This was written by Becky.

Death Note: Another Day

Frankie was running low on jell-o and pudding, my jam supply was gone (AHEM! Beyond Birthday) and Rebecca was on a quest for something magical like my purse and Frankie's bra.

So, we went to the grocery store.

Do you know what it's like to have Al, Ed, Envy, Near, Mello, BB, Light, Ryuk, Tamaki, Honey-kun, the twins, Mori…okay, pretty much everyone in a store? It is madness!

Mello was placed on a short leash to prevent him from running to the chocolate aisle, Near, BB, and Honey were placed in the cart, Ryuk…I have no idea where he went, and Tamaki ran to the ramen and marveled at it.

The mass chaos was able to drive any sane person crazy, but come on; this is Frankie, Rebecca, and Becky. To us, it was bliss. It's just another day in our lives.

Smiling, I gathered everyone up. "We're just here for food, " I said, glaring at a few, "that we need," I added. "Not want, but need. And Frankie and I are going to help Rebecca find something magical."

We walked around the store till we found the 'Magical Stuff' aisle.

Frankie looked at the dishwasher. "How is that magical?"

She opened it and all of us were sucked into another world— a world so horrifying and terrible that it's worse than your worst nightmare.

It was a world of no anime. Absolutely none. Nothing.

We were separated from those we hold dear, stranded by ourselves.

Coincidently, we don't know how to get back and the dishwasher disappeared when we got sucked in.

And well, now we're trapped and in search of a magical dishwasher to take us back home.

Please send help. This world is so unfamiliar, sad, and (Dare I say it?) LAME!

So yeah, we want to go home. Any help is much appreciated.

We've seen portals leading to home, but we can't seem to cross into them. Are we stuck here forever?

The End?

C/O list:
Mello, Near, BB, Light, Ryuk: Death Note
The Twins, Tamaki, Honey, Mori: Ouran HSHC
Envy, Ed, Al: Fullmetal Alchemist

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Rebecca aka Lord Rebecca-Sama