some changes from the Oiroke's physical details. Such as the longer and more pronounced whisker marks, the nails and canines were longer as well and looked like claws and fangs. Most noticeable were the eyes, there were now slits instead of pupils and the color of the irises was dark blue with a swirl of bloody crimson in it.

This Naruto had on an orange tracksuit jacket that was dark-orange with black sleeves. The jacket was obviously tailored for a male wearer making it half form fitting to show off masculine features. However for this person's case it wound up accentuating and forming around said person's rather sizable bust. This Naruto also had on a black skirt that went down to her knees. She wore a pair of shinobi sandals that had black shin guards.

"I hate having to come all the way out here to train. I have to hide the fact that I'm a girl now. Stupid Kyuubi all that demonic chakra caused my Oiroke no Jutsu to permanently turn me into a girl…" Naruto said in a rather cute voice somewhat pouting.

"At least I have access to larger amounts of the fox's power, but all that won't matter if I can't use it effectively. I have no way of learning what I need…"

Unknown to Naruto, the whole time she was making her way through the forest she was being watched. In the shadows of the forest was a dark figure, the being was surprised to see that Naruto was a girl.

"Female…strong, healthy…curves…power…" The figure thought as it slid across the ground to get close to Naruto.

The creature was a symbiote an alien being that had moments ago been traveling space on a meteorite. It had suddenly crash landed on a planet and the symbiote came out of it, its landing zone was in a massive forest that was a distance away from Konoha. The symbiote had spent the better part of its day looking for a host. But unfortunately the area was devoid of human life. The symbiote was slowly dying until Naruto showed up; the creature had sensed that there was something different about Naruto. And after waiting sometime, dying some more, it now knew why Naruto was different. Naruto was a she and very powerful she.

"Female…hips…chest…curves…so much power…starving…need her!!" The symbiote's thoughts screamed out.

The symbiote recklessly moved towards Naruto. The blonde haired vixen sensed something nearby, a possible threat. On instinct Naruto leaped into the air and back flipped, gracefully landing on her feet yanking out a kunai to use for defense.

"Whoever you are, you picked the wrong woman to fuck with." Naruto said in a threatening manner, the symbiote cursed itself for acting on hunger, nearly jeopardizing its chance for survival. Time passed and still no one was found Naruto thought she was imagining things. She dropped her defensive stance and put her kunai away.

"Man I'm really jumpy tonight, maybe it was a bad idea for me to come out and train…" Naruto said to herself out loud, unknown to her the symbiote crawled out of the shadows unnoticed.

"Yessss…salvation…" The symbiote thought as it got closer.

"Well I think I better get goin…"

Naruto stopped mid-sentence once she saw the black creature crawling on the ground. The creature was at her feet and before she could react the creature oozed onto her feet, for something that looked wet it was strangely warm. She tried to pull the substance off her feet but it stuck to her like cement. It wouldn't come off and now more of it crawled on, her sandals and shin guards almost seemingly melting and being absorbed into the black substance. Naruto struggled once more to try and pull the substance off, it was rather futile as the liquid got on Naruto's hands and started to spread.

The sleeves of Naruto's jacket started to melt and were also being absorbed into the substance. In moments the creature was up to Naruto's shoulders, on the bottom the symbiote was now pooled up underneath Naruto. There was now a massive body of darkness underneath the blonde, the pool now had long tendrils that were latching onto Naruto.

The symbiote was now establishing a link to Naruto's psyche. It was difficult probing through Naruto's thoughts. They were flooded with memories that didn't belong to Naruto, memories from another being that spanned many thousands of years. Suddenly Naruto's body reacted defensively to the symbiote. The symbiote heard Naruto's thoughts.

'What is this thing?! Is it trying to kill me…no!! I refuse to be killed by this thing…I have so much I need to do…goals and ambitions…my revenge!!' Little did Naruto know was that the symbiote was growing stronger from Naruto's refusal to bond.

Naruto's heart started to beat faster and her breathing more erratic, multiple chakra tails were forming behind Naruto. Her body was glowing red, radiating blood red chakra. One chakra tail after another was forming, Naruto's power output was rising dramatically and yet the symbiote stayed on.

It was uncomfortable and strange for Naruto at first and she knew she was being attacked and yet she couldn't deny that it felt good to have the symbiote on her. It felt stimulating to her, almost a sexual stimulation. She couldn't resist it anymore, whatever this creature was it wanted her body, mind and soul. Naruto was now willingly giving into it as her demonic chakra receded.

"Yesss…don't resist…relax…I will not harm you…now we can…become…oneee…" The symbiote said as its link was fully established having sorted through Naruto's mind.

"Ah yesss…need more…need all!!" The symbiote screamed out in both lust and hunger.

The massive pool of darkness was wrapping itself around Naruto's body. Naruto's jacket was now completely absorbed and the symbiote was now consuming Naruto's white laced bra. The symbiote replaced the missing clothing with itself. Naruto let out an orgasmic moan as the symbiote wrapped around her breasts. The symbiote then went up Naruto's thighs, her skirt and panties were now absorbed. It was an incredible and amazing feeling, the symbiote groped, massaged, and sucked all at the same time. Naruto's nipples quickly stiffened to the touch of the symbiote.

"Mmmmmmm…!" Naruto let a pleasure filled moan as the symbiote wrapped around her buttocks and in between her hips.

"Oh kami! This feels so good!!" Naruto screamed in pleasure and ecstasy as the symbiote entered her body through her vagina and buttocks. She could feel the liquid like being inside of her body now. Naruto felt waves of pleasure as the symbiote got deeper into her body. The effect was so great that Naruto had an orgasmic release. Her inner juices making the symbiote wet. She could feel the symbiote push against her inner walls. The symbiote began massage and sucking on all the sensitive inner flesh of Naruto's most intimate regions. The dark liquid creature had quickly brought Naruto to another orgasm.

"Oh yessss!!" Naruto cried out.

Naruto had her head up to the air; she was now giving off orgasmic gasps and sighs and moaning in pleasure. It felt so good to her giving into the creature as it took her into its vexing liquid embrace. She now had a sinister smile on her face as she moaned in pleasure once more. The tendrils finally latched on to her face wrapping around her head.

"Yes, yes, yes! Take me!" Naruto screamed in pleasure and lust as the large body of black liquid encased her entire body. The symbiote flowed into Naruto's long blonde hair, it was now changing colors. It was now black as midnight and thicker, more of the symbiote began to flow over and cover Naruto's still smiling face. The creature connected with the part of itself that had already covered Naruto's hair. Naruto's whole head was now engulfed, the symbiote flowed into Naruto's mouth and nostrils filling the orifices the same way it did with the lower regions of Naruto's body. Strangely enough although her mouth and nose was filled with the symbiote she could still breathe. The symbiote continued to fill Naruto's throat and went further down.

After a few more minutes of bonding the sound of muffled moans could be heard coming from inside the mass of black liquid. Naruto's body was being constantly stimulated by the symbiote. The vixen could feel her breasts and buttocks being squeezed and massaged. It was so much for Naruto, once more she climaxed. She screamed out in pleasure. Every time she climaxed, Naruto felt herself slowly slip away letting the symbiote take more control.

Soon the large mass started to recede into Naruto's body. The symbiote was now forming around Naruto's body and curves. The symbiote soon became a black skin-tight body suit. The now smooth substance comfortably covered every inch of Naruto's female body. The symbiote had perfectly conformed to Naruto's curvature while exaggerating other features.

The black body suit had tightened around Naruto's body causing the vixen to moan in pleasure. Naruto's whole body was covered and yet nothing was left to imagination. Her lean and well toned body's features were now showing through the suit, though most noticeable were her other physical features that were showing through the suit. Her butt cheeks were well endowed and her hips looked wider. Naruto's sizable breasts, their perfect proportions were being held against gravity in a most flattering way by the material.

Naruto stood there for a moment, she looked at her hands and saw that her fingers had elongated claws that could easily tear out a person's throat or rip through metal. On top of her hands were white squares that had what may have been some kind of hole. Naruto was curious as to what she looked like. She made her way to a nearby pond of water and was shocked to see everything in detail.

Naruto saw that she was in a skin-tight body suit. Her features were well complimented and saw that her bust size had grown even bigger in size; she went from her already impressive C cup to a voluptuous DD size breasts. She saw the symbol of a large white spider on her chest. Her feet were encased in some kind of high-heel stiletto style boot, if anything at all they were like a pair of shiny kinky boots. Naruto turned around and saw her tight firm buttocks, her rear cheeks had also swelled up as well. Naruto finally turned back around and looked at her face. Whatever it was that encased her head and had oozed its way into her mouth and down her throat, formed into a mask. It was a nearly featureless mask, and it appeared that the mask had no sign of a mouth. The only thing that was on the mask was a pair white tear marks that signified that they were eyes and on the sides of the mask where her ears would be were what looked like fox ears. Naruto could apparently see through these marks. She could still feel the symbiote inside of her mouth and throat. The substance was still there and yet Naruto was still perplexed as to how she could still breathe if her mouth and throat were filled up completely with the strange creature.

Soon Naruto became curious as to whether or not she could open her mouth. She tried and after a moment her mouth did open. It revealed a set of large sharp teeth that formed into a menacing and sinister grin. Once the teeth opened, Naruto was shocked to see a long red tongue come out, it moved around in the air like a tentacle or snake.

"Such power…she feels good…so much strength…" The symbiote thought.

For a while the symbiote didn't care who it would run into as long as it had a host. But it hit the jack pot; it didn't realize that the one living being in the immediate area would be the strongest and most powerful host it had ever come across. The symbiote marveled at the amount energy that was present in Naruto's body which after doing some probing the symbiote found that this energy was called "chakra." Also it appeared that Naruto's cells were saturated with an even more powerful and potent form of chakra, it must've had something to do with all the memories that didn't belong to Naruto. All of this meant that Naruto was not only an immensely powerful host but her memories and psyche showed that she had a lot of pent up aggression and had the desire for revenge.

The symbiote also noticed a certain animalistic alteration to Naruto's genetic structure, the much more potent chakra in the cells were the probable cause for the change to Naruto's genetic structure. Apparently she had more animal like senses now. But she had animal instincts as well, aggression instincts when threatened. But it wasn't just aggression; Naruto had also been suppressing animalistic mating desires for a while now also. Which resulted in Naruto having a large amount of locked up lust and sexual desire, in other words she had a rather large appetite for mating.

"I am going to have fun stopping the suppression these instincts, these traits…of this desire." The symbiote thought as it started to meld it's consciousness with Naruto's mind.

"It's almost done, we will be one soon…" The symbiote said.

This of course surprised Naruto as she immediately realized that a voice came from her own mind. At first Naruto assumed it was Kyuubi, then again the demon fox was technically dead or to be more exact. Everything that made up Kyuubi with the acceptation of his original body, which was essentially its chakra, life force, knowledge, memories, and mind, were all absorbed into Naruto's body, meant that Kyuubi's voice no longer existed.

"Who are you? How did you get into my mind?" Naruto asked.

"You are quite intelligent to know that I am in your mind. To answer your question I entered your mind the same way I got onto you and entered your body." The symbiote said.

"You're this suit, what are you?"

"I am a symbiote, an organism that must have a host in order to survive. For my survival, I will repay you, by helping you become even stronger and get whatever you want…" The symbiote said in a somewhat metallic voice.

"How can you do all of this for me?" Naruto asked the symbiote in a skeptical tone.

"For starters I can help with concealing your true form; you won't have to rely on an illusion that can be dispelled or seen through. Also you can tell already can't you? Don't you already feel stronger?" The symbiote asked Naruto.

"I can't deny that I feel stronger…also I just feel so good in this…" Naruto thought while the symbiote listened.

"Seeee…keep me…we can become great…we can become powerful together…" The symbiote said as its mind finished merging with Naruto's mind.

Naruto was in ecstasy right now, it had taken a while for the symbiote to merge conciseness's because of Kyuubi's memories but once it was done the joining process was complete. The skin-tight bodysuit that was the symbiote tightened once more around Naruto's body causing the vixen to moan in pleasure once more.

"Mmmmmm…oh kami I feel so good!!" Naruto screamed in pleasure, as she ran her clawed hands over her body. Caressing it, feeling out her curves, and even giving some light squeezes to her breasts.

"Yes!! I feel excellent. I feel invincible." Naruto thought for a moment. "No…WE feel good. WE feel excellent. WE feel invincible. WE ARE VENOM!!" Naruto let out a monstrous roar.

Suddenly a strange feeling overcame Naruto. She could feel it in her body that someone or someone's were coming. She could also feel that they were a possible threat to her. It was strange she couldn't hear or see the threat coming, nor did she pick up a foreign scent trail. It was a feeling in her body that was telling her of the threat.

"What is this feeling?" Naruto asked.

"That is one of our abilities, we can sense danger coming…we should hide…" Naruto without even thinking too much of it her body moved to one of the nearby trees and crawled up the tree.

"How am I able to do that?"

"Another one of our abilities, we are able to crawl up anything just by touch. No need for chakra…"

"I am really starting to like you, you know that?" Naruto said in a seductive and sultry tone.

"We know…" The symbiote responded while Naruto smiled.

Hiding in one of the tree tops hidden from view, well over a dozen, maybe even more shinobi showed up. They were Konoha's ANBU, or at least that's what Naruto thought at first. They were ROOT and they were most likely sent by Danzo. Ever since he had helped the Uchiha's overthrow the Hokage. ROOT was no longer a very secretive unit. All of this of course had made Naruto's life an even worse nightmare.

It was practically sheer luck that Naruto was still alive to this day. Especially since the "Third's Law," was pretty much out the window now. The older generation knew what she used to hold inside of her and now the younger generation knew it as well. They felt they had the same justification as the ones before them to judge Naruto harshly and with youth comes with greater cruelty. With everyone seeing Naruto as a demon and directing the blame for a great tragedy on her, it wasn't a surprise that she wouldn't have developed such pent up amounts of anger and hate. There were some of the younger generations who didn't see Naruto that way, in fact there was one who didn't care and harbored a deep seated love for the blonde. But that will be something for later on.

"No signs of Uzumaki, we can't find him anywhere." One of the nins said.

"Keep searching, that demon has to be here. Find him and kill him." The other nin said.

It was obvious that these ROOT nin came here because they had felt Naruto's chakra when she had summoned it up earlier. Now Naruto was in anger, the man known as Danzo sent assassins after her this time. To Naruto's benefit ROOT or anyone else for that matter did not know about her new gender or her newly acquired "attire." Anger was starting build up in Naruto; she wanted nothing more than to kill these nins.

Much to the joy of the symbiote it was enjoying the taste of Naruto's emotions. It wanted more, it wanted action. The symbiote decided that it wouldn't force anything on its new host. After all it didn't want to ruin a good thing, although it didn't want to force anything on Naruto. However it was going to help Naruto release some of if not all of her held back aggression and further her ambition for revenge.

A wicked smile donned Naruto's face as her anger turned into desire, desire for revenge. Naruto was reminded of how much she hated ROOT as well as all the attempts made on her life.

"I think I'm going to enjoy this…" Naruto's toothy smile became a very sinister grin.

Naruto jumped down landing on one of the ROOT nin. Her heels digging into the nins body, the impact effectively killing the ROOT. Almost on instinct without realizing it, Naruto shot her hands forward; the holes on the white squares expelled a web like substance forward. It stuck onto two of the nins like glue, Naruto yanked and pulled the nins forward. She yanked with enough force to through them into the nearby trees. Naruto then looked at the other nins menacingly with her tongue lashing about.

"Wh-what is t-that thing?!!" One of the nins asked obviously scared shitless.

"I don't k-know is it some kind of d-demon?!"

Before the nins shown in the moonlight was a humanoid creature. Female judging by the physical features, it had eyes that looked like they could see through you. Its sharp teeth and tongue made it even more gruesome looking.

"Heellllooo there boys! You all seem to think I'm a demon, well I never was one. But now we'll show you what one is capable of…" Naruto smiled psychotically at the nins.

In blinding speed Naruto rushed some of the ROOT. Before they could react they were impaled in the heart by sharp claws, Naruto brought up her clawed hands and licked the blood off.

"Mmmmmm, delicious!"

The nearby nins drew their weapons and attacked. Sensing the danger they were in Naruto jumped high into the air dodging the oncoming attacks.

"Shuriken Kage bunshin no Jutsu!" One of the nins cried out as he threw shuriken at Naruto which instantly became a cloud of metal.

The metal collided with Naruto who was still midair. The force of the attack sent Naruto flying into a tree. The nin smiled thinking he killed her, to his shock he saw that Naruto was standing and was smiling at the nin. Everyone was shocked to see that the shuriken were being pushed out Naruto's body. The "wounds" closed up instantly while the shuriken fell harmlessly to the ground.

"Here try ours…!" Naruto said as she once more extended her arms forward and shot out webbing.

Only this time it wasn't a stream but a barrage of hardened pieces of web that looked like sharp kunai. The web projectiles tore through a handful of the nins, some killed instantly while others slowly bled to death. Naruto then ran up to one of the nins and round housed him in the head, snapping his neck. She then shot out another stream of webbing, catching another nin. Naruto swung around the nin in the air, smashing the man like a destructive wrecking ball into just about everyone and everything.

"This thing is a damn monster!" One nin shouted.

"We have to kill it now!" Another said.

Three nins ran forward and went through a series of seals they all then shouted together.

"Katon: Gokkayu no Jutsu!" A massive inferno came at Naruto; suddenly Naruto could feel the fear emanating from the symbiote. She knew then and now, the symbiote could be killed by fire.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" Naruto and the symbiote screamed in pain as their body was set ablaze.

Naruto could feel the pain of the symbiote as it started to melt off her body. The symbiote struggled to regenerate itself to cover the exposed parts of Naruto's body. The symbiote was dying, and Naruto's body was being exposed to the fire. Her flesh was burning; her ability to heal fast was kicking in.

Suddenly something unexpected happened. Naruto's body in order to jump start and speed up her already incredible healing and regeneration factor, Kyuubi's chakra had to pump into her system. Because the symbiote was in a way a part of her body now, the demonic chakra was now feeding into the symbiote. Not only were Naruto's wounds healing exponentially fast but so was the symbiote. It instantly covered up Naruto's exposed areas; in fact the symbiote was now stronger than ever with the red chakra healing it.

Now it was the symbiote's turn to feel pleasure. The demonic chakra was making it so strong that fire barely did any damage to it. Now they were no longer in pain, Naruto felt good because the pain was gone and the symbiote was in pleasure from the demonic chakra.

Because the symbiote was in pleasure Naruto could feel it too. And together there scream of pain and agony was replaced with a loud orgasmic moan of pleasure, they as Venom felt great. Before the remaining ROOT could figure out what was happening Venom jumped out of the fire, nearly hovering above the nins thanks to the wings on their back. They were wings made of large jagged crystal like shards. Seeing the jagged looking wings on her back, the nins thought it was the angel of death standing before them, they had no idea how right they were.

In the air the angel of death whose skin was black as midnight now had red fire like chakra radiating from her body. Together as Venom they licked their teeth in hunger; they wanted the blood of their enemy.

"We will need something new to use against these fools…" Venom thought.

The black angel of death in the sky suddenly gave off a moan as the handle of a sword started to slowly extend out of Venom's body. She pulled the weapon out to reveal a katana with a wide blade. It was covered in the symbiote; Venom stared at the black blade with satisfaction.

"This is perfect; we will enjoy using this on them…" Venom thought as she licked her teeth once more.

Venom dived down without warning, the ROOT nins down below tried feverishly to stop the symbiote enhanced vixen. Before one of the nins knew it, two of their comrades lost their heads. The other nins charged in with their swords, in all directions they struck.

Their attacks were futile; Venom was quick and agile. Her body nearly bended in certain directions to dodge their attacks, it was nearly impossible to hit her. The few times they did connect with a hit, it barely did any damage.

In one moment two nins with their wakizashi's managed to stab Venom. However if anything she let them hit her. The two nins were shocked to see that her body was pushing the blades out. And before they knew it symbiotic goo came forward from Venom's body and wrapped around their heads. The long bodies of dark matter lifted their bodies up, the nins began to suffocate. Venom smiled as the symbiote matter crushed their heads in one powerful grip.

The remaining nins were scared to death and were sick to their stomachs. Bone fragments, blood, flesh, and brain matter flew out in all directions. The symbiote absorbed a good amount of brain matter and blood. Before anyone could throw up however, Venom went back to chopping up the other nins. They were being cut down. Losing their heads, limbs, and so forth, it was a slaughter house. In a last ditch effort of one of the remaining nins, kunai's with strings holding explosive tags were thrown.

"Die you monster!!" The ROOT nin yelled as he threw the kunai.


The weapons wrapped around Venom and before she knew it they detonated. The explosion was powerful and loud; in the past the combination of a loud noise and fire would have crippled or even altogether killed the symbiote with the host following after. But thanks to the limitless amount of demonic chakra its host possessed, the symbiote was no longer harmed by the fire and sound. The two forms of attacks did as much damage to the symbiote as the kunai and other sharp weapons that came into contact with it did, absolutely nothing.

Out of the smoke a wave of long, slender tendrils with sharp tips sprang out. The nin who threw the explosive tags was impaled all over by the tendrils from the shoulders down. Before he could scream in pain, Venom was already standing in front of him with a deadly grin. She held her left arm up and a long sharp blade grew forward from her forearm. In one quick motion Venom made a diagonal slice across the nins head. The tendrils then withdrew from the nins skewered body.

The tendrils retracted and resumed their position as Venoms black webbed hair. Her hair was now sticking out of her costume, her hair was now black and glossy and that her hair strands were clumped together in thick locks. They almost seemed to be like tendrils rather than hair, and in between each lock of hair was black webbing that linked up with black webbing from the other locks of hair. At the ends of the locks, the tips looked like blades

Venom turned to the remaining nins. Once again her tongue moved around like a snake. Venom with a black symbiote covered and blood stained katana in her right hand, and an equally blood-stained black blade extending out her left forearm, stared at the leftovers of her prey. The last of the ROOT nins knew they were going to die gruesome deaths very soon. Soon the peaceful forest was filled with the horrible screams of bloody murder.


When everything was done, when all the nins were more than dead. Once Venom had her fill of blood, the black angel of death let out a savage cry of satisfaction. After a few moments when the adrenaline pumping into her system slowed down, Naruto's mind returned to normal. It struck the vixen she had killed for the first time. Not only that but she had slaughtered a small army of highly trained and skilled nins. But what surprised her most was the absence of the emotions of guilt and regret. And in place was the feeling of joy and pleasure. The mouth of the symbiote mask started to open up farther than before and started stretch and pull back. The opening of the mouth revealed the flawless face of Naruto. It appeared that her once pink soft lips were now an intoxicating shiny black gloss and her eye lids had a hint of black eye shadow.

"Did I just kill all of those nins?"

"We killed all of them; it was either them or us…" The symbiote said reassuringly.

"But we could have just run away." Naruto protested.

"They would have come after you anyway; they would have used your use of the "other" chakra as an excuse to come after you." The symbiote pointed out.

"But did we really need to kill all of them?"

"Tsk tsk, we didn't need to…but didn't you feel it…it felt good to kill them, especially the ones who deserve to die, no?" The symbiote asked.

"I can't deny that I found some joy in killing them…"

"You know that you wanted to kill them…I would never hurt you or force to do something you truly didn't want to do…but you had desires…you hate ROOT…there just one of the many that deserve to die, yes?"

"You're right…I do want my revenge…No…We are right…and what better place to start than here…" Naruto gave off a seductive and sinister smile as the mouth of the mask closed up.

"I guess I should head back, but what am I gonna do about wearing you…as much I like wearing you…we're going to end up attracting a lot of attention…and you did consume my clothes."

"Do not worry; just think about how you look or some clothes…and we shall handle the rest."

Naruto stood there for a moment and was wondering what the symbiote was going to do. Then again she was reminded of the abilities the symbiote already had to offer. So Naruto thought about her outfit that was already destroyed or to be exact melted and absorbed by the symbiote. She closed her eyes and felt the skin-tight binding feeling on her body loosening up. Naruto was a little disappointed; she loved the feeling of the symbiote tightly wrapped around her body. Naruto opened her eyes surprised and shocked to see that the outfit she was wearing earlier.

Only there were a few rather noticeable changes. The orange and black jacket was now a tight leather jacket version instead of a tracksuit jacket. The fabric black skirt was now a shorter black leather skirt with the symbiote's signature white spider design. And instead of shinobi sandals with shin guards, Naruto now had on thigh-high black leather boots.

"This is…just…wow…" Naruto was at a loss of words. Before she could ask the symbiote about this, her body was getting the feeling of danger. This time Naruto left instead of waiting, one mass slaughter was enough for one day.

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