Written by Becky.

Stuck on a Corner for ACEN and the ones we love

I am Kira standing next to Near and Mello as we wait for ACEN to open it's doors. Just like Ouran High School Host Club does to its customers. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Beyond Birthday.

He insisted on buying jam so Becky took him to a store and told me to wait at this corner to save them a spot in line. Tamaki wanted to sleep in so Becky didn't wake him up and Honey-kun was snuggled up by him making Frankie jump with joy and stare at him.

Seriously, when I left she was hovering at the edge of the bed staring at Honey's sleeping face. Apparently he is adorable so she sent Mello ahead. Envy being Envy was having a hissy-fit (something about not allowed to kidnap Mello?) so Rebecca told Near to save them spots. All of us enemies, standing at a corner with no one around.

What's worse is knowing their names and faces but I can't kill them. Becky said ACEN is supposed to be enjoyable and fun so she took my death note away. Ryuk was told he either could come here or go to Las Vegas. Currently he is in the parking lot of the Denny's near our hotel attacking one of the workers. Why? Because that worker had apples and refused to give them up so Ryuk is attacking him to get the apples. If the worker hadn't latched onto the apples then everything would have been simple for Ryuk.

Becky is gonna be pissed when she finds out about it. She might even send him to Frankie again. Which is a fate worse than death. Believe me, it is. She speaks so loud and so quickly and she NEVER shuts up. It's "OMG a squirrel" this and "I love carmelldansen" that. And what's worse is that she is Becky's friend so Becky forbids any of us from killing her. If I do then no more death note for me and no more being Kira. I would be simple Light Yagami again. If Ryuk does? No more apples. EVER again!

"So..." said Mello breaking the silence. "What the hell is taking them so long?"

"Beats me. For all I know. B.B. is having a hard time choosing between jams. Envy is chained up and Honey-kun isn't up yet," replied Near. Who happened to be spot on.

B.B. couldn't decide on blueberry or peach jam. Honey-kun was not up yet so Frankie was still staring at him. And Envy? He was being so difficult that Rebecca chained him up till he calmed down. (you want to know the specifics, there are no poles or bars so she chained him to the bed).

BUT of course nothing is new with Near being right so no one cares. ACEN doesn't start for another hour and none of them showed up yet. Somehow we started talking about how we much we love them but hate them at the same time. So we were bonding.

Kira, Mello and Near were being nice to each other and were brought together by the power of ACEN. And still stuck on the corner waiting for the ones they love (and hate).


C/O list written by Becky:
B.B./Beyond Birthday: Death Note: Another Note. serial killer with shinigami eyes, but no death note
Mello, Kira, Near: death note. (if you don't know them by now, FOR SHAME!)
Envy: Rebecca's husband. FMA
Tamaki, Honey-kun: Ouran High School Host Club
ACEN: the anime convention in our area

Till next time, Lunch Table Confessions by Becky,
aka Lord Rebecca-Sama