Inspired by a letter thing on dA. I did have a link to them, but I just recently looked on dA and they're gone. Sorry, this won't make much sense, but the letters were really just saying that the two (Mello and Near) always loved each other.

WARNING: in this chap, there will be hints…and not so much hints of melloxnear and other pairings. And language, very bad language.

Written by me (Rebecca).

I've Always Loved You

"We have a problem," Mello said, walking into the room.

"What are you talking about?" Near asked, placing a piece of the puzzle into its place.

"The letters that Rebecca found online then showed to Frankie. Frankie keeps following me around with a camera trying to catch me with you! I can barely go into the bathroom by myself. She just walks right into the men's bathroom and no one even looks at her twice!" Mello was about to pull out his hair.

Near paused in his puzzle making. "I forgot she found those. Well, on the bright side, now I remember why I've been hiding out here. How did you find me anyway?" Near went back to his puzzle.

Mello walked over and wrapped his arms around the albino. "I always know where you are," he whispered into Near's ear.

"Matt helped you," Near said, shooting down Mello.

Mello pouted and let go of Near. He walked over to the window. "You're no fun."

The hotel phone rang. Mello picked it up since he was closer.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Put it on speaker," Near said.

Mello pressed the speaker button.

"-lo? Mello?" Matt said through the phone.


"You have to help me!"

"What happened?" Near asked loudly enough for Matt to hear.

"Rebecca and Frankie keep following me around trying to find you guys since you two disappeared off the map. They seem to think I know where you are."

"Do you?" Mello asked.


"Damn it, Mattie!" Mello said and punched the wall in anger.

"I was the one that hacked Near's credit card records for you. Of course I would know where you are."

"He has a point, Mel," Near said and placed another piece into the puzzle.

Mello groaned. "What are we going to do?"

"No! Shoo! I don't know where they are! Shoo, go away, shoo! Damn it, Frankie, give me back my Gameboy!" The line went dead.

"They're going to find us now," Near said simply.

"Yeah, Matt will do anything to get his Gameboy back." Mello sat down onto the bed, defeated.

Three hours later Matt knocked on their hotel room door.

"I'm so sorry, guys, just please let me in before they get up here! Shit, the elevator just dinged! Come on, guys do you want them to know where you are?"

Near and Mello shared a look of fear and Mello pulled open the door to allow Matt to fall in. He moved out of the way and Mello slammed the door closed, locking every single one of the locks.

"You fucking asshole!" Mello yelled at the redhead. "Why did you lead them here?"

Matt was breathing heavily. "I had to warn you."

"Sit down, Mattie," Near said.

Matt sat down on the bed. "Thanks, Near."

"Why are you taking his side?" Mello yelled, pointing at Matt.

"He needed a place to hide out, besides, sooner or later they would have found us; except now, we have advance warning."

There was a pounding on the door. "We know you're all in there!" Rebecca yelled.

"I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong room," Matt said in a high voice.

"I saw Matt run in here, this is where they all are," Rebecca said.

"Open the door, Mello, or I swear to Bob that you will never live to see tomorrow!"

"Technically I already died a few months ago!" Mello yelled back.

"God damn it, Mello," Near said and facepalmed.

"What? Oh, sorry," Mello said.

"I knew it!" Frankie said.

"Frankie, I don't think that's a good idea—" Rebecca's voice was cut off as something heavy collided with the door. "Frankie! Are you okay?"

"Ugh, seven tacos filled with chocolate and mayonnaise please."

"Ew," Rebecca said. Everyone made a face at the weird request. "Come on, Frankie, get up. We need to get in that room."

"Okay guys," Mello said quietly to Matt and Near. "I have a plan."

"What?" Matt asked.

"We go out onto the balcony and go a couple rooms down. Leave out one of those rooms and go back to one of our headquarters." There was another thump on the door.

"That may just work," Matt said.

"You are guys crazy?" Near asked. "Why would we risk getting killed by falling off the balcony?"

Mello moved towards the balcony. Matt followed like the obedient uke he is—with Mello, anyway.

"It's either that or our wives."

"I'll stay here, thanks," Near said.

"It was nice knowing you," Mello said and stepped out onto the balcony. Matt waved bye and followed.

They managed to make it over to the room three doors down and they knocked on the window.

The woman inside glared but opened the balcony door. "Who are you?" she asked.

Mello pushed her and went to the door.

"We're terribly sorry for this," Matt said to the woman.

Mello looked out the door and saw his wonderful wife running from one end of the hallway into the door that led to their room. Rebecca was facing the other way.

"Okay, we can go, but we have to be really quiet."

Matt nodded and they made a break to the stairwell and down the stairs.

Back in the room, Near was sitting putting together yet another puzzle when Frankie finally managed to break open the door—a mere thirty seconds after Mello and Matt left down the stairwell.

"Found you!" Frankie yelled, pointing to Near. Rebecca walked calmly into the room.

"Where are Mello and Matt?"

"They left," Near replied.

Frankie visibly deflated.

"Where did they go?"

"Don't know."

"I say we go look in the chocolate aisle at Walgreens!" Frankie said and without waiting for a reply, ran out the door.

Rebecca sighed and looked down at Near. "You going to come home now?"

Near nodded and gathered up his toys.

The two walked in silence home. They were almost back to Rebecca's house when she decided to ask the question that was bothering her.

"So, is it just you and Mello, or do you guys sometimes have a threesome with Matt?"

"Well, we sometimes do a threesome," Near answered absentmindedly.

"I knew it!" Rebecca shouted and ran to go let Frankie know.

Near, in shock, stood on the sidewalk—frozen. "Damn it."


I finally finished this XD Well, as you can see there are hints (and not so much hints) of MelloNear, MattNear, MelloMatt, and MelloMattNear. It goes in order of SemeUke. XD So, Near is the uke no matter what and Mello is the seme for all. Matt is a seme for Near and an uke for Mello.

Till the next chapter…whenever that may be.
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