This wonderful chapter was written by Frankie.

Mello's Schedule

1 AM: Yell at Frankie. Quote-Unquote, " Turn that bloody cell phone off!"

3:42 AM: Give Frankie disapproving glare.

4 AM: Mello gets kicked out bedroom and forced into kitchen.

5 AM: Try to put leather, skin tight pants on...

5:05 AM: Angst in corner and mumble about Near.

5:10 AM: Angst in food closet about stupid fan-girls who make up NearXMello yaoi.

6 AM: Force Frankie to hook Mello up to the Chocolate IV.

7 AM: Finally get leather, skin tight pants on.

8 AM: Raid 7-11 of their chocolate supply.

9 AM: Raid WALTS of chocolate supply. And their supply of cheese...

9:30 AM: Out run cops on wheelchair he recently stole.

10 AM: Super glue Near's LEGOS to the ceiling.

11 AM: Get kidnapped by Envy.

Noon: Get rescued by Rewind and Frankie.

1 PM: Raid Becca's fridge, then steal Fluffy and blame Envy.

2 PM: Nappy time.

3:30 PM: Hunt down the Easter Bunny and demand full rights to his chocolate egg stash.

5 PM: Throw hissy fit about Matt and Frankie kicking his arse in Wii Brawl.

5:05 PM: Go into time out.

5:10 PM: Angst in corner about being punished.

6 PM: Story time. Force Frankie to read ' Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.'

7 PM: Brush hair exactly 100 times.

7:30 PM: Tea time.

7:45 PM: Hog bathroom.

9 PM: Come out of bathroom.

9:05 PM: Sneak into Frankie's room and attempt to wake her up.

9:07 PM: Receive verbal abuse by Frankie.

9:15 PM: Forced to sleep on couch.


There you have it. Now, for the character/object list:

Mello: Death Note
Near: Death Note
Frankie: girl who wrote this messed up chapter
Becca (Rebecca): Me
Envy: FullMetal Alchemist
Rewind (Reverse Rewind): Frankie made him up and he hides in her backpack
Matt: Death Note
Fluffy: my snake
WALTS: grocery store

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