Written by me (Rebecca).

Pattern Sentences

I walked into the club house below hobo Jungle and walked over to the computer room, passing the ICU where Nüw Guey was sitting there on life support. I stared at him.

"You will live Nüw Guey; life support can't fail me now. If it does, I promise to steal that pencil from Spongebob and redraw you," I said to him through the glass.

"Lord Rebecca-Sama, stop believing that Nüw Guey will live!" Frankie said through the speaker system in the clubhouse. "He was a bad shinigami that wrote on a CD case and he couldn't even kill people."

"Shut up, Frankie!" I shouted back to her. My figure slumped as I continued walking to the computer room.

I sat down at one of the computers and opened Microsoft Word. Time to work on those pattern sentences for English.

Ed had to turn in his report to Roy; however, Hawkeye was busy shooting holes behind his head because he didn't do his paperwork.

Roy escaped Hawkeye; the bar was open, and the girls loved Roy.

The girls hated Jiraiya; he went to Roy for advice; Roy laughed at his predicament.

Roy is an alchemist; Jiraiya, a ninja.

Bathhouses are dangerous: Jiraiya gets caught peeping.

"Rebecca is being weird, stupid, annoying," Frankie said, coming into the room.

"Frankie should stop talking, speaking, and stalking my husbands," I replied to her.

"That wasn't my fault!" Frankie shouted. "Mello needed an account of Envy's every movement."

"You can't prove or confirm, blame or charge Envy of anything."

"Phone booths, kidnappings, and attempted yaoi watching—someone had to do them to my poor Mello, and that someone was Envy!"

"I'm pretty sure Envy (sexy, hot, evil) did the first two things, but when did he try and make Mello watch yaoi?" I asked, confused. "I thought that's what Mello did to Envy."

"Frankie—angry—is getting annoyed at Rebecca," Frankie said.

"Why are you talking in third person?" I asked.

"Frankie finds it fun. Is Rebecca sure Rebecca's story was allowed?"

I was quiet for a second. "Shut up, you!"


This was an assignment for English. Changed a little from what I had in mind at first. I know it sounds a little forced, but I blame the pattern sentences I need to put in it. Lol. C/O list:
Club house: you should know what this is by now
Nüw Guey: my shinigami I drew one day XD
Spongebob: spongebob squarepants
Frankie: seriously, you should know who she is XD
Ed: Fullmetal Alchemist
Roy: Fullmetal Alchemist
Hawkeye: Fullmetal Alchemist
Jiraiya: Naruto
Mello: Death Note
Envy: Fullmetal Alchemist
Yaoi: boy on boy sex!!! *drools* XD

Yea…random spark of short inspiration lol. Till next time,
aka Lord Rebecca-Sama