A/N: Done for a challenge, but I failed. It's missing almost half of the requirements....

I'm also kind of upset with how this turned out. It needs some serious improvement, in my mind and seems kind of thrown together.


There were times when Gokudera wanted to kill Lambo, and then there were times when he really wanted to kill the little idiot.

This was one of those times.

"Hey cool! So this is what you're going to look like when you're older!" An annoyingly familiar voice stated from somewhere to his left, leaving the man no choice but to follow the sound to its owner.

(I'm going to kill that bratt,) he declared to himself as his eyes came to land on the one person that Gokudera had desperately wished to not see upon his return to the past. (And so, of course, he's the first.)

"Do you always were a suit though?" Yamamoto Takeshi, or rather a younger version of him, asked, tilting his head slightly as his eyes flitted up and down the man's profile. "Because I remember that Sasagawa-san and Hibari-san always wore them when we were in the future except when Hibari-san sometimes wore a kimono...."

"I was in the middle of something," Gokudera replied, partialy in an attempt to explain himself but mostly just to try and get the idiot to shut his godammed mouth.

It worked.

For like two seconds.

"In the middle of what?" Yamamoto asked. "A mission or something?" His eyes grew slightly alarmed. "Wait so you were in the middle of a mission and now Gokudera, er, the younger one is possibly in danger?"

Gokudera sighed. "I never said that, idiot," he replied, rolling his eyes at the boy's stupidity. "And it wasn't a mission, it was a wedding, which is probably just as bad now that I think about it...."

"Wedding?" the boy blinked a few times rapidly. "Who's?"

"Uh...." Gokudera opened and closed his mouth a few times, squinting slightly in thought. "I'm not sure."

Yamamoto gave him a funny look. "Huh?"

"It's right there just out of reach," the man was grumbling. "Why the hell can't I-? Damn, no wonder Lambo hates timetravel so much..."

"Maybe it's better if I don't know. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise."

"It's not much of a surprise," Gokudera muttered causing the younger boy to give him a confused look. "Nothing. Nevermind."

"Oh well," Yamamoto replied, giving a shrug and grinning up at him. "I was actually in the middle of training, if you wanna just wait out the rest of your five minutes?"

Gokudera shrugged and moved to lean against the fence surrounding the Yamamoto family's backyard.

A few moments passed before Gokudera felt the urge to make small talk. "So, uh, how's your mom?" he asked, then cursed himself out a moment later because that hadn't happened yet.

And there was Yamamoto was giving him that wierd look again. "I...live with my dad. You know that..."

"Right right," he ammended quickly, feeling like a total ass. "I meant your dad. How is your dad?"

"He's fine."

Silence again. Gokudera glanced around, feeling horribly out of place. It hadn't been this hard to talk to Yamamoto since....


He promptly turned a furious shade of red and vowed to kick Lambo's ass when he got back. Or now. Whenever worked fine for him.

"Where's the bratt?"

"Huh?" Yamamoto asked, turning to give him a confused look.

"The idiot cow. Lambo. Where is he?"

"Probably at Tsuna's. Why?"

"Because I wanted to kill him for," he pulled up short. "Wait. He's not here?"


"Then why am I here?" Gokudera asked. "The bazooka-"

"Oh!" Yamamoto grinned widely, gesturing to something sitting off to the side which happened to be the Bovino family's famous bazooka, leaning innocently against the fence. "Because I wanted to see what you looked like in the future."

Crickets chirped in the background. Gokudera counted backwards from ten in his head.

"YOU DID WHAT?!" He yelled, with only half of the hostility that his younger self was probably going to give the boy.

"Well, you, you're younger self, got to see me in the future, so I wanted to see you," the boy explained, still smiling in that idiotic way (and not looking the least bit remorseful, the bomber noted) that always made Gokudera want to punch him in the nose and kiss him at the same time. It was very disconcerting at times.

Especially since right now the kid was a minor. Even if his older self and him were technically....

"You-" Gokudera grumbled, shaking his head as he tried to reign in all of his emotions. "You are....an idiot. Seriously. A total and complete idiot." He shook his head. "You are so lucky that I love you or I'd have killed you a long time ago, Takeshi."

"What?!" he heard the younger Yamamoto yelp as his eyes went very wide and Gokudera had just enough time to mutter a quick curse before he felt the pull behind his navel and found himself sucked in a pink tunnel and spat out back in his own time.

"Oh good," a familiar voice stated from directly in front of him. Gokudera opened his eyes to see Yamamoto, the older Yamamoto, his Yamamoto, grinning at him in that same familiar manner. "You're back. We were having trouble hiding the wedding from your younger self. He's going to be pretty pissed."

"You're younger self'll be there to keep him from doing anything too rash," Gokudera replied with a sigh as he wondered how much damage his idle comment might have caused, even as he found himself being led back into the church just as a happily beaming Chrome Dokuro took the hand of an equally happy but more stoic-looking Hibari Kyouya.

Meanwhile back in the past, a seventeen-year-old Yamamoto was smiling at a same age Gokudera as the other boy ranted at him about being left out of things.

And somewhere in the back of his head, an idea had begun to form.