Written by Becky.

Kira's Schedule

4:00am Attempt to Wake Up

4:15am Wake up to Ryuk's whining about apples

4:30am eat something

5:00am write in death note

6:15am finish writing in death note. Laugh evilly

6:30am go to school

7am write in death note during class

7:15am get annoyed with Misa.

7:30am write Misa's name in death note

7:35am sigh at the peace and quiet now that Misa is gone

9am attempt to learn

9:15am fail at it

10:30am have lunch

10:40am write in death note

11:00am debate with friends about Kira

11:30am go back to class

12pm once again write in death note

1pm get bored and throw apple at Ryuk

1:15pm try to explain to class why a floating apple is disappearing. ("Well its....a ghost")

1:30pm call ghostbusters

2pm School is closed due to a ghost infestation

2:30pm get home

3:00pm write in death note (seeing a pattern yet?)

5pm eat dinner

5:10pm get a call, Misa is back from the dead

5:11pm cry. the annoying girl is back!

5:30pm act normal around family and watch TV

6:00pm go to room to do homework

6:30pm watch News on TV

6:45pm write in death note

9pm search internet

9:35pm get angry at LxKira fan yaoi fictions

9:40pm write fan fic writers' names in death note

9:45pm get ready for bed

10:00pm sigh and kiss death note good night

10:05 go to sleep.

C/O list written by Becky, as you can see, she's a Kira fan. XD
Kira: Light Yagami from death note, "God of Justice"
Misa: annoying girl who is second kira in death note, honestly I have yet to meet someone who doesn't hate her. She is SO ANNOYING! she is pointless
Ryuk: awesomest shinigami from death note

Till next chapter.
aka Lord Rebecca-Sama