This was written by me (Rebecca). Okay, this was actually a REAL conversation between me Becky and Ham. XD I'm not kidding…


Becky, Ham, and I were sitting around the Hexagon table in the club house. Frankie graciously let me borrow the room while she and Mello did…um things.

I stood up and waited until Becky and Ham looked at me. "Okay, so, chip wise, what do u freaks want?" I asked. "We can't just eat puppy chow and slushies…and don't say we can because we can't!"

Becky stood up, scraping her chair across the floor. "Well, you know what? WE CAN!" I glared at her and she sunk back down into her chair. "...DON'T KILL ME!! I WAS KIDDING! HAVE MERCY OVERLORD REBECCA!!" She bowed in her chair. "All hail, almighty Lord Rebecca-Sama."

I stared at her. "I didn't know I was feared throughout that land." I shrugged. "Oh well, maybe then I'll have a run on site order on me, then I wont have to kill as many people" I bit my lip in thought. "Although, they did see me...hmmm, oh well, they still die." I laughed.

Becky started to explain why I was feared. "Well, I come from an anime world place thing, and everyone knows everything about you and Frankie—quite infamous are you guys." She nodded. "And then I'm also a faerie assassin queen, so they know about you and if you're overlord to me then you're a god to them. So, yeah I guess you could say you're feared throughout the land."

I nodded in appreciation. "Okay then, that's a nice arrangement."

Becky suddenly stood up. "I have ice-cream... and SWEET, I CAN EAT SANTA AGAIN.....I MEAN, YAY, I GET TO EAT SANTA... for the first time?.. heh heh heh yeah that's it, for the first time." She sat down, laughing nervously.

Ham stood up. "STRRAAAAAAAWWWBERRIESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she shouted. She sat back down. "....I love you Rebecca."

My eye started to twitch. "I have weird minions," I mumbled.

Ham laughed nervously, rubbing the back of her neck. "Hee hee, but we all love you very much," she said in her little creeper voice. Her head stated to twist around in a complete circle but when she stopped talking it was back to normal.

"It's in the job description to be weird...or at least for your minions," Becky explained.

"Yes, very true," I replied.

It was silent in the room. "Oh," Becky said, "and I swear to god, if I fall asleep and someone wakes me up after like one hour of sleep, I will rip your throat out. My sister woke me up today (on accident, so I won't kill her) after I got only a few hours of sleep and I was tired but because once I am woken up I can't go to sleep for the next like 10 hours or more, I can't go to sleep

Ham nodded. "If someone does that then I'll murder you out back then lull you to sleep with my healing magic and then you will fall asleep on my lap. Then, I push you off and let the blankets devour you...yes, devour!" She laughed evilly.

"Oh wow," Becky said.

"Is it good or bad to have bloodthirsty minions?" I asked.

Becky is the one that answered. "I guess its how you look at it. It's great that we're bloodthirsty because then we'll do what you want just as long as we get to kill someone, and well we'll protect you for the thrill, violence and bloodshed that will happen when we do and someone attacks. But it's bad as well because we might begin to become bloodthirsty for you: aka we attack you."

I shrunk down in my chair. "Please don't attack me. At least Frankie will help defend where did that girl go?"

"Uh…" Becky kicked a rug down so I couldn't see Frankie's bloody, dead corpse. "I have no idea."

"Crap," I said. "She must have died again." I sighed. "Time to perform the ritual again." I left the room to start to sacrifice a goat.

Becky ran after me. "Wouldn't it be more logical to sacrifice a bunny, they repopulate like crazy as to goats who don't repopulate as fast," Becky shouted as she followed me throughout the club house. "Then again no one likes goats, but everyone loves bunnies."

I turned around to face her. "But if I sacrifice bunnies, I have to kill like 20 of them; although, if I do a goat, I only have to kill like one and a half."

"Pfft, it won't even make a dent in the bunny population," Becky tried to reason with me.

"Yea, but those bunnies are too damn hard to catch!"

"That was just what I thinking," Becky shouted and then laughed. "The Becca-telepathy works again!"


Seriously…actual conversation on facebook. Not kidding. C/O list:
Becky: my friend
Ham: my other friend…no this is not her real name XD
Hexagon table: Frankie used it in one of her oneshots
Frankie: u should know her
Mello: Death Note

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