This was written by Becky….she's another random member of T7BYCOWC. She'll have a few up in the coming weeks.

I'll Trade you a Shinigami for your Friendship

Frankie, Rebecca and I were walking through the forest to get my hubby Sei's house when we stumbled upon a police officer having a sudden heart attack. While we stared at the collapsed body Frankie shouted, "I HATE KIRA!"

"But why? Kira is amazing" I stated matter-of-factly.

"I can't believe you'd ask that question. He killed Mello and tried to kill Near. He is EVIL!"

"How can you say that about me?" I asked.

"WHAT?!" shouted Frankie and Rebecca together.

"I mean him.... I am NOT Kira" I tried to recover from my mistake but Jessica HAD to run up shouting "Kira. Kira. KIRA!!! I deleted them. Just as you asked. Spongebob and Naruto are no more."

""Oh my freaking god! Jessica SHUT THE FUCK UP! You just reveled my identity to L fans. Nice job. You know what? Go over there by that tree, you are in time out!!"

Jessica slinked away toward the tree indicated by me and sulked.


"Well technically Jessica did but sure. I did. Spongebob got old after the fourth year and Naruto started to annoy me," I explained.

"YOU KNOW WHAT?! I AM GETTING A DIVORCE! It was hard enough with you being a Kira-fan but to be Kira! Unforgivable!" shouted Frankie.

I turned to Rebecca and pleaded "Talk some sense into her. She isn't seeing reason."

"I'm with Frankie on this one, Becky. HOW can you kill someone without thought? OR remorse?"

"I don't know. I just kinda do. By the way I disown you both."

"YOU BASTARD" Frankie shouted in frustration.

"How about this. You guys forget the whole I-Am-Kira thing and I'll let you have any shinigami you want. Ryuk, Rem. Anyone (just not sei)"


"Cool. Oh and Jessica, time out is over"

"Thank you master" Jessica said as she jumped up and ran over to hug me.

We never did quite make it Sei's house....Envy had to ruin the rest of the trip but THAT is another story for another time


Here is the C/O list. Becky made it this time.
Sei: from Shinigami Lovers, is a shinigami and such an emo
Jessica, Rebecca, Frankie: friends. crazy people
Kira, Mello, Near: From death note. (And depending how on your preference) Kira is the bad guy (or good), Mello is the semi good guy, Near is the good guy (or bad)
Ryuk, Rem: shinigamis. also from death note.

Becky will prolly have another few chaps here. Until next time,
aka Lord Rebecca-Sama