Written by Becky.

Lunch Table Confessions

Becky's POV

Kira, Cait, L, Jessica, Mikami, Monika and I were sitting at our lunch table. Our very small and very cramped lunch table. I had to sit on Light's lap, Cait had to sit on L's lap (which may seem impossible, but somehow they did it so it's ALMOST impossible to sit in L's lap) and Jessica had to sit on Mikami's lap. Monika got her own chair.

We only had 4 chairs so we had to sit in people's laps if that's what you are wondering about. We were talking about the Kira Case very passionately. Kira and L were staring each other down.

"Kira. I deleted them" Jessica said to me.

Cait looked up and said "You know I am L. Right?"

When L is busy Cait stands in his place. So she was standing in for him right now because of the whole Kira/L staredown. Jessica shifted her eyes and stuttered while saying," Yeah....and ya know t-that's what the s-second kira would h-have said to Kira if ya know me and ya know Becky were the kiras."

"Riight" said Cait not buying the story.

"No dice?" I asked.

"No dice" comfirmed Cait.

I sighed and pointed out the window, "LOOK A SQUIRREL!"

"That's not gonna work" repled Cait.

"Run, it's Nico" I answered.

"Ew. Gross. Don't joke around about that."

Great my plan was working, she was distracted and forgot about Jessica's slip-up.

"You're right. I'm sorry. Here have the super happy fluffy delicious pink cupcake redundant happiness" I said passing the delicious baked good to her.

"OH MY GOD! SWEETS!" L turned and looked at it. Cait was about to give him some when he motioned her to eat it, that she should have it. L had asked me to make that cupcake and inside was present. Taking a bite Cait yelped in suprise. She started pulling out necklace (a new moon one that said "I'll never go away") out of the cupcake.

"Your welcome," said L staring at her intently, "I love you."

This day beat all days. This lunch table is amazing. This lunch is the best. These memories are forever treasured. The confessions at this lunch table? Priceless and unforgettable.


C/O made by Becky:

Cait, Jessica, Monika: my friends (monika doesn't get a speaking part cause she barely talks. BUT I LOVE HER)
L, Mikami, Kira: from death note. L is the world's greatest detective. Mikami the 4th kira and "the hand of kira" he kinda takes Misa's place. Kira, the "bad guy" and "god of justice"

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