This was written by Frankie.

Revenge is Like Sticking Your Hand into a Clearance Box. Ya Never Know What Touching, Awkward Family Moment You'll Ruin.

Mello's POV

Finally, Envy's coming to. He sways slightly side to side by the chain I have his arms hooked up to. I really should thank Frankie for installing this in the Club House. Maybe I can influence her to build a mega chocolate room?

"What the hell am I doing here!?" My thoughts are broken due to the palm tree waking up in a rather unnecessary pissy mood.

"I'm pretty damn sure you know why you're here, Envy!" I exclaim clutching the platform control box.

" Mello…" He looks around the room then below at the giant pot of boiling olive oil. His skin ripples for a moment until his face is twisted in rage. "Don't tell me you borrowed these chains from Becca?!"

"Borrowed, stole, had Frankie use her alchemy to make them, what's the difference?"

"I thought she was the Food Alchemist?"

"Frankie considers chains to be food… Seriously, don't ask." We stay in an awkward silence for a few minutes.

"So~ What is this," He motions his head towards the pot and room, "all about?"

"My, um, revenge… You know for all the, um, kidnappings…." I rub the back of my neck.

"Don't tell me you're gonna make me listen to both Mello Songs or some sort of yaoi involving me?"

"No~" I quickly exit out of Deviant Art and iTunes set on the control panel.

"You got to be more creative than that! I'm resistant to yaoi anyway…" Envy breathes out as he becomes limp on the chains.

"Seriously? How what level are you at?"

"I'm the husband of Rebecca. What level do you think I'm at?" I nod agreeing with him. She does have a load of yaoi and considering all the fan-fiction she reads… That would mean Envy is 100% cured of yaoiphobia!! The lucky bastard!

"How about you?"

"Frankie is my spouse; that should answer your question." It didn't really since she's on a low level as well.

"We really shouldn't be fighting. I mean, we married girls who we may be visiting in an asylum very soon." I fold my arms and nod agreeing with my enemy. My head snaps up, suddenly I'm filled with enlightenment.

"We're the same…" The sentence barely makes it out of my mouth.

"What did you say?" Envy faces me with confusion. I look at the control panel and lower Envy to my platform. Still bound, I remove him from the ceiling chain.

"If you're going to let me go, take all the chains off." Envy looks up at me; his face is soon twisted in fear by looking at my own expression. "Don't tell me you're going to do something kinky to me?! I'm not built for yaoi use!"

"I'm taking you back to Mother! We'll finally be a happy family once again!! Mother will be proud that you've come back, Brother!" Envy tries to wriggle away.

"Why don't you understand me?! We're the same!" I throw Envy over my shoulders and run towards the exit of the Club House.

"Oh, Brother! Mother and I have missed you so~ much!"

"What the hell are you talking about?! Are you having mood swings or something?!" Envy exclaims as we get closer to the exit. Rewind suddenly emerges from the shadows.

"What are you two doin'? Some kind of kinky yaoi? Shouldn't your wives' be here to watch?" Rewind asks without any hint of surprise. I cover Envy's mouth with my hand.

"I'm taking Envy to Mother!" I say with a slight twitch. Rewind looks us up and down, he adjusts his goggles, nods his head, and lets us leave.

"Thank you, Rewind. Now… To Mother's house!" As soon as we're out in the woods, my cell phone rings. I pull it out of my pants and answer.

"Is everything going according to plan?" The eerie voice asks.

"Yes, Father… According to plan."

C/O list written by Frankie. I was cracking up when I read this chapter. XD
Mello: Death Note and my hubby.
Envy: Full Metal Alchemist and Becca's hubby.
Reverse Rewind: Dude who lives in my pockets, backpack, and bra.
Club House: It's located in Hobo Jungle (we really have a place called that where we live XD )
Becca: Meh buddy.
The weird call at the end: It's a reference from Code Name Kids Next Door.

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