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Talk: Venom

'talk': Thought

Chapter 8: A night out in Town

"This has got to be the worst day in my life…" A woman with short black hair dressed in a bluish black kimono and wearing heels sighed to herself.

"Tsunade-sama where are you?"


Hips swayed, legs scissor in a proverbial strut. One leg in front of the other, heels clicking. Naruko made her way down the hotel hallway ready to show her new lady friend a good time. Lightly humming while holding a bouquet of flowers Naruko walked passed a mirror in the hallway. She slowly stepped back and smiled at her own reflection.

"Now don't you look like a fox?" Naruko said as she blew a kiss to her own reflection.

Striking a pose, Naruko further admired herself in the black latex and red leather ensemble. A teasing smile stretched across black glossy lips. Her smile disappeared as a thought came to mind.

"Emi-chan's already seen me in this little number. Need something better for our date."

Speaking to herself out loud, she then lightly bit down on her lower lip as the sensations washed over her body. Giggling a little feeling her clothing ripple and melt back into its natural ooze form, the symbiote quickly reformed.

"Well hello there Ms Executive."

No longer clad in black and red. Naruko admired her special partner's handiwork in making this all white suit. She was clad in a tight white latex suit blazer with nothing underneath. The three button top did little to hide the vast valley of cleavage that Naruko had no problem exposing. To match her top, she sported a pair of tight white latex pants that flared at the bottom. To break up the all white suit slightly, Naruko's feet were dressed in ankle high black leather high heel boots. A single pony tail, large lens Gucci style sunglasses and tear drop shaped earrings completed the full change in appearance.

"And I am ready for my date now." Naruko purred as she blew another kiss to her reflection.



An explosion of rock and dust erupted just outside of Tanzaku-gai. A massive crater was in the epicenter of the large boom, surrounding the crater was fissures and cracks. In the very middle of the crater was a tall and busty lavender haired woman clad in a latex leotard. It was Hinata who was displaying her augmented physical appearance.

"Now that is fun!" Hinata yelled in excitement, she extended her right hand out, palms up. And caught a sizable piece of rock, she squeezed lightly and crushed the object into dust.

With Tsunade completely absorbed earlier, the Sannin's legendary strength and skills were among many other things that Hinata now laid claim to. Tsunade's own super strength was now being augmented to incredible heights. With Hinata's own skilled chakra control and Tsunade's chakra control as multipliers, the sheer force behind each of Hinata's own blows was now nearly unfathomable.

Besides the super strength, Hinata had an incredible understanding of medicine and human health. Along with that understanding was impressive Medical Jutsus. The former Heiress was now capable of treating fatal and critical wounds.

"We can crush anything but we can heal almost anything now as well."

"Healing hands eh? They're capable of so much fun destruction though." Hinata said to herself as she flexed her right bicep.

"That maybe true, but being able to heal others with as much ease as being able to kill them can prove to be a rather useful bargaining chip."

"Clever little creature." Hinata complimented her partner.

While Hinata reaped the rewards for absorbing Tsunade into her body, the Slug Princess was now a disembodied psyche. Like Haku, her mind, her individuality was preserved. And just like Haku, Tsunade was sedated with sexual pleasure and was kept in a constant state of ecstasy.


In the deep recesses of Hinata's mind, along the black ooze laden walls of her mindscape. The shape of a woman's body can be seen protruding from one of the walls. In front of the woman, the abundant flow of black ooze began to shift around. A pillar of ebony morph flowed upwards. Soon it took humanoid shape, arms forming and extending and the mass splitting down the lower middle. More details began to form. In mere moments, the standing pillar of ooze was now a black and white colored woman. This off colored woman was an exact double of Naruko; it was the symbiote in its human form of choice.

"Looks like you finally settled down." The symbiote stroked the head of the woman protruding from the wall. Brushing aside her bangs, a violet diamond was shown at the center of the woman's forehead.

"That's a good girl Tsunade; we will enjoy your company."

Tsunade was clearly unconscious. Her arms and legs were fused into the black shifting wall she was suspended from. Thighs were left exposed and separate from the wall, there was a long black tendril formed from the shifting wall. Wrapped around the woman's right thigh, the tip of the tendril disappeared into her vagina. The tendril pulsated every few seconds. Another tendril could be seen wrapped around Tsunade's neck and was deeply lodged into her mouth. Soft and barely audible moans could be heard from the blonde and busty woman.

"Do not worry, soon you will be allowed to stretch your legs again."


Emi wasn't expecting to be asked out on a date by a buxom blonde woman. Then again she wasn't expecting her friends to rearrange their get together. Instead of Shukuba Town, they went further out this time, to Tanzaku. The dark haired woman didn't mind really, Tanzaku had a pretty strong nightlife that most regular tourists who came gambling didn't know about. Now here she was getting ready for a date with another woman, having just gotten out of the shower and was drying off.

"Didn't think a playful wink and smile would garner getting a date from a woman like her; I gotta admit she is a definite bombshell. She's hot enough to make me both jealous of her looks and be attracted to her." Emi said as she was getting ready for her date.

Admittedly Emi's had her fair share of bisexual experiences. She never did have a problem sharing a rather titillating kiss on the lips with a "girlfriend." But now she was taking it a step further with the hot blonde that was on the way. It was a given that things were going to get hot and heavy. And Emi had no problem with that, if she did, she wouldn't have accepted the date in the first place. This blonde definitely had the charm.


"She's here already?" Emi said in surprise, she quickly wrapped a towel around her body and went to answer the door.

Still not being completely dry and just barely covering with her towel. Emi answered the door in a hurry. Much to her surprise before her was her date bowing before her with a bouquet of flowers presented.

"For you my lady, flowers for a flower."

She smiled as she took the gift from Naruko, lightly smiling the sweet fragrance of the flowers. Emi couldn't help but admire the rather stylish white latex ensemble the blonde had on. With the material that it was made with, the outfit already yielded a strong amount of kinky appeal especially with its very tight fit, but the overall design also showed a fairly sophisticated taste to its wearer. After a few brief moments of admiring it didn't take long for Emi to notice the hungry eyes that were watching her ever vigilantly.

"I love that suit you're wearing Naruko-chan." Emi complimented, drawing Naruko's focus.

"And I love that you're not wearing much of anything. Judging by your current attire, I take it I came too early." Naruko said teasingly while Emi let her into the room.

"Oh no that's not it Naruko, I just took a little longer than needed to get ready. Please just make yourself comfortable while I get dressed." Emi quickly spoke as she took off for the bedroom.

"I can't watch you dress up Emi-chan? Maybe sexy little reverse strip-tease maybe?" Naruko asked with a mischievously teasing tone.

Emi stuck her head out the door and playfully stuck her tongue out. "Sorry Naruko-chan, but this is just the first date. Why don't we see how the night goes before you start thinking about undressing me?"

"As you wish…" Naruko said. 'Makes taking you later all the more sweeter.' Naruko thought while sitting with her legs crossed.

"You know Emi-chan I would like it if you wore that sexy little number you had on earlier today."

Once more Emi popped her head out the door. "But you're so well dressed Naruko-chan, I should wear something better, more suited for you. I don't want to be underdressed."

The Vixen giggled and then placed her cheek against her left index finger smiling. "My dear that dress is perfect on you and for this occasion. I was the one who was underdressed earlier in your presence. Please if you may, grant me the honor of seeing you dressed like that again."

"You really are quite the charmer you know that? Along with that amazing body of yours, I bet you get all the ladies don't you?" Emi asked from behind her room door as she finished up getting dressed.

"Well maybe not all but I've had my fair share, a special one in particular." Naruko said coolly.

"You mean the lady in white hot pants?" Emi asked as she opened the door.

Naruko let out a low but long wolf whistle. She happily blew a kiss at Emi once more enjoying the sight of her in the tight blue dress she had on earlier in the day.

"So happy you decided to wear that sexy little blue dress of yours again. And yes that would be Hinata-chan my very special someone." Naruko said the last part with a dreamy tone.

"And she doesn't mind you dating other women?" Emi asked curiously.

"Nope not at all…" Naruko smiled. "…in fact…" Naruko leaned towards Emi's ear whispered evilly. "…she just loves watching me make another woman moan."

The last bit immediately made Emi blush fuchsia. "I-is that what you got planned f-for me?"

"It's all completely up to you Emi-chan, after all you said, "Why don't we see how the night goes before you start thinking about undressing me?"


After devastating the surrounding landscape with her new found superhuman strength. Hinata returned to the inner walls of Tanzaku-gai. Still in her sleek blue Venom suit, the moonlight easily shined off the tight blue suit. She sat patiently atop the Tanzaku Castle. Her mask's mouth was stretched open to show her face. Waiting for Naruko's date with Emi to start and end. She couldn't wait to see that charm of her lover's work magic on Emi.

As much as she would have loved to be nearby in the same room to watch the action, Hinata couldn't afford to spoil her own surprise to Naruko. Even if the part of the symbiote that she was host to could block off the mental connection. She didn't want to leave anything to chance. Using her enhanced Byakugan she could see the entire date unfold from a more than safe distance with a full 360degree view. Hinata lay back on the castle roof still able to see everything. Making sure to be nice and comfortable while the date was underway, watching Naruko and Emi make small chat in the hotel room Emi was staying at. Another scan of the entire city was made. A precautionary measure to make sure that nothing of a threat showed up in Tanzaku-gai while the ladies went about their own plans.

"Hello what do we have here?" Hinata asked herself aloud.

Within her field of vision she spotted a woman with short black hair wearing a bluish black kimono. Hinata recalled having seen her earlier when she had spotted Tsunade in the town. However she made nothing of it other than the woman appearing to have been searching for someone and carrying an adorable little piggy that wore a pearl collar and red vest. From the time she first spotted her to now, it seemed that the woman was still frantically searching.

"Shizune and Tonton…" Hinata said their respective names with little thought.

Tsunade's memories told her immediately who they were. Hinata understood right away what Shizune was doing, she was searching for Tsunade. Delving deeper into the memories she had taken, Hinata knew that Tsunade earlier in the day took off on her own to do some unusually high wager gambling, which Shizune herself would have had objections to. Tsunade was away gambling and Shizune was searching for her. Even with Tonton's unusually sensitive sense of smell, Tsunade made sure it would be a fairly long goose chase for Shizune. During that frantic search Tsunade ended up having what she would consider, an "unusual" game.


"Well Ms. Senju what's it going to be?"

Tsunade gritted her teeth and took down her Vodka Martini in one gulp. She could feel the cool yet heated sensation from the cocktail.

'Well all or nothing right? Might as well finish off that Martini, man I really do love those foreign liquors.'

"I'm all in." Tsunade said as she pushed her chips forward.

Her last opponent in the game of Poker was someone who she didn't bother to care about knowing. He was just another gambling man in a suit who tried to charm her out of her money or her pants.

"The final bets are now in. Madam, Sir, your hands please." The Dealer said gesturing to both Tsunade and the Gambling Man.

Flipping his cards over the man in the suit revealed he had two Kings. He smiled as the Dealer placed his cards in the center. Tsunade scuffed at the display; she picked up her cards tossed them to the dealer while looking away from her opponent and dealer, her cheek resting in the palm of her hand looking almost disappointed.

"Two Kings…" The Dealer said hiding surprise. "Tie hands, spilt pot."

Everyone watching the matchup showed different reactions to how the rather expensive game of Poker ended just now.

'As much as I'd hate to admit this, I tend to lose a lot. Of the few times I win bad things tend to follow.' Tsunade thought ignoring what the Dealer or her opponent had to say and even the crowd around her.

'Last time I won at a high stakes game…I don't want to think about it…but I'm glad Shizune was okay, but what about now? It's not exactly a win but not close enough to a loss. I've never had this occur in my life and gambling. I either win it all, which is rare or I lose it all period. So what the hell does this mean?'

Tsunade sat there for a good few moments contemplating if her "tie" was some sort of omen to her. She certainly learned the hard way that a win in gambling meant a dark storm was brewing. She had a hard time making heads or tails of it all.

'Maybe it just means nothing…I might as well celebrate my first "tie" win, ever.' Tsunade collected up her winnings and headed out to get a few good drinks before Shizune caught up to her.

End of Flashback

"Well now I think that should have been taken as a sign of good things to come for you." Hinata said aloud seeing Tsunade's memories and thoughts at the time through the Sannin's eyes.

"Should certainly help conclude Shizune-san's frantic search, little Tonton-chan must have completely lost Tsunade's trail once I had smothered her." Hinata noticed that Tsunami wasn't that far away from where Shizune was running. "Perfect!"


"Are you sure you can't find her scent anywhere Tonton?" Shizune asked the little piggy that ran alongside her.

"Oink!" Tonton shook her head left to right.

"This can't be good! I know Tsunade-sama likes to have her privacy but this is…OOF!"

Before Shizune could finish speaking to Tonton she ran right into someone. Falling onto the ground flat on her rear, Shizune looked up to catch a glimpse of the person before her. A dark haired woman about the same height as herself clad in a leather skirt and suit jacket combination stood before her.

'Oh wow…she looks pretty damn hot…' Shizune thought as she stared at the woman for a good few seconds while still on the ground.

"Oh I'm very sorry about that here let me help you up." The woman said extending a helping hand to Shizune.

It took a moment for Shizune to realize that the woman was offering to help her up on her feet. If it wasn't for Tonton nudging her, Shizune might have been there staring for a while longer.

"Are you alright, nothing hurt?" The woman asked as Shizune got back on her feet.

"U-uh y-yes I'm fine nothing to worry about it." While being helped up Shizune got a good view of the woman's lovely bust. She almost leaned into it.

"Are you sure? You seem a bit out of it." The woman in leather said. "Maybe a little distracted with something?"

Shizune quickly blushed at what was being implied. Tonton had a sweat drop down the side of her head.

"Y-yes I-I'm f-fine, n-not distracted at a-all." Shizune struggled to hide her blush. "I-it's my fault that I ran into you. So I apologize and thank you for helping me up…um…"

"My name is Tsunami, make nothing of it you're welcome."

"If you say so, my name is…" Before Shizune could introduce herself Tsunami spoke.

"You're Shizune and that little piggy is Tonton, yes?" Tsunami said nonchalantly.

"Yes how did you know?" Shizune asked some suspicion building up in her. Tonton looked more surprised.

"Because I've been sent by Tsunade-san to find you two, you see she made sure you two would spend the day looking for her. She was participating in a rather high-stakes game. She was hoping you would eventually give up and spend the rest of the day relaxing. She didn't want you to be next to her worrying over the outcome of her game."

Shizune breathed out a reluctant sigh. "That certainly sounds like her." Shizune then lowered her head in shame. "How much did she lose? You're not a loan collector are you?"

"Of course not, I'm just someone who was present at the game. Tsunade-san actually won a fair amount of money." Tsunami said with a smile.

"T-tsunade-sama actually w-won a high s-stakes game?" Shizune said with her eyes bulging out.

"Oink?" Tonton was also surprised.

Shizune watched Tsunami's amused smile and her nodding yes. "B-but she hardly ever wins, I can count the number of times she's ever won with just one hand!"

Tonton once more made an oink sound in agreement. Shizune's rather comical reactions only furthered Tsunami's smiles and giggles. All the pedestrians passing by gave Shizune strange glances.

"Well I said she won a fair amount. It was actually a tie for her, which she noted was a first time for her, ever. In fact she felt it necessary to celebrate her first tie and bought myself and a few others drinks. She ended up having one too many to drink and asked me to help her back to her hotel room. I just dropped her off and she asked me if I could go find you and Tonton." Tsunami petted Tonton as she finished speaking to Shizune.

Shizune quickly picked up Tonton and bowed to Tsunami. "Thank you very much for your hospitality to Tsunade-sama. I'll be sure to repay for your help."

"Oh it's nothing; consider it returning the favor to Tsunade-san for the drinks. Now hurry along now."

"Well once again thank you very much Tsunami-san. You have a good night." Shizune said bowing once more, Tonton giving an oink once more.

Quickly taking off for the hotel Tsunade would be staying at, she had no idea her entire conversation was being watched and listened to.


"And off she goes…" Hinata said as she got up still maintaining her massive dome of vision around the entire town. "Tsunami, follow her to the hotel and stay out of sight." Hinata ordered, her words echoing in Tsunami's head.

"Better make sure Tsunade is there to greet Shizune-san when she gets there." Hinata took a glance over to where Naruko was.

"Have fun Naruko-chan, see you soon."

Hinata blew a kiss in the direction of where Naruko was. She then proceeded to walk off the roof of the Tanzaku Castle, her Venom suit shifting around her body.


Across town in a very nice and expensive restaurant sitting across from each other on a nicely decorated and candle lit table. Naruko and Emi were enjoying fine dining and fine wine. And a bit of footsie as well, Naruko was slowly and teasingly running the tip of her boot against Emi's bare and smooth legs. Emi herself enjoyed the little ticklish sensations and did a rather good job of just smiling instead of giggling. With the symbiote acting as an extending external set of nerves Naruko did not miss out on any of the pleasing feelings of touching Emi's skin.

"Would Madam like another glass of wine?" A waiter asked standing next to Naruko presenting a fresh wine bottle.

"Yes thank you very much. Emi-chan would you like another glass?" Naruko asked gesturing the waiter to Emi.

Emi took another bite out of her meal and drank the last bit of wine in her glass; the waiter quickly and smoothly poured the red wine into Emi's wine glass.

"You know if I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to get me nice and drunk." Emi said teasingly as the waiter finished pouring.

"Emi-chan!" Naruko said with mock surprise. "How could you imply something like that? I have more manners than that. Besides we still have a whole night for me to woo you and I don't need an excess of alcohol to accomplish that."

"I figure as much, just teasing Naruko-chan." Emi said with a smile. "Besides I have a fairly strong tolerance to alcohol."

'And you have no idea this is my first time having anything with alcohol in it. But I'll never tell.' Naruko thought to herself.

Despite it being her first time drinking anything with alcohol in it, she naturally maintained a high tolerance thanks to her increased metabolism and the symbiote was furthering her body's ability to process the compound.

"Well then a toast…" Naruko held up her wine glass. "To a lovely lady, to a fun date and a good evening…" Naruko said presenting her wine glass.

"And to the charming lady who asked me out." Emi presented her glass and clinked it against Naruko's wine glass.


"Well here we are Tonton, after a daylong frantic search. Tsumade-sama as it would turn out is in her hotel room probably out cold."

Shizune walked up to her hotel room door and pulled out her keys while still holding Tonton to her chest. Once she unlocked the door she let Tonton on her feet, the little piggy scurried into the room. Seeing the dark lit room Shizune wasn't too surprised about it. She figured Tsunade was sound asleep.

"Shizune is that you?" A somewhat groggy voice sounded off from the shadows that covered one of the beds.

"Yes Tsunade-sama it's me. You had me and Tonton on quite the chase today."

Shizune looked for the light switch while Tonton climbed onto the bed Tsunade was on to greet her. Suddenly a squeal was heard from Tonton. The panicked noise frightened Shizune; she quickly found the light switch and light up the room. Only slight relief was yielded when Shizune saw that Tonton was lying on the bed on her side and was unconscious.

"Tsunade-sama what d-did you…?" Shizune didn't finish her sentence as she looked up to see a smiling Tsunade.

"Just helped little Tonton get some much needed rest." Tsunade said calmly as Shizune stared at her with complete shock.

Before Shizune stood a now clad in black leather Tsunade. The outfit's design matched up with her usual attire to an extent but it was all leather and it was certainly tighter and more revealing. The pants clung tightly much like leggings instead of pants. Her usual high heel sandals were replaced with black vinyl high heel pumps with platforms. On her now black leather robe, instead of the usual "kake" symbol, it was a large white spider. Around her eyes was a dark blue eyeliner and eye shadow and her lips was covered in a dark blue glossy lipstick.

Despite the darker attire and make up there was something that stood out much more. Instead of her usual light brown eyes, Shizune could see pupil-less lavender eyes. She had not seen eyes like that since she was last in Konoha. Those were the eyes of a Hyuuga, the Byakugan.

"W-what happened t-to you and w-what are you w-wearing?"

"The best thing in my life has just happened to me Shizune and this here…" Tsunade held her hands in a presenting manner over her own body. "…Is the last suit I'll ever wear."

Before Shizune could do or say anything more. Tsunade's lavender eyes flared up with pupils and veins bulging around her eyes. Her right hand lit up with blue chakra. Barely a second went by and Tsunade was standing directly in front of Shizune having just struck her in the chest. Combining her new talent for Jyuuken and expert knowledge on human anatomy, Tsunade knocked Shizune out cold just as quickly as she did to Tonton.

"You've been such a loyal assistant and apprentice. You deserve some rest." Tsunade said as she caught Shizune.

Tsunade gently rested Shizune against the wall. She then slowly walked over to the hotel room door. The Slug Princess licked her lips feeling her leather suit melt down into dark blue ooze. The substance quickly over took her body.

"Mmmmmm…" Tsunade bit down on her lower lip before her head was completely smothered.

All of the blue liquid substance reformed and receded into its host body. In place of Tsunade was Hinata who was still bearing the physical traits and features she acquired from absorbing Tsunade into her body earlier.

Opening the door Hinata smiled to see Tsunami standing out front. "Take them back to our hotel room and make sure they're restrained but comfortable, they will be out for a while."

"Yes I understand Hinata-sama." Tsunami said bowing to Hinata as the former Heiress walked past her.


"Welcome to the Flaming Aces Ladies." A tall and stocky bouncer welcomed Naruko and Emi into a night club that wasn't just yet at the height of its excitement.

Naruko walked into the club with her arm around Emi's waist. All around them were the young people of Tanzaku-gai and the younger tourists who came for one thing, the night life. The club was lit up in a series of shifting vibrant colors that resonated with the loud thumping beats of the music. Near the dance floor of the club was a very well decorated bar. The bartender at the front started pouring out a red cocktail into a dozen lined up cocktail glasses. Couples and singles watched and waited for their "Flaming Ace" to be finished. This drink was the namesake of the club and made it rather well known. Everyone clapped at the bartender's little magic trick of snapping his fingers over each glass, igniting the cocktails.

"Two Flaming Aces for me and my lovely date." Naruko said to the bartender while she and Emi took seats on the bar stools.

"Alright then, two Flaming Aces for the fine blonde in white and her date the black haired beauty in blue, coming up." The bartender said as he skillfully started mixing a new batch of the red "Flaming Ace" cocktail.

The two lovely ladies on their date looked over to the dance floor. Everyone else who wasn't getting the famous "Flaming Ace" was on the floor dancing close to one another. It was a sea of life and rhythm before Naruko and Emi. And they made no hesitation to be a part of it all.

"Shall we my dear?" Naruko asked as the pair of Flaming Aces she ordered for was ready. Both women took their glasses and blew off the fires. They clinked their glasses and drank the cocktails down.

"Don't have to ask me twice." Emi said with a flirty tone.

Naruko paid for her cocktails and also made sure to leave the bartender smiling with a very generous tip. The couple made their way through the dancing crowd and in no time found themselves lost to the music. Emi had her back to Naruko as they danced, she grinded her rear into Naruko's legs and hips. Enjoying the close contact Naruko wanted more. She matched her partner's moves and pressed up close to her. They were lost to the music and the energy of the club.

An uncertain amount of time passed by, neither Naruko nor Emi knew how long they were dancing but they did not show any desire to stop, rather they wanted to keep going. To keep moving in a sensuous display of affection for one another with their skin was glistening with sweat built up from all the heat of their close proximity.

Emi had enjoyed feeling of Naruko's hands gliding up and down her hips and waist. She wanted to feel her blonde date closer to her. Grinding wasn't enough she needed more contact. Her hands moved over Naruko's pulling them past her own hips wanting to feel Naruko wrap around her body. No words were uttered; Naruko understood what her partner wanted.

Both bodies were pressed together closely. They both moved closely in synchronization. Their bodies moved as one instead of two women dancing closely together. Naruko took in the scent of the woman she held close to her, she was completely focused on her. None of the many scents that floated around in the air drew her attention away from Emi. In the heat of it all Naruko nuzzled against Emi's neck lightly kissing her bare skin. Despite the loud music Naruko could hear the light gasps that emanated from Emi's lips.

Lost to all the feelings that surrounded her, the feel of those black gloss lips against her neck only brought her to a new high. Emi could feel Naruko's hands moving up her torso. She knew where those hands were going but she didn't care to try and stop her. It was all building up in her; she needed to feel that plateau.


Almost on cue, the moment Emi felt Naruko's hand on her chest. The clubs fire alarm blared loudly to life but the music didn't die down. All the vibrant lights that lit up the club turned to red. No one panicked or bothered to try and leave they all just cheered as water poured down from the emergency sprinklers. The water momentarily broke Naruko and Emi's concentrations. They were both surprised that they would end up being soaked in the Flaming Aces.

"Looks like we're all wet now aren't we?" Naruko purred to Emi still holding her close.

Emi didn't say anything; she just laughed and stared into Naruko's eyes. It was the first time she noticed the uniqueness of her date's eyes. The slit irises surrounded in blue and crimson drew her in. She wondered how she had ever missed those eyes to begin with. A hand to her cheek broke her attention from Naruko's eyes. Now she could see that Naruko was leaning in to kiss her. She didn't stop Naruko; she wanted her to do it.


Almost all the establishments in Tanzaku were closed by now. It late enough into the night that only nightclubs remained open and a few smaller bars and restaurants. Inside the large Hotel that Naruko and Emi were both checked into, Naruko was walking Emi back to her room. Having left the Flaming Aces still soaking wet, Naruko had offered her latex jacket to Emi to cover herself with. She had made sure to will the symbiote to form a black leather tube top over her chest before taking off her top.

"I have to say Naruko-chan; you really know how to show a girl a good time." Emi said as she leaned her back against her hotel room door, still wearing Naruko's jacket over her shoulders and holding her high heels in her right hand leaving her feet bare.

Naruko had her hands pressed against the door behind Emi on both sides of her head. The vixen leaned into Emi's face nice and close. "I'll take that as this date having gone very right."

"You certainly got me there Naruko-chan…" Emi placed her arms around Naruko's neck and whispered to her.

Slowly Naruko lowered her hands pass Emi's shoulders and placed them firmly on the dark haired woman's lovely rear. They kissed once more, tongues playfully teasing one another. Both women pulled each other closer. Naruko gave both Emi's rear cheeks a good squeeze while picking the woman up slowly. Emi liked it and threw her legs around Naruko's waist. Their feelings of lust and passion were intensifying. With an unspoken agreement, both women were going to go all the way.

Lemon Warning (There's a little Futa in this also)

With some skillful handwork and her own heightened physical strength. Naruko opened the hotel room door while still kissing Emi deeply. Once they were inside Naruko kicked the door closed and brought Emi to her bed. Bringing her down back against the bed, Naruko broke the kiss and stood in before Emi as she took off her tube top. Emi sat up on her bed smiling as she helped undo Naruko's pants sliding it off slowly, she then playfully slid Naruko's thong off making sure her playful fingers were lightly stroking Naruko's dampening pussy.

Naruko kissed Emi again, her tongue seemingly overtaking Emi's own mouth. With her pants and underwear off, and unknown to Emi, Naruko willed her boots back into their symbiote form and off her feet. The Vixen stopped kissing for a moment and climbed a top Emi on all fours; she slowly tugged down on the side zipper of Emi's blue dress.

Giving Naruko an approving smile she took off the rest of her dress and tossed it aside. Returning the favor Emi was helped out of her underwear, the small articles of clothing were tossed aside as well. Emi welcomed another deep sensual kiss from Naruko. She was taken by surprise from the feeling of two fingers penetrating her vagina.

"Mmmmm…" Emi moaned loving the dual sensations affecting her body.

Naruko stopped for air and withdrew her fingers from Emi. "Deliciously sweet …" Naruko said as she slowly licked her fingers clean.

"You certainly know how to be kinky Naruko-chan." Emi said watching Naruko finish.

"All learned from experience Emi-chan, but I'll show you something that very few have few have seen from me."

Before Emi could say anything, Naruko started to rub her own clit vigorously. She moaned loudly as black liquid started to seep out. Naruko screamed as a full foot long phallus formed from her crotch. Emi was completely taken by surprise at the near impossible sight before her.

"H-how did y-you…ahhhh!" Emi yelled, surprised by the sudden unexplained formation of the black phallus and its penetration into her pussy.

At first she was surprised and scared but once the black latex member settled in her body. And Naruko began a slow building gyration. The feelings overwhelming her, her focus was completely drawn to the full erect member that filled her completely.

"Oh yes! Yes! Yeesss!" Emi enjoyed the member pumping into her body; she made sure Naruko knew that.

Naruko kept it up. She picked up speed and pumped faster and harder into the woman with dark hair. Between deep gasps Naruko gave Emi short kisses to add to the building feelings. Feeling herself nearing the climax. Naruko further increased her speed; she gave a devilish smile when she felt Emi's hands grab her generous rear.

"Don't stop Naruko! Don't stop!" Emi pleaded as her hands helped to speed up Naruko's pumping.


"Ahhhhhhh!" Naruko yelled her orgasm, her dark seed filling up Emi.

A warm sensation was left deep in Emi's core. Her muscles were no longer tense, she lay limp underneath Naruko. She could still feel the very hard member that seemed to be far from artificial that she had no explanation for whatsoever deep inside of her body.

"Was it good for you?" Naruko asked kissing Emi once more on the lips.

Emi could only nod yes. Naruko showed a very joyful glint in her eyes, she then smiled showing her much more noticeable fangs.

"We're not done yet Emi-chan. Not by a long shot." Naruko said before she started pumping again.

End of Lemon


A few floors higher than the room that Naruko and Emi were in, was the room that Naruko had paid for, inside the room was Hinata lying in the Queen sized bed. A layer of sweat covered her forehead. Moments ago she was and still is thoroughly enjoying herself seeing Naruko plow into her date. She had been so caught up in watching her Naruko, she forgot about maintain distance away from the Vixen.

"Don't keep me waiting too long my love. You still have to get your surprise."


Sometime after Naruko and Emi entered the hotel room. Naruko had put her fill into Emi. The dark haired woman was naked and sound asleep. She was so worn out that she barely moved in her sleep. Naruko had made sure her date would be completely drained.

"Looks like she's sound asleep now, good…" Naruko said as she got out of bed and stood beside Emi.

"We can get to work now."

"Prepare for your new life Emi-chan."

Using the detailed knowledge of the demon arts that once belonged to Kyuubi, Naruko started to speak an incantation in a strange dialect. She then pressed her left hand against her own stomach. An obscured version the Hakke no Fūin Shiki appeared as Naruko's hand entered her own stomach. She then proceeded to pull out a fractured crimson orb.

"Time to make use of this brain-dead husk as well, you will be of great use."

Naruko resumed speaking an incantation in an unknown language. As she did this, she pressed the orb into Emi's stomach. Once her hand and the orb were completely pushed into Emi, she pulled out and left the orb inside the woman.

"And now for the finishing touch my dear."

A demonic chakra cloak started to form around Naruko's body. She placed her hand on top of Emi's stomach and started to pump the chakra into the dark haired woman's body. After a few moments Naruko withdrew the chakra. She smiled seeing that Emi was now moaning in her sleep. Although Naruko pulled her demonic chakra back, Emi's body was encased in its own red chakra.

"A work in progress, we'll come back later to see the fruits of our labor." Naruko said as she reformed her clothes and left the room.


Naruko got back to her hotel room and opened the door. She entered slowly hoping to surprise Hinata if she was inside the hotel room.

"Hiiinaataa-chaaann…" Naruko purred in a low tone ready to pounce on her lover.

"Welcome." An older woman's voice was heard as the room's lights came on.

The Vixen cocked a curious eyebrow before she bared a lecherous smile. On her room bed was a stark naked Tsunade lying across the mattress. Tsunade had her head resting in the palm of her hand while her right hand lay on her hip.

"What do we have here?" Naruko asked excitedly.

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