This was written by Becky.


"So, now you know the rules to pickleball. Any questions?"

Beyond Birthday raised his hand. Mr. Elkei sighed and called on him.

"What is the point of this game? Are we going to play at the pickleball Olympics? What purpose is for you teaching pickleball?"

"Not only is this 'sport' ridiculous, its name is bizarre," Light added.

Sighing, I rolled up a newspaper and smacked them both against the head.

"Your grade is mine. You back-talk and it's my demerits on the line. Idiots!" Turning back to Mr. Elkei, I said, "Sorry, you've known them for two quarters now, you should realize they're bad."

Getting up, I grabbed four paddles. "Ping Pong Badminton is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!" complained Beyond Birthday.

"And we've all heard some stupid things from Tamaki," replied Light.

"Hey!" shouted Tamaki, "not cool!"

"Oh my God, shut the fuck up!" I screamed.

Taking them to school instead of putting them in the secret clubhouse was obviously a mistake.

"How rude," said Tamaki.

"Yeah, all we did was comment on the game," chimed in Beyond Birthday.

"Damn it! I lost the game!" I screamed.

The End.

C/O list…written by Becky:
Mr. Elkei: my gym teacher
Tamaki: Ouran HSHC
Beyond Birthday, Light: Death Note
Pickleball: it does exist, it is very stupid, actually

It seriously is a stupid game. I think gym teachers made it because they ran out of units to do XD reviews equal love.

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