Yamamoto lay on his back and stared up into green eyes with a thoughtful look.

"Um...hello?" he finally asked, voice quavering slightly before he cleared it, trying very hard not to think about the fact that he was currently laying on an unfamiliar bed, underneath a very naked Gokudera, and that he couldn't feel his legs. "Haha. You're heavy."

The silver-haired bomber let out a low growl and shoved him off the bed. "I'm gonna fucking kill the fucking cow!"

"Actually, it was his sister," Yamamoto replied, sitting up as the older man covered his lower half with a sheet. "She took it away from him, but Dino tripped and knocked it over the banister and onto me."

"Fascinating," Gokudera sighed. "Meanwhile, my idiot is stuck in the past while I'm here with you."

Yamamoto's felt his face heat up slightly at the affectionate use of the word my, before something occured to him. "Wait....why are you not wearing any clothes.....and....why were you...." he trailed off, feeling like his face had caught fire as the older Gokudera turned to give him a bored look.

"We were in the middle of something."

"I'm starting to notice a trend here....."

"For the record, you started it."


Gokudera snickered, amusement lighting up his face at the boy's uncomfortable shifting. "Just think of it this way," he purred, leaning over so his face was right up in the other's. "I'm naked, but at least I get to be naked in the comfort of my own bedroom." His grin took on a sadistic glint. "Where were you when the bazooka hit?"

He got the pleasure of seeing the boy's dawning horror as the situation became suddenly clear to him just seconds before the bazooka timed out, leaving behind one very disgruntled Rain Guardian who was currently attempting to cover himself with one of Tsuna's hoodies while cursing the entire Bovino family line.