Written by Frankie. This gives spoilers for FMA anime!

Who the Heck?

Now this little bit will mainly consist of me, Frankie, ranting on and on 'bout the Homunculus. Who would want to bring them back? Now bare with me here. It's two in the morning and I can't sleep since I'm seeing my cousins soon. So if info is messed up deal with it!

Lust: She was brought back since Scar's brother was madly in love with her. He then went to the taboo of the alchemy world.

Pride: We don't really know who brought him back, but he does have that 'leader' look. The kinda guy you would want to follow into war.

Greed: I don't recall if his 'coming back' was mentioned. He is sexy. That is why he was brought back. The sexy in the world had died along with Greed and Justin Timberlake brought the sexy back. Now we know where it went. Thank you Justin.

Wrath: The Elric's Sensei was desperate to bring back her child and gave into the taboo. He also was destined to have awesome hair. Just below the level of Teru Mikami's hair, but he had the potential to make it to said level.

Envy: His parents tried to bring him back and he did. I'm not writing anything else for that dude. -_-;

Sloth: Quote-unquote, " We wanted to see our mother smile again." I believe Al said this but Ed could have easily said the same thing. This is how the whole series started.

Gluttony: This is were I really start ranting. Who the hell would want to bring this guy back?!?! Was a restaurant going out of business and they were like ," Shit! What are we going to do!? After out best customer died we have been going down the hill of doom!" and one guy was like, " I have an idea!" Or gluttony is really L in disguise and he just really got into character… Or he has been eating a crap load of lard and butter. Don't get me wrong I love Gluttony! He is so cute! He is my cannibal teddy bear.

C/O list:
Homunculus, Lust, Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Scar, Al, Ed: FMA
Teru Mikami, L: Death Note

Just to let you know, Frankie…I love how you only used people from two animes. XD