This was written by Becky.


Aram was on Tamaki's shoulders as he stretched his arm to place the star on the tree. Smiling, he watched it sparkle, a beacon of light in the cold winter night.

Beyond Birthday, Honey-kun, L, Light, Mori, the twins, and Jelie all worked on the ornaments while Ryuk, Rem, Mello, and Near worked on the train set and the little glass figurine village.

Frankie, Rebecca, Jessica, Cait, and I were making hot chocolate.

"The clubhouse sure looks nice and more festive with all the decorations," commented Jessica.

One wall of the hallway was decorated for Christmas and the other wall was decorated for Hanukkah. The ceiling was decorated with pagan decorations and the floor had Kwanza decorations.

Laughing, Rebecca replied. "Well, it's easy to put all this up when we force all our husbands to do it!"

Frankie nodded and then cracked her whip, almost hitting Mello. "Work faster, Mello!"

Mello shrieked and quickened his pace. "Please don't hurt me!" Mello whined.

Frankie glared then stuffed the whip in her bra.

Sitting in our chairs in front of out fireplace, we sighed and drank all the hot chocolate.

The End.

C/O list:
Jelie, Aram: Meru Puri
Tamaki, Honey, Mori, the twins: Ouran HSHC
BB, L, Light, Ryuk, Rem, Mello, Near: Death Note

Thanks for reading and a very late happy holidays to you all. XD

Rebecca aka Lord Rebecca-Sama